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    Hi guys!

    So. I was really hoping I would never have to ask a question about house breaking again...but here I am.

    Maggie is now 5 months. She is....85% housebroken. ugh. The only time she has an accident, is when I don't reach the door in the time...and she sometimes "drizzles". That's my fault, and that's not really my issue...well, it is an issue, but i understand she will learn more bladder control as she gets older. Hopefully.

    My issue is suddenly the crate. I think I gave Maggie too much space too soon. She was doing *so* good, not one accident, so I opened the entire crate to her. It's a crate for up to 70lb dog,um...36 by 60? not sure exactly, but pretty big. Today. I picked up her blanket from in there...and it REEKED of piss. Like, not just one time, but multiple times. Ugh!!!

    So i sanitzed the crate with natures miracle and put the divider back up. How much space should I give her? I really want to nip this in the butt. So, should I do the puppy-method, and only give her enough room to lay down and turn around?

    Thanks! any advice is appreciate.

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    She is a puppy and is not reliably housetrained. You need to restrict the size.

    You just had her spayed recently right?
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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    what is her schedule like? How often does she get outside?

    If this was a sudden increase in the amount/frequency of urination, I would ask the vet to test for a UTI - esp. if she was recently spayed.

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    i'll keep an eye out for that

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