Walking my lab pup
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Thread: Walking my lab pup

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    DefaultWalking my lab pup

    My lab puppy is 15 weeks old and was wondering if I can take her for a walk and if so how long would you recommend? I have heard walking can be hard on their bones and being labs are a large breed I don't want to damage her bones or joints

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    DefaultRe: Walking my lab pup

    Walking is fine as long as it is not a lengthy walk. It is forced running or jumping down from heights that can injure. A short walk around the neighborhood is OK after she has had all of her shots and is fully immunized.

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    DefaultRe: Walking my lab pup

    You should be fine to take her for a 15-20 minute walk daily.

    The best way to 'exercise' them at that age is by exercising their brains by socializing. By that I mean taking her places where she can meet people, other dogs, experience new situations, etc. Most socializing (apart from with other dogs) doesn't involve much physical exercise but is exhausting mentally for the pup!


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