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    DefaultPlease explain...

    Being fairly new to this forum could someone explain the meaning of the stars under some members names and also the titles (newbie, jr member, etc)? I've also seen mention of donations and can't find anywhere on the site that addresses this - I'd be glad to donate if I knew more. Thanks.

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    The stars and "titles" are merely post count levels. It means nothing.

    The next level after newbie is at 50 posts.

    Donations... at the last board we had a donation button. But Daniel has said that he doesn't need any more money for a while. If you REALLY want to donate you can ask him for his paypal account but as it stands, he thinks he has enough to run the board for the rest of this year at least.

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    the stars corresponded with the post count, like what enders mom said, it dosent mean anything.

    but now it really dosent matter cause they went bye-byee


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