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    DefaultTraining for dummies 101

    Well today marks 2 weeks with our lab-baby.... and we all love her

    Things are running smoothly - Misia seems to know our routine - and our weaknesses
    We have made the space in her crate smaller and we are having less accidents in there ... ( I make it sound like we sleep in the crate aswell :P )

    my next question is ! : how do we tackle training? Misia knows how to sit really well... but thats it. I called a puppy pre-school and they told me they take puppies up to 12 weeks with the next intake in February ( by then she will be 14 weeks old ) do we approach more training? I have no clue how to teach a puppy anything but sit - and im guessing Misia needs the training.. for her own good as well as ours

    To make matters worse , we are flying to Bali for 2 weeks mid-march and my parents will be watching Misia
    ( they are as hopeless as us with puppy obedience )

    - I have thought about going to proper dog obedience classes , but with that we have to wait 2 weeks after the last vaccination .. which pretty much is the same time we fly out :-/

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    I taught Gauge to sit but running a treat down the front of his body. That made him scoot his butt backwards and he would lay down. After he laid down we gave him treats and praise. I've also heard of creating a bridge with your legs (sitting on the ground and bending your knees) and then having the dog go under for a treat once it is in the "down" position. We used hotdogs and cheese as treats when we trained.

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    Use treats. We had no idea what we were doing and have trained our pup to sit, lay down, shake, hi-five, and beg!!! We would just help her do the desired trick and then give her a treat. labs are smart. She picked each up in a day or two.

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    Buy (and read) a copy of Jean Donaldson's "Culture Clash" -- a very mainstream book on training, the most widely respected I know of

    (Read some of the customer reviews on it.)

    Also, google NILIF (Nothing in Life is Free) dog training. It's a means of training when feeding meals.

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    ruger was never really ok with the idea of laying down. now sit stay shake and fetch were really easy. he is now one year and three months and about a month ago finally started laying down fine. i used his leash to help him lay down cause the sit then hold the treat on the ground and kind of force the lay down wasnt really working.but all i did was tell him to sit then apply presure to the lead with my foot till he would and like i said now i say lay down and he does it. just remember lots of praise and love is the main thing a loyal dog will do what you want to make you happy just keep on them every day and same with the heel command the lead and if you are comfortable with it an e-collar work great

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    We started early- asking him to go "down" then taking his front legs the pulling them out to a "down" position (gently of course) it took time but when he was "down" praise treats..I want him to please me not his stomach. This took longer than sit and stay but again we took our time praising each time either he did it or we did. Now its s staple of our commands. You see- eating should be something he does because he is hungry not to obey a command. Praise for doing the right thing is his reward.

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    Patricia McConnell has just updated her Puppy book - "The Puppy Primer". She is an a leading authority on current behavioral thought for dogs and a very upbeat read.

    As for simple commands - using food is a great way to get and keep a puppy's interest. I usually start with food rewards and graduate to praise or a favored object reward as the dog ages.
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