My 6 mo. old and the beach?
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Thread: My 6 mo. old and the beach?

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    DefaultMy 6 mo. old and the beach?

    Hi everyone, I'm here for some input on taking my 6 month old lab to the beach. I live in southern California, this is my first pet. And compared to others on this forum, I know just about nothing in regards to owning a dog. I'm sure glad I found this site as I have learned a lot from reading the various topics that are posted.
    Right now, I'm wondering what it is that I should know about taking Guero to the beach. Is there a good website that lists the beaches that allows dogs with or without a leash? What is proper etiquette? What happens if his drinks the ocean? (well not the ocean, but if he has a drink).. Is he to young to go to the beach? If not should I let him in the water for a swim and what should I watch out for? After the beach should I bathe?
    Any input will be very helpful. Thanks in advance. And if you have any other advise to questions that I didn't ask, it would be appreciated.

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    DefaultRe: My 6 mo. old and the beach?

    I live in the UK so am not familiar with beach laws over there. Most beaches have signs though im sure.

    I would take some normal water so he can drink that, too much sea water could make him sick :vomit: also carry some doggy poop bags. I would keep him on a long line seeing as this is his 1st visit as the excitement may turn him deaf if you know what i mean

    I wouldnt say he is too young for the beach its great fun for dogs, let him go into the water if he wants most labs love to swim. Do not bathe him, alot of people on this forum never bath their labs as it ruins their coat. If he is sandy a rub down with a towel should be ok, and if he is a bit stinky just shower him off with plain water

    Hope this helped and have fun!

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    DefaultRe: My 6 mo. old and the beach?

    Welcome to the forum! As you already have found out, this is a great place to come and get some very helpful advice. I have learned a lot in here! Your pup will most likely LOVE the beach! My girl, Breezy, and I just came back from the beach about a half hour ago; she just loves it! Since your pup is still somewhat young, when you do take him to the beach I would try to go when it is least crowded, at least until he has a reliable recall. Definetly (always!) take poop bags with you. And fresh drinking water, because if he drinks too much saltwater he could get sick. I don't know what the temp is in southern Cal right now, but be careful to not let him become dehydrated or overheat. He will probably love swimming in the ocean. Just keep a close eye on him if he does go in. If there is fishing allowed on your beach, watch out for fishhooks that can wash up on the beach. On our beach, I sometimes find them washed up inside a bunch of seaweed, so be careful if Guero starts sniffing around in seaweed. I would bring a favorite toy or a tennis ball when you go so you can let him retrieve if he likes to do that. When my folks lived in the San Diego area we went to Dog Beach with their dog. It was cool, so many different kinds of dogs! And I don't recall any fights either, which was surprising. That many dogs in one area usually makes me nervous.
    Because not everyone who has their dog off-leash is a responsible dog owner. When you go, just always be aware of your surroundings and watch your pup at all times. He will love it, and so will you! Good luck, and have fun!!

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    DefaultRe: My 6 mo. old and the beach?

    As long as your dog has had its vaccinations then he's not to young to go to the beach. I've been taking mine since he was 3 months. Most beaches will post if dogs or allowed or not. Most beaches that allow pets do have a leash law. I would recommend keeping him on a leash anyway until he's used to being at the beach and his recall is very good. I use a 30 foot leash for my dog at the beach but if this is your dogs first time I would keeping close for a little while so you can ensure he's not trying to eat sea shells and whatever else washes up.

    As far as your dog drinking sea water their's not much you can do about it. He's going to try it but a little will not hurt them. Most dogs taste it and realize that it tastes funny and will stop. I recommend just taking a bottle of water with you for you dog. If your dog doesn't drink from a bottle well then one little trick is to take a frisbee with you. You can play with your dog with the frisbee and then when he gets thirsty just turn it over and use it as a water bowl. Other things to look out for are the typical things you'd be looking out for on the beach anyways that you don't want to step on i.e. jellyfish, dead fish, etc. Hope this helps.

    As far as the bath goes afterwards I just usually wash mine off with fresh water (no soap) and towl dry.


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