Puppy peeing on the floor
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Thread: Puppy peeing on the floor

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    UnhappyPuppy peeing on the floor

    I have no idea what is causing this... Dio has started peeing inside the house again. For months now he has been toilet trained, or so I thought. All of a sudden, as of this last week, Dio has started peeing on the floor. He doesn't give his signal anymore either. He would sit in front of the patio door and scratch.
    NOW, he'll walk by it, and 30 seconds later, piss everywhere! I am at a total loss... HELP!
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    Wow I'm impressed that your pup was " toilet trained"!! Seriously, I see in your siggy that you will soon be married, is there any new stresses going on? It could also be a medical issue, I know UTI's are less common in males, but still happen. If it continues and you have no household stressors to consider or even if you do, I would take him in for a vet check. Hope its just a one or two time thing and all is better real soon!

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    3 things --

    1. It sounds very much like it could be caused by a UTI so having your vet check him for that would be a first step

    2. However, since this has started, all those spots where he's peed could be broadcasting odors to him saying "here's a good spot to pee, pee near here!" even if you've cleaned it up using normal household cleaners. Once you clean it the usual way, you need to go over the spot(s) with either something like "Nature's Miracle" or OTC 3% Hydrogen Peroxide to kill that pee odor that dogs can detect but humans can't.

    3. In the meantime, if your schedule and location permits, if you can periodically (say every 2 hours) take him outside for a walk by neighborhood fire hydrants, bushes, trees, telephone poles, etc., where other dogs have peed, that could empty his bladder.

    Good luck.

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