Is it to late?
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Thread: Is it to late?

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    DefaultIs it to late?

    Hey Gang, long time no chat
    We finished the year long project of building our house. It's great to be in. I messed up.... We had planned on setting some new guidelines when we moved in. Like not letting Tundra and Grace sleep with us. After a month of success *that I didn't think was REALLY going to happen* every night they went and got on there own beds. Well, all it took was one night of me wanting my "cuddle time" and let them on the bed, and then have been sleeping with us since.
    My question is: Is it to late? They have been sleeping with us again for about 6 months. I have tried everything and I just dont get a good nights sleep with them. We just purchased some new dog beds, and have them in our room but they will have nothing to do with them eventualy, after the crying and puppy eyes I give in. Is it fair, or rather do you have any suggestions how I can get them to start sleeping on their beds again? Our bedroom is right off the livingroom, so I was thinking if we got a baby gate, and put the dog beds in the living room that may work. Any suggestions??

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    DefaultRe: Is it to late?

    This may sound harsh - but you just have to grow a backbone and make them get down. You may get a few days of whining out of them but they will get with the program.

    I take it you don't have any kids? They'll manipulate you much more than dogs will.

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    DefaultRe: Is it to late?

    The solution of youre problem, is already hidden in youre question

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    DefaultRe: Is it to late?

    Labs LOVE to sleep next to, touching, their best friends.

    Get a king size bed?

    Learn to share?
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