Eating Grass and Puppy Food?!?!
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Thread: Eating Grass and Puppy Food?!?!

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    DefaultEating Grass and Puppy Food?!?!

    Our new puppy, Nala wants to eat grass ALL the time. When we're outside she just wants to graze like a little cow the whole time. Is this normal? Is it bad? Should I try to stop it?

    Also, I am reading so many differing opinions on puppy food. What do you think is the best (most affordable) dog food for her? I saw the Innova and thought it looked GREAT, but we just can *not* spend that much money on dog food. So, what's your advice?

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    Puff has always eaten grass -- much more often in the spring. She's selective about finding just the right blades.

    re: a good, moderately priced food for a Lab pup: Dry Puppy Food for Large Breed Puppies | Diamond Pet Foods

    Where to buy: Pet Nutrition Retailers for Diamond Pet Foods

    (Prices for the same product will differ from one chain to another becauseof different markups. So it may be worthwhile to comparison shop.)

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    My three labs have always grazed on grass and never gotten sick from it. So, I just let them eat it. I couple week ago I asked the same question about dog food brands. If you do a search, you should find my post and replies.
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