ANY help at all on potty training
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Thread: ANY help at all on potty training

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    DefaultANY help at all on potty training

    We just got our yellow lab puppy last week. He is VERY cute and typical. I am already VERY frustrated with the potty training. I don't want to end up with a hyper lab. I've heard lost of stories, so I'm conflicted on how much I can actually keep him in the crate. I have two small kids so it's hard for me to "catch him in the act" or watch him when he is out of the crate. Any help or tips much appreciated.

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    DefaultRe: ANY help at all on potty training

    Take him outside on a lead every half an hour, same spot and wait until he goes. Praise and treat when he does go. Dont scold for accidents in the house just keep doing the above. It takes consitency.

    Im afraid if you cant watch him and dont want to crate him you will have to put up with any accidents which could put potty training back by weeks.

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    DefaultRe: ANY help at all on potty training

    If you catch him in his act, just lift him, so the peeing and pooping stops. Put him outside, or in a place you prepared with old newspapers where he's alloud to poo or pee ...

    And it is true that dogs dont pee or poo in or near the place they actually sleep. But if the need is a realy need, he just do it in the crate. So, just spent more time in house train this puppy

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    DefaultRe: ANY help at all on potty training

    Just be patient. It will come in time. Just take them out every hour or so. Tell them to potty or any word of your choice, once they go, tell them good potty praise and treat them. In time this will help them learn to potty on command. It comes in handy.

    Now back to your main question. As far as crate training, I personally only use the crate at night or if I need to shower or something. If your dog is a non barker like mine give him a way to tell you he needs to go out. I was getting frusterated with potty training my lab, after realizing that he was just not a barker then I hung a bell from the door knob. It took him all of about 30 seconds to realize what it was for and we never had an acident in the house again.


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