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Thread: hyperness/biting

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    My 4.5 month old black lab is very well behaved around her mother and I, but as soon as someone else walks in our house she goes crazy. And some times out of excitement will nip someone and run around uncontrollably until I can finally catch her. She never does this AT ALL until someone comes into the house. Does anyone have any advice about how to calm her down when we have people over?

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    I am also in the same boat with my 11 wk old, we'll probably do alot of exercises this weekend, possibly having someone come in the door with her far away and work on her sit with me next to her making sure she doesn't run... then inch her closer and closer to the door with each successful run.

    Not sure though if this is the best option, but i'm sure some of the more experienced owners would chime in. This forum is awesome!

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    Put a leash on her before you open the door then you can do some training while you have her under control

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    If you know when the visitor is arriving you can crate the puppy and then allow her out once the hubub of the visitors arrival has passed. The puppy can then be released and allowed to greet the visitor calmly. I did this all the time with Diesel when he was younger. He'd often sit in there for a half hour as more and more people arrived. Once I let him out all the air was out of his balloon. I did this until he was a little older and had more self control.

    Also the above suggestion of training her while leashed to behave calmly while a visitor arrives is good. Requires having someone who will play the visitor, stop by randomly over the course of an afternoon and the dog being lavishly rewarded for behaving calmly, sitting while the visitor comes in and greeting without jumping.
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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