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    Hello there! My Cali is turning 1 next week!

    He's the best lab evers! Extremely gentle, very patient with kids, potty trained.. I am just so happy with him. Except for one thing - HE KEEPS DESTROYING HIS BEDDINGS AND PADDINGS when I am away! It frustrates me so much - he ONLY does the destroying when I am away.

    He sleeps on his own bed in my room at night. He has one bed in the living room for lounging.

    His crate.. is now EMPTY because every single time I put a padding or a bed in it, he would destroy it when I leave the house.

    I don't get it? He does not get aggressive at all with his beds when I am there - no humping, no biting, etc. But whenever I pad his crate (he stays confined to a hallway with his crate open when I am away), he would destroy it when I leave! I hate not having a pad or a bed for him in the hallway (it's all tiles) and I know he lounges in his crate when I am away. I put his toys in there and I am never away for more than 6 hours.

    Any ideas as to why he does this? I walk him twice a day, one hour each.. He swims, plays ball, does the treadmill.. I know I've exercised him enough.. I just don't get why he wants to destroy his beds when I'm not there?

    Any tips on how to get him to not do this? So he can have a nice fluffy bed to lounge on when I'm away?
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    DefaultRe: Destroy bedding

    My guess is that it is fun for him. He is just fine on the tile and the bare crate. He really needs no padding under him. Many labs, mine included, really like sleeping on tile - particularly in the summer.

    You may be able to get a bed for him as he matures and is less destructive. Some dogs never grow out of this stuff, however.

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    DefaultRe: Destroy bedding

    Bauer did the same thing! He slept in his crate at night, and his bedding would be just fine. If I left bedding in there during the day while I was gone, he would de-stuff the bed and create a snowstorm around his crate. Solution . . . no more bedding in his crate. He is now 11 months old, and sleeps on his bed in my bedroom at night, but I still crate him if I have to leave him during the day. Rather than risking his bed, I put old blankets on the floor of the crate.
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