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    Defaultkeeping away from carpet!

    I have decided to block off the back bedrooms and hallway with a gate so that Toby couldnt pee on it anymore. I decided to take up the big living room area rug so Toby couldnt pee on it anymore. He is still peeing in the house (right in front of me), but it is on the sealed wood floor and I feel much better about that! I have a couple questions about the pee:

    1). Should I only give him water with his meals? Right now he has access to his water dish all the time, I dont know how long dogs can go without water and dont want him to dehydrate, but again,..I dont know.

    2.). He is 9 weeks old: Could he possibly already be doing submissive peeing?? He seems way too young for that! And if it is submissive peeing, how do I stop it!?

    3). I know their little bladders dont have much control, but if I can take him out right after a 4 hour nap in his crate and he takes ten minutes to find a spot to go, why does he just go whenever and wherever in the house like he cant hold it at all??

    Much help needed!![IMG][/IMG]

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    Puppies pee after they wake up, after they eat, and after a play session, and during a play session. I wouldn't limit water. With my small breed dogs and their smaller bladders I decided to set a timer for potty breaks. I would set the timer for 10 minutes, if they pottied in the house before that I would set the timer for shorter period. If at 10 minutes they didn't pee outside I would bring them in and set the timer for 5 minutes and do the same routine. I worked up to 30 minutes until they could go longer and longer, then they would signal to go. It works really good for my busy household, but also if you aren't fully watching your pup you can miss the sign they need to go. Usually a pup will smell the gound before going so if your pup stops playing and sniffs around be prepared for a pee break. If he is peeing in front of you he just doesn't understand inside is a no-no. Always reward him for going outside even if it is a small "good boy". sometimes treats can hurry the training process and use a potty word for a command. I use "go potty". If he is peeing in the house right after being outside then he hasn't had enough outside time. Puppies get distracted outside and may not empty all of their bladder, if at all. Oh, and if you can't watch him put him in his crate.

    Hopefully this helps. With dogs it is just a matter of watching them until they start to understand potty is for outside. Hopefully you will get more advice from others.

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    Thanks so much Canulla! I havent tried potty-time this way and I am going to start right now! It sounds like a pain to go out in the cold ever 10 minutes (and leave my babies to their own devices that many times during the day for 15 minute stretches.. But I am going to do what I have ot do!! I was not prepared for puppyhood and probably would have waited til my kids were older before I got a puppy if I would have known. But now id to late for "would haves" and I just need to DO IT!!!

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    I feel your pain uhmanda, i knew raising puppies would be tough but didn't expect it to be this hard. Requires alot of patience and commitment (but i know it'll pay off in the future =). Our puppy is about 16 weeks now and she has gotten alot better now. We limit her leash free time inside the house though. we only let her run around only after she peed/poop outside, and only for 15-30 mins. We watch her like a hawk though so any signs of sniffing you have to bring her asap outside (i leave the leash on so we can run outside right away). During the day, i try to let her drink water before we go out and it seems to help out.

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