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    DefaultToys and Bedding

    Hey guys, I have another question:

    What are some good toys for labs? As I'm sure you all have, we've gone through many very quickly. The one's that have lasted are frisbees and the kong. Ropes are torn apart, anything stuffed lasts about 5 minutes, and even tennis balls are chewed apart in about a week. I would just like to stock up on some good toys for my 1 yo since she only has about 3 right now =\

    Also, we're having trouble keeping bedding in her crate. any blankets, pillows, or towels are promptly shredded by morning. I'd like fer her to be more comfortable, so I wanted to know what works for y'all. Thanks!!

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    IMO, a dog that shreds bedding should really not have any in the crate. You risk her ingesting some and having a blockage result. Most Labs are perfectly fine in a crate without any bedding.

    On toys - I've had good luck (meaning they play with this brand of toy and can't seem to destroy them) The Ultimate line from The Ultimate Tug of War, Ultimate dog bone and the 3 sided thing have a lot of play value and are not a bit damaged after months of use. They also LOVE the Kong Wubbas - but they can do them in after a few weeks of use.
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    agreed, if bedding is chewed up, none should be left in the crate.

    tennis balls are bad for their teeth if chewed (fine for fetching though) so do not allow her to chew them. They are to be fetched and returned then taken away from her (they grind down the teeth as there is fiberglass on them).

    There are some more expensive toys that are tougher, like Kong toys. Ask people at the pet store for the ones that are tougher and don't let her chew on them too long.
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    I've had the same problems with Limo. He has NOTHING in his crate because of chewing it. He once chewed part of the rim around a carpet and was very sick. Luckily without vet visits, but with the help of my vet, we were able to get everything out of him (both ends).

    Same with toys. His toys consist of Kongs, Nylabones and that's about it. He got a flat fuzzy toy for Christmas that I only allow him to play with for short periods of time. Once I see him starting to pull or really chew on it, I take it away. I wish there was more I could buy for him too. At 9 mos old, it's going to be a long road ahead and I pray every day he gets over this stage!
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