Nightime crate poo accidents!
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Thread: Nightime crate poo accidents!

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    DefaultNightime crate poo accidents!


    I just wanted some opinions, not sure whether I am doing the right thing or not.

    When we first got Maggie, she would cry in the night and we would get up to let her out to wee and poo. No play and straight back to bed. Only for the first week or so and then we started to ignore her longer etc and quite soon she would go through the night with no crying and no mess. Great! The odd night after that when she would cry, we would get up and let her out. Then back to bed etc. We figured she knows she won't get play time so she must really need to go and it seemed to work.

    She is now 15 weeks old and for the past couple of weeks we have been ignoring her in the night completely. The majority of the time there is no crying and a clean dry crate in the morning. Then we'll get the odd morning when we get up and she's done a poo in there. Randomly.

    So do we stick by ignoring her and accepting the odd accident until she is older and can be expected to hold it all night all the time or do we go back to getting up with her in the night? Some mornings when she has had an accident though she hasn't even cried so how would we know to go down to her?

    There doesn't seem to be a pattern as to when she does it either. She has always had a walk and a wee and poo before bed and most nights is fine to hold it then the odd one she won't. I don't get it.

    Any advice from those who have "been there done it" would be helpful. Mags is my first baby. Bobbie is my parent's lab so my Mom dealt with nightimes and she can't remember!!


    Rachel x

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    what time is her last meal for the day? last potty break? and what time does she go out in the morning?

    maybe do a potty break in the middle of the night like around 2am for now until she gets older..

    Our lab is about the same age, her last meal is around 6-630pm, and her last potty is around 10... then we take her out at 5am.
    so far so good. If she's still having accidents, maybe have shorter intervals from what you are practicing now now would do the trick..

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    are you tracking the number of times the dog poos in a day and when? If so, are middle of the night poos on days she pooed fewer number of times? This would be my first move, figure out if it is because some days puppy isn't going in the evening and thus needs to go in the middle of hte night.

    Are meals schedualed and routine? Do you give alot of treats out in the evening? If so maybe that is the problem (timing of treats)
    Charlie (foster) and Rocky

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    I agree with Tanya, track how many times your pup poops during the day, and keep the feeding (If you're not already) on a regular schedule, so she'lll go around the same time everyday. My pup is 7 months today, and when she was the age of your Maggie, I had to keep track of when she went to the bathroom. If she only pooped 2 instead of 3 times that day, (even if I took her out right before bed) she'd still wake me up to go outside and go again overnight. She had slip ups every once in a while too and had an accident, I know how frustrating it is. Good luck!

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