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    So I am feeding Maggie in different areas of the house, someone said this was a good way to show her "the entire apartment is your den, so don't potty in it". Amazingly enough, she refuses! Last night I gave her 30 minutes to eat her dinner and she refused. So I put her to bed. This morning, her stomach is GROWLING and i can hear it, and she's confined to a small space outside, but still refuses to touch the bowl. It's been 15 minutes and she just refuses. I don't know what to do. I don't want to crate feed her. She's even sticking her nose inside the bowl and sniffing, but won't eat.

    ???? suggestions.

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    DOes she eat the food if you feed it to her one by one during training,like its a treat? maybe start out slowly with that if she is responding, then slowly increase the food you give her until she shows enough interest to eat directly from the bowl?

    or maybe coat her food with a lil peanut butter to get her going at first? or a lil gravy that you can buy at petsmart to entice her?

    or maybe she thinks that your are claiming the food when it is outside her crate, and thats why she doesn't touch it?

    hope it all works out, let us know how she does =)

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    Wouldn't you love to get inside their heads sometimes?

    I'd try putting her bowl at the very edge of the crate, then moving it incremently out of the crate, inch by inch as long as she continues to eat.

    You might also want to put a portion of her kibble in a food dispensing toy such as a tricky treat ball - I have a feeling that for whatever reason, she has developed a phobia or insecurity about eating 'in public' - the toy might help ease that worry. (you can also make a homemade version - get a handful of kibble and some stinky treats, plus some clean old rags - tie the rags loosely, inserting the treats inside. Bingo, instant interactive toy that she can rip apart safely (supervised of course)

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