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  1. ANY help at all on potty training
  2. Out of control Lab - HELP!
  3. Dog training book recommendation needed, please
  4. Retrieving question
  5. Guard training for Labradors a no-no?
  6. Is it to late?
  7. Growled at some girls during our evening walk, never happened before?!
  8. Crating
  9. Serious question here
  10. Honcho attacked by another dog (same as Lab & Health)
  11. Alpha issues
  12. Sammys Scared of Car Rides?
  13. Loving my Gentle Leader
  14. Lab pup / to coexist peacefully
  15. Puppy barking during play?
  16. Walking my lab pup
  17. 9 wk old puppy biting and growling
  18. Do puppies burp?
  19. Fetch and Travel Crate Questions
  20. Plan on Getting New Lab... Both of us work....
  21. Just one of the cutest new pup.
  22. Lunging/Jumping toward people outisde on walks and runs
  23. My puppy Bites when praising. HELP
  24. Jumping on Visitors
  25. ready for class! haha
  26. My 6 mo. old and the beach?
  27. How to crate??
  28. HELP! Basti ate his own poop
  29. Putin my Gorgeous Black Lab...
  30. Eating twigs, leaves etc.
  31. When will she want to cuddle?
  32. Picking the sex of new puppy
  33. Let dogs hang out in the living room while away?
  34. Any advice wanted
  35. What has she got in her mouth now ?!?!
  36. Biting....HELP
  37. Destroy bedding
  38. A bunch of quick questions
  39. Well made stuffed animals?
  40. Please make a note of the URL for the back-up, alternate, life boat JL forum
  41. Extremely shy and timid new dog....what should we do?
  42. Best way to leash train?
  43. 2 Puppies from same litter
  44. How do I stop Batman from getting over-excited when guests come over?
  45. I didnt really know where to put this.
  46. How I teach recall
  47. Ummm how do i stop puppy from crying outside?!
  48. Need a book gift suggestion for training
  49. Question about male labs
  50. Overaggressive Dog...need advice
  51. Yoyo update (with pics) and carpet cleaning question...
  52. biteing
  53. Sam and coming back
  54. Dock Diving Clubs In Indiana
  55. Yard training
  56. peeing and whining in crate....*sigh*
  57. Pup eating deer poop
  58. pro's and con's of more than one dog
  59. Crating all day/how much food?
  60. biting and chewing
  61. dog boots
  62. 1yr old sometimes aggressive
  63. Ressources Guarding or Play Growl? (new foster) - Updated - Alpha Female
  64. my lab shows me aggretion
  65. Has anyone heard of these books?
  66. Getting a lab puppy today - have some questions
  67. Fetching - why not motivated?
  68. HOLY crap...
  69. Foster dog won't leave other dogs alone.
  70. What actions do I need to take!!
  71. How long should a 4 month old be able to hold her pee ?????
  72. I need any suggestions for a sad rescue!
  73. Chew chew chew
  74. Water
  75. Licking Problem!
  76. Potty training 1 1/2 yr olds
  77. How to Get an Object out of their mouth Without Playing the Case Me Game
  78. Toy Suggestions
  79. How long should 8 week labs nap for?
  80. frustrated with peeing in the house
  81. Crate Training Young Labs
  82. Is it ok.............
  83. Teaching the Heel command
  84. Puppies and Pool
  85. separation anxiety ---sort of? What do i do for next time?
  86. Training my blk lab
  87. Let's get serious here...
  88. How will(did)(would) you vote (Poll moved to O&E, see update in this thread)
  89. New Puppy Preparation
  90. Parker the Precocious
  91. Please...advice regarding first heat and going for walks...
  92. poop shy
  93. He gets SO excited!
  94. Brody
  95. 3 1/2 month old puppy - training advice! :0)
  96. Need advice on fetch
  97. How much is too much?
  98. Hey Joel...
  99. Why does my dog do a behavior wrong?
  100. Joel's Tip on Teaching Your Dog to Stay
  101. Jumping when excited
  102. Training a puppy with a 7 year old
  103. Puppy eating and drinking
  104. Long Island, Dock Diving Event, Oct. 18 - 19, Oyster Festival-Ultimate Air Dogs
  105. new puppy bites HARD
  106. separation anxiety
  107. NLR - Barking
  108. Leash dependence??
  109. My Puppy and Kids= Not Good HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
  110. Crazy chasing chocolate monster
  111. The heel command
  112. puppy diarrhea
  113. How big is he going to get??
  114. Question for a 5 1/2 month old pup
  115. NOM NOM NOM NOM (help!)
  116. Housebreaking Woes - Please Help!
  117. Help?!?!
  118. Need help with treat taking...the little guy takes the treat & my fingers!
  119. Don Sullivan the dogfather???
  120. Collars
  121. Darkness
  122. hm.... Shake?
