I have a 1 year old male black lab. I have worked very hard to teach him to sit, stay, come, down, fetch, etc. He does this commands well, but performs them for us at home in the fenced yard or in the house...away from distractions. To this point we have not neutered him at the request of our breeder. He is still very much a puppy at heart as he has TONS of energy and LOVES to meet new people and other dogs. I have tried to socialize him the best I can by walking him in public areas with a lead and training collar. He does very well on the leash as he has respect for it's force. However, we took him to a fairly vacant park today to play with his new frisbee. It didn't take long for a couple with their dog to walk by and the chase was on. Gunner (our dog) took off not once, not twice, but three times in a row after dogs and people walking by. No matter how loud or stern my tone of voice, he had a one track mind and was not coming back until I caught him and drug him back.
Now I plan to take Gunner bird hunting this fall and this behavior will not suffice when he gets his first scent of a pheasant. He will be a black streak into the distance until he tires out or catches the bird. I know that 1 year of age may be a little late for deeply ingraining new training into my dog. Does anyone have advice, or preferrably experience with this type of a problem? I am embarassed by his behavior and feel that I will never be able to take him in public or bird hunting.