Okay, so our story starts last October when my mom was sick with an 8 week old shih-poo puppy, named Lily! She could NOT take care of her, so my husband and I offered to take her in for a while! She was the perfect fit because I've always had small dogs and she was nice and little and cute, cuddly....perfect size for our house and the fact that we have 3 kids! Well, my husband was miserable! Since we had mostly raised Lily and she was familiar with us and the potty here, my mom said we could just keep her! She didn't want to take her away from my 3 girls and she knew how much we loved having her...that is, we all, meaning....my girls and I. My husband always wanted a big dog....and he insisted on a German Shepard! Which are beautiful and smart, but I know they have long fur and shed.... so I thought a lab with shorter hair would be better! Plus, I found an add in the paper and my hubby and I went to see him, where we fell in love! We bought him on the spot and he moved in, in January. The following day my mom came to take Lily back, and all 3 girls and myself broke down in tears!
Murry has been here and he's very happy and so are we, but we still miss Lily! The other day my mom went on vacation and asked if it would be too much to take Lily for the week, and we of course said yes! Now my husband has fallen in love with her too, and the kids...plus me! He wants her to stay and my mom is okay with it, but I don't know how to introduce Lily to Murry. We've been keeping them on separate floors of the house! This morning we slowly put them together and they just attack each other....I think they're playing, but I'm not sure! I don't either one to fight and I thought because they're both still very young we could get through this! I know it will take time and I'm willing to do the work, but Murry is over 50 pounds already and Lily is about 14! For the most part I keep them separated but during the morning and mid afternoon hours when I'm cleaning and things, I don't want to crate them....that's when they should be enjoying the house because the kids are gone and they can relax! Just wondering if anyone out there has a small dog and a lab....or had to introduce dogs to each other! It seems as though, Murry wants to play and Lily wants to attack....probably because of his size. I hope that they're playing and after a few months I'll see them curling up together to take naps....but who knows!