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    So, I'm making all the preparations to bring home our new puppy. I wanna make sure I give him the right stuff to chew at the right time. So far I have:
    Puppy Kong, Large size.
    Kong Ball, red tennis ball size.
    Stuffed Duck with squeaker.
    Bully Stick, 9 inch.
    Nylabone, "natural edible".
    Rope Toy, for "up to 50lbs" dogs.
    Chuck it w/ ball.
    Kibble ball, food puzzle toy.

    My questions on these: the Nylabone edible, I realized, is made of a raw hide concoction. Should I not give this to him? Should I give him a regular Nylabone? If so what size and kind Nylabone would you give to a lab puppy?
    The duck; should I only give this to him when I'm present? Are stuffed dogs meant to be ripped apart by the doggie over a period of time, and if so, is it safe for him to ingest whatever is in there? I'm guessing I shouldn't let him have that one as a pacifier when I'm not home.
    I've been reading about the bully sticks here so I'm gonna supervise him with that and replace it when it gets down to under 3 inches.

    My goal with chewables is to find the right one or two that I can safely give to him when I'm at work. (we'll have someone stop by to let him out mid day) I'm guessing those are Kong ones, right?

    Also, is it ok to line his crate with a towel?

    Thanks for your help so far with everything!

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    DefaultRe: Puppy prep questions

    The pup isnt at home, and already spoiled to death right now!

    No, it isnt realy a problem to buy stuff for youre dog, but the leason ive learned, the most simplest things are more intresting for youre dog, such as a stick, big stone, etc ...

    And in the first few weeks, let him settle down, and do his own exploring in and around the house, there's time enough in a dogs life to play and maybe destruct stuffed ducks or kong's

    (stuffed toys arent realy there for destruction, but you can hardly avoid that ) ...

    You can buy already a full size crate for youre puppy (the size he will fit in, when he's grown up). But you have to limit the space in the crate, so it isnt that much overwelming when he enters such a large space (they realy dont need that). And you can limit the space in the crate on a way that suits youre best way ...

    Chewables are mostly to avoid to getting a bored dog, or as a dental purpose. So, wit a fresh pup in youre house i gues you dont bring already a bored dog in to youre house (he has a lot of exploring to do in his new enviroment). So, such chew toys/treats i whould wait with those things until he's a bit older

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    DefaultRe: Puppy prep questions

    Great! Sounds like I'm overprepared -- but it's better than the other way around. I got a large size wire crate with a divider so I'm ready size it for him when he gets home.


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