  123. How long can a 16 month old puppy hold it in???
  124. expanding training to new areas
  125. teaching my new lab to quarter
  126. Suggestions on a good Basic Training book
  127. Crate Training 1 yr. old / Destroying Everything!
  128. Baby Lexi wont sleep
  129. Hey, I got a question!
  130. Trusting the dog indoors
  131. Problems with everyone getting along
  132. Get off my couch Pleeeaaaasssseee!!!!!!
  133. Baby Bug Eater
  134. Training Book/Video Recomendation
  135. Too much exercise for pup?
  136. Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hide
  137. Psycho Lab Please Help!!!
  138. Humping!
  139. 9 week old peeing in crate
  140. Poor Recall and Over excitement
  141. Flea and tick treatment for yard.
  142. 7 Week old Puppy
  143. 9 week old fell, now limping
  144. Advice, please? New puppy and current Lab...
  145. Um...poop question?
  146. Fetch is a nightmare! - Help
  147. 9 week old Puppy
  148. weird behavior
  149. Puppy on the beach.
  150. Need advice
  151. Raised feeding bowls
  152. Reflections on difficulties in training (l-o-n-g)
  153. Kids giving commands
  154. need some advice on a pup that whimpers...A LOT!
  155. Frustrated Pup
  156. How much food?
  157. Nervous around men and other dogs
  158. How to handle the loss of our senior lab with Dolan
  159. Sleepovers and Anxiety
  160. Best time to take pup from litter
  161. Calming the pup?
  162. loose stools and what seems to be constipation
  163. Itchy collar?
  164. Need some suggestions......please!
  165. Puppy care help needed
  166. 7 week old puppy. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD HELP!!
  167. My Lab chases and bites me
  168. 6mo and still does not come when called
  169. Swimming
  170. Early riser
  171. Male or Female Puppy?
  172. Looking for Vet in New Rochelle, NY?
  173. How do you housebreak when...
  175. Dock Dog training
  176. Barking Foster
  177. Please Help-I've got a Fence Jumper!
  178. Puppy will not give it up!!!
  179. How to teach "off"?
  180. Please Help......Puppy cries all the time!!!!
  181. Piper won't hang with us....any advice?
  182. Dominance Issues?
  183. Labs that won't retrieve
  184. My Lab Keeps Licking
  185. Crate Escape
  186. peeing in the crate
  187. Puff is sure a slow learner in getting "turn right," "turn left"
  188. Puppy and stairs
  189. how long to be a good guest?
  190. need help!!! tranning
  191. cute tricks for public demos?
  192. Buckeye Dock Dogs
  193. I still need training 101
  194. Jumping and bitey
  195. 2 Dog Jealousy Effecting Performance in the Agility Ring - Help!!
  196. Agility in Lansing, MI??
  197. Broken Baby Tooth
  198. Stay home for a week, or just jump into the routine?
  199. Nipping 7 month old
  200. A bit of "Tough Love" for Puff
  201. keeping collar in proper position
  202. Applying flea meds
  203. Canidae All Life Stages dry formula
  204. Biting and jumping
  206. crate training for outdoor lab puppies
  207. I am so upset, she bit my son in the face this morning...
  208. night time destruction
  209. weekly puppy thread- July 14th
  210. How slowly should I switch my puppy over to a new food??
  211. Let the games begin!
  212. House Breaking
  213. When does play become too rough?
  214. Need MaceFace help
  215. Best way to teach "heel"
  216. elbow calluses
  217. To Crate Or Not To Crate
  218. Eating Grass... roots and all
  219. Potty training regression
  220. Learning how to 'speak'
  221. Need help with jumping.
  222. Crate Time Issue
  223. Table Surfing
  224. terrible "twos" ?
  225. Refusing to walk
  226. frontline
  227. New Lab owner
  228. looking for advice on the Leave it command
  229. 6mths old now...approx. what age should adult height be obtained?
  230. Advice on Possible Lab Puppy Set-up?
  231. Have any labs slipped or fought out of Easy Walk harnesses?
  232. Lazy Labrador
  233. weekly puppy thread- June 30th
  234. shots...behavior...leash biting etc...
  235. HELP, Boy may get into trouble. 2 years old and bolts unexpectedly
  236. Nail clipping
  237. Biting, jumping, scratching, barking, growling........HELP!!
  238. can i bathe him yet???
  239. Yoyo - one year old update
  240. Weekly Puppy Thread
  241. kennel/spa
  242. Barking/Whining in the Morning
  243. feeling really bad right now.please help
  244. Potty breaks
  245. Archie thinks he's boss
  246. you'd think I'd have the hang of this by now
  247. Tie Out or Crate?
  248. When and how to give a little more room then the crate
  249. Loves water...but dangerous for kids
  250. Snarling and biting