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    Hello I recently studded my male Lab and there is a 8 week old puppy from the litter I am interested in. Well it has been over at the mother's owners house. The owner has a pool and I had told her to not let the puppies alone around their swimming pool. Well the other night she said that the puppy fell in the cold pool when they were alone and she finally heard the mother barking at the backdoor so she went out and pulled the puppy out. She said the traumatized screaming puppy ran over to mother and started nursing frantically. She said the puppy has acted normally since then, but obviously she has know idea how it would be around water.

    Both parents love water, but I can't imagine anything being more traumatic for a puppy then almost drowning. Do you think this will ruin the puppy for water forever? Is there anyway I can tell?

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    the pup is still young so i think it wouldn't be so hard to reverse this fear.
    I would get the puppy out to a lake where water isn't deep and bring the dogs along who LOVE water. Once the puppy sees all the fun the big dogs are having he'll change his mind.

    My chocolate was traumatized after his first shower as a puppy. He freaked out and hated water ever since! 8 years later i took him to a lake with the other labs and he fit right in. It then clicked in him that he was a lab!

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    read the thread you started in Lab Chat...


    I'm frustrated with the entire thread. You studded your dog out...you are just as responsible for this litter as the bitch owner. What clearances do you have on your boy? The girl, what makes them worthy of being bred, because it doesn't sound like the bitch owner is very responsible.
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    Thank you Deanna.

    Dani, I understand being upset but keep in mind...
    I told her specifically not leave them alone outside.
    I built a seperate area in my yard to prevent it, but don't live at her house.
    I am here because it bothered me a lot.
    Also she did a very good job on everything else. She has raised them in her bedroom so she could be near them and she took them to vet right away.

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    pecos, what country are you in?

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    U.S. I live in Texas.

    Sorry I even cared enough to ask about how to help the puppy and that I work and couldn't live for 8 weeks at the mother's house. I don't deserve to be blasted. I wanted a pup of my lab, and didn't like pups were treated by a lot of breeders (puppy mills). She is a nice woman who loves the puppies, she is just new to it. I just thank god that the puppy didn't drown and trust me I have already shown how angry I am at her. Espically since I had told her multiple times already.
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