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    DefaultHello - No Trolling

    I observe the threads and posted because I saw one where someone asked for pictures. I know the general distaste that most have here for dilute labradors therefore I stay away from posting because of the increased rudeness when I do post. That doesn't keep me from learning from you all. So not trolling for trolling's sake, but because of the poor treatment that takes place.

    Enjoy most of the non-discriminatory post on here!

    Happy Mother's Day,


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    Well don't post about Silvers then if you know that it causes controversy and then we won't regard you as a Troll ! Simples.

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    by only bumping up controversial posts you are in fact acting like a troll. If you wish to contribute to other topics then you are welcomed as a member. But in the past few years the ONLY posting you have done was to bump up old threads about silvers. That is the behaviour of a troll.
    Charlie (foster) and Rocky


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