Licking and not sleeping past 6am
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Thread: Licking and not sleeping past 6am

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    DefaultLicking and not sleeping past 6am

    I have posted before and had some great responses so I thought I'd put this out there to see if anyone would like to share their few cents!

    1) Licking - Our 1 1/2 yr. old lab has this habit of licking/grooming himself at night and first thing in the morning. He's not licking any particular area nor is he licking/itching any part of himself raw - it's more of grooming - but the noise drives me crazy! He did have some allergies last year where he was licking/itching himself raw but that has passed with a change of food. We're hoping that it was the food and not seasonal - we did all the right things to determine that as best we could - but we'll see as summer approaches. Anyone else have a dog that likes to groom himself like a cat? Any suggestions on curbing the behavior?

    2) Still not sleeping past 6am - During the week we get up at 5:30/6am and so it makes sense that our pup wants to get up at that time on the weekends. I was hoping that this would be something he would grow out of but he hasn't yet! He doesn't express a desire to go outside when we get up with him, it's more that he wants to know we're up and ready to play or do something active. If we don't get up he whines, will lie back down when strongly encouraged but then get up a second later and whine some more. Anyone else have a dog that is an early riser? Any suggestions on how to change that? Is it just an age thing?


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    DefaultRe: Licking and not sleeping past 6am

    im not sure about the licking part but i have a 6 month old lab that is up at 6am during the week which is fine because thats what time my bf gets up for work. on the weekends we get up with him at that time to let him out and feed him because he is use to eating at that time. once he goes outside and does his buisness and plays for like 5 mins he will go back into his kennel when we ask him too. before it wasnt working that great but since then we have started putting a blanket over the kennel so it makes it dark for them. he is good until we get up after that. im not sure if you kennel your dog or not but this has helped us alot.


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