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    I just got an 8 week old Labrador Retriever last week. I read that they do not have adequate bowel and bladder control until about 6 months old. Do they have any control?? I take Toby out every 2 hours to go potty (and twice during the night!). He goes but then comes in and goes in the house as well all throughout the day inbetween going outside to go potty. He will do it right in front of mr and even in his crate where he sleeps! I do not get angry with him when he does this. I just show him (as I usually catch him doing it or right after he has done it), tell him no, and take him back outside after he has an accident to show him he should go outside. His food is out only during his meals but he has a supply of water all day. I am a first time dog owner and have never experienced puppyhood but I am using my instincts as a mother of 2 babies to get me through! Although I feel like I am doing all I can, I cant help but feel like there is something else I could be doing! Anyone have any tips or tricks I could try?? It would be greatly appreciated!!

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    I just got my pup back in August around the same age as your boy. I had to take her out every 30 minutes-1 hour when I first got her (and once or twice during the night). I would get into the habit of taking Toby out right after he eats/drinks, after he plays, and first thing when he wakes up from even a short nap...Then he doesn't have as much of a chance to have an accident in the house. And if you see him sniffing around for a spot in the house or catch him starting to go, rush him outside to finish his business. When you take him outside, teach him that when you go out there, it's to go potty, not to play. After he goes potty, then reward him with some play time. That helped with my Lila (who always wanted to play) by teaching her that she was outside to do her business first, the get rewarded for it.

    I hope this helps a little! I know how frustrating the potty training is, good luck!!

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    Thanks so much! I probably couldnt have picked a more cold time to go outside 45 times a day!! lol. I am glad to have a fenced in backyard though...he goes potty better when I just let him run around than on a leash. Once it gets warmer we can start taking walks. He doesnt mind being on a leash, he would just rather run free, plus he seems to go potty much faster when we take him straight to the backyard rather than walking him around forever. As far as accidents, I have noticed that he poops immediately it seems (sometimes within minutes of eating!! I am assuming the new food is pushing the old food out!! lol). And he has pee accidents even after 10 minute naps. He also seems to pee little spots everywhere throughout the day. You know, 85% of our house is sealed wood floors and linolium, but he insists on peeing on the carpet and rugs!! I have used Natures Miracle and UrineOFF, but he still keeps going there! He doesnt go in the exact same spot on the carpt ever, just on the carpet wherever!! I know it all will pass as he gets older. Hey, did you happen to have any trouble with Lila hand mouthing constantly?? I cant even seem to pet Toby unless he is in a deep sleep without him attacking my hands! He doesnt bite, he just wants my hands in his mouth. Overall, I think we are gonna do alright. He is very loving and great with the little kids already. I think the potty training will be the toughest obstacle of them all!!!

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    Take the puppy outside especially right after sleeping/napping, eating, and playing. Watch carefully for signs from your puppy, and if your puppy starts to go inside the house, pick him up (in mid-stream, if necessary) and take him outside. Don't forget praising and treating!

    Miko (April 6, 2009), CGC

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    Take him out as soon as he wakes from a nap; and as soon as he gets done eating. Labs are smart and it won't take him very long to get the routine down (as long as you are consistent). We always used the same route, out the same door to the same spot outside and it worked great. Watching him to catch his cues is also important. If you catch him in the act, pick him up . . . he will stop going potty as soon as you scoop him up . . . and take him outside. Good luck!
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