Chewing/Licking - need help (if possible)
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Thread: Chewing/Licking - need help (if possible)

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    DefaultChewing/Licking - need help (if possible)

    Limo just turned a year on the 22nd.

    Chewing - he wants to "chew" to destroy toys, whether they are hard plastic, soft plastic, fuzzy, etc. He does have Kongs and Nylabones to "chew" on, but will this destroying ever end????

    Licking - He's a huge licker of people's hands. I don't mind, sometimes, but I try and tell him ENOUGH! when I want him to stop. Will he learn?
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    Question 1 - depends on the Lab. Mine are destroyers of toys and I don't mind. Others dogs don't do that of their own accord. I don't think it is something you can teach.

    Questions 2 - mine do this too - if you don't like it remove your hand from his reach. He'll get the message.
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