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    My 5 month old lab has picked up most of the small things like sit, down, shake, etc. She is pretty much housebroken (no accidents in over a month) and she now finally sleeps through the night.

    Our main issues are with walking(heel), jumping on people, and not jumping on other dogs when playing.

    What would be the best course of action? Any particluar training exercise I could do with her?? Also which types of classes would be best??


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    These are the three same issues i had with Apple.

    Walking - she is never allowed to go to the end of the leash and when she did i quickly changed directions and would continue this action until she got the point that pulling means going away from what she was so interested in. I would make sure you're very consistant with this, because if she's anything like my labs once they get away with it they know they can do it again. You can also try the gentle leader, heard that works very well.

    Jumping on people is because she's gotten attention from it. Even if it's negative.. its attention. i would keep her on leash for a while especially when theres people over and step on that leash making sure she doesn't get the chance to jump and if she does jump make sure everyone's on the same page to not give her attention, completely ignore her and turn away! She'll soon figure out that jumping is making people leave and not play.

    Same goes for jumping on other dogs, the moment she does this you stop the dog play and give her time to relax. once she's calm let her play again if it happens again, i would give a No and finish the dog play again... and just continue this til she figures out that jumping like that on just any dog finishes fun.

    The MOST important thing is to make sure you reward when she's not pulling, not jumping on people and dogs.

    Something else that is equally important is to mentally and physically work her. Teach her sits, downs, touch, spin, roll over,etc. Also play lots with her, ball, hide and seak. A tired sleepy puppy makes a great puppy!

    She's a pup so you need lots of patience!!!!!!!!

    Good luck!

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