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    Hi everyone. I have a nearly three year old lab, Bailey, who we've just adopted. As you may have read elsewhere, he's a menace on the lead, but is great at home. I need advice on how to approach other dogs though. He is due to be neutered in a few weeks time - well overdue! - but when we are out he is always totally delighted if other dogs show up and lunges towards them. Very tricky if I'm dangling off the end of the lead! Also he is HUGE for a lab, and the sight of him charging towards other dogs is intimidating, although he hasn't shown any signs of agression. So far other dog owners have been very understanding and kind but any advice on how to handle this sort of situation would be great. I can't let him off lead unless we're in an enclosed space yet as his recall is only good when there are no distractions. I suspect this will be a case of long-term training until he learns to pay more attention to me than other dogs........
    Off to check out a training class tomorrow.

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    Hmmm... the best advice is to take him to training and also try daycare. It helped greatly with my pup Dio. He used to go nuts when he saw another dog and would drag me down the street or across the grass, which was painful and embarasing! After a month at daycare and training, he still gets excited, but he will sit and wait until he gets the command to "go" and play. It's much better! Hope this helps a little...

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    Training classes was a big help with my girl (adopted a 18 mo/ 72 lb dog). Being around other animals but learning to listen & pay attention to you instead was good training. My girl still reacts to some dogs worse than others, but its a lot better! For training purposes, carry some sort of really awesome treat that will guarantee you get her attention fast. Jerky worked the best for us, teriak flavori, in small small bites. Its super stinky and she would be just riveted to me. It worked like a charm! Have fun with your new pup!
    Lauren the one who buys Saffy's Kibble

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