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    Defaultpulling on the leash

    Well Gracie is one year old and still pulls me when I walk her on her leash. I know she likes to sniff so I usually walk her to her sniffing destination, but this is creating a bad habit I think because that is what she wants to do every 2 feet. A simple walk takes us forever. She does respond most of the time to correction...i.e a tug on her leash, but it seems like have have to correct so often that I feel bad for her. So I am looking for some good JL advice on walking Gracie. Do I let her sniff, Do I make her just walk and correct or do I find a happy medium. I am hoping she gets better so I can walk her and Lola together soon. Thanks in advance for the help

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    I am intrested in what others say to this. We have just begun our leash training (3.5 months old) and so far so good but he really loves to sniff around. Haven't actually made it on a walk yet but more or less up and down the driveway a few times. I usually correct his pulling with going in another direction and a small tug. If he persists we stop and put him in sit, then once calmed move in a different direction. Again curious to see how others respond to this one.

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    I'm still training my puppy, but what i do is i hold a bunch of treats in my hand and as we walk i give her a treat if she is stayin besides me. If she goes too far forward i turn around. When i'm walking i try to make sure her attention is on me and not sniffing around. If she's looking at me or looking at my legs to see where i am going, i praise her and give her a treat...

    if she turns away i call her and ask her to take a look at me.. it has gotten better, she would still stray to the side sometimes but a very slight tug and she's back on track.. at first i would give her treats like almost every couple of steps lol. but as she gets better i make it longer n longer. (i actually feed her a portion of her meal so i dont overfeed her, with extra food on the side)

    here's a good link on youtube if you're interested:


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    Agree with what myFirstlab says. Miko is pretty good now on our walks now, and that a very slight tug will bring her back on track. That is unless she spots another dog, then all h*ll breaks loose because Miko thinks every dog will want to play with her (silly pup!). So, it's still a work in progress.

    Miko (April 6, 2009), CGC

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    We are just starting leash training with Muddy who is 3 months old. We concentrate on having him walk to our left, behind us and sitting when we stop. Of course, he likes to sniff, but, while walking we don't let him, a tug or two usually corrects him. He also responds well to treats, so a small one when he listens seems to be working well to reinforce the behavior we want. I want to mention that we also only take around our yard, for short walks, maybe ten yards and stop, and repeat. At this point we are trying to acclimate him to a leash. Would also like to hear from others for ideas, suggestions that may help..

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