Picking the sex of new puppy
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Thread: Picking the sex of new puppy

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    DefaultPicking the sex of new puppy

    I have a 2 1/2 year old female black lab whom I adore. I am thinking about getting another puppy. My question is this, should I get another female or would a male be better. Or does it really not matter at all? Thought I could get some thoughts from the "experts" on this board.

    Thanks for any input,

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    DefaultRe: Picking the sex of new puppy

    It would help to have some idea of the temperament of the Lab you have now. Does she easily get along with other dogs of both sexes or not? Is she bossy or does she blend easily when she plays with other dogs.

    With Labs in most cases, females can live happily with other females. In some cases, a female is bossy and difficult and when that happens a male is a better idea. So - tell us what she is like.

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    DefaultRe: Picking the sex of new puppy

    Do not go by gender. Yes there are "generalities" that can be said about males VS females but they are just that - generalizations with many expetions.

    Talk to the breeder and ask for their input. They know those puppies better than anyone. Let them know the personality of your current pup and they should be able to find the right fit.

    Congrats on the upcoming addition!
    Charlie (foster) and Rocky


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