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    DefaultAri & Nate: post count meter

    On previous JL forums, when post counts were displayed, it gave the serial number of posts rather than the displaying the cumulative number in all posts.

    For example, on my first post, post count would be 1, my second post would be 2, my 3rd would be 3, etc.

    The way it's going now, as far as I can tell is that it looks as if the cumulative total of ALL my posts is displayed in EACH of my posts.

    So if I'd made 10 posts, my first, 2nd, 3rd, etc., etc., posts would all display 10. Then when I made another, they'd all display 11.

    How come?

    Sometimes I want to see if I made a post before or after I made another and/or want to see the same thing for someone else's posts. Can't tell with the present system.

    Is there some great value in the way it's working now?

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    Hey Bob -
    I've attached a copy of what messages looked like in the "old" (i.e Vbulletin 3.8 forum) -


    .. I don't see the exact feature you mean - are you referring to something from the "old old" forum (i.e. the one from ~ 16 months back?)

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