Training Tips and Puppy Advice

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  1. Shop Dog
  2. Anyone own a Lab from Tidewater Retrievers in OR?
  3. My 5 month old was just diagnosed with OCD of the Hocks
  4. questions about millie coming home x
  5. Full House, I need a Ray update!
  6. Puppy Barks After Crate Is Moved
  7. Best way to train for "company"
  8. Help with jumping up
  9. coming here
  10. de furminate??
  11. Shampoo? Getting a new puppy in 2 weeks. What shampoo do you recommend?
  12. how did u socialise
  13. im a little confussed
  14. I have discovered Doggy Day Care....
  15. Question about fur
  16. Jumping constantly
  17. New Puppy Advice Needed!!!
  18. Thoughts on private instruction vs. class for a puppy
  19. So freakin jumpy
  20. Dog won't stop digging
  21. Sis is coming over to play
  22. Lab Breeders in NW
  23. Buddy wants to Nip
  24. Need Advice -- House Training Two 3 1/5-Month-Old Black Lab Puppies
  25. about your labrador
  26. Stopped Being Potty Trained
  27. So freakin' weird I tell ya
  28. Darling little Monster!
  29. Tessa barks when left alone.
  30. Leaving your buddy alone in the house
  31. Hemp toys
  32. How long before I get concerned he's not eating?
  33. Tail sniffing, salivation, panting behaviour
  34. Puppy Separation Anxiety
  35. Puppy barking is driving me CRAZY!!!
  36. What age to start jogging with puppy?
  37. A Nice Story
  38. should i worry about my puppy drinking from the potty
  39. teach to drop toy
  40. 'fraidy dog?
  41. Adolescent Male Behavior
  42. When to take my guy home?
  43. 4.00am Barking
  44. Still not warming up to people easily
  45. Spike in action
  46. Marking in the house
  47. Dog boots
  48. New
  49. Going in crate on his own - how to do that?
  50. HELP!! We have a problem!
  51. Needs opinions
  52. Dog Tricks
  53. Puppy Trying to dominate a child
  54. Bad moon or what?
  55. Some advice.....
  56. Separation issues!
  57. What kind of exercise do you do?
  58. Bentleys questions
  59. Potty training with Bell
  60. Odin
  61. Help I need sleep!
  62. Recall tips/cringes if you move your hand to fast.
  63. New Puppy Question
  64. My puppy wont potty!!
  65. SPIKE!
  66. Psycho
  67. Jumping up and "drop it"
  68. Do any of your puppies do this????
  69. Sleeping puppy
  70. Happy because Roxy...
  71. Littermates Eating Habits
  72. Question about how much food...
  73. Is there anything that's not toxic?
  74. Questions about moving crate & harnessed riding in car
  75. We want to take her on vacation, but she gets nervous and barks
  76. puppies/conformation and sit
  77. Crating with a collar on at night?
  78. Strange behavior by 4.5 month old puppy last night
  79. Retraining a newly adopted 2 year old?
  80. new behavior at play dates. will not calm down would love training advice
  81. I want to crate train
  82. Working on recall and waiting.
  83. Help! Chocolate lab puppy goes crazy over food!
  84. HELP going for Walks
  85. New 18 month puppy afraid to get into car
  86. update on Spike
  87. Obedience Training for 22 month old Choc Lab
  88. Discouraged from using Pinch/Prong Collar.....
  89. different temprements
  90. I need a slight refresher on a few puppy topics....
  91. Housetraining Mr. Chester
  92. so I messed up and got 2 puppies at ounce
  93. night time pee breaks
  94. Living with two 3 month old labs
  95. tips for introducint puppy to my cat???
  96. Still potty training at 7 months?
  97. Training puppy with small kids????
  98. Separation Anxiety
  99. Crate Size?
  100. advice on cage training puppy
  101. Keep your fingers crossed
  102. Bell potty training
  103. beding
  104. Biking with a 1 year old puppy?
  105. how much sleep?
  106. Upsetting puppy problem
  107. what the heck?!?
  108. No longer fetching
  109. Update on Spike
  110. Max only wants to sniff
  111. what is the "correct" way to crate train?
  112. Separation Anxiety
  113. Swimming
  114. Puppy thinks biting is the best solution - questions
  115. too long of a walk?
  116. Advice for meeting new dogs?
  117. Teaching puppy to retrieve ball
  119. Tri tronic training book?
  120. Barking and not walking
  121. Puppy Too Friendly?!
  122. Leash biting
  123. Pool Question!
  124. At what age should I start training
  125. Spike tested positive for Rocky Mountain
  126. Manners
  127. Spike's home - the next challenge begins
  128. Salt intoxication?
  129. Spike's in the hospital - looking for any pieces to the puzzle
  130. A new behavior that needs to stop ASAP
  131. Soon to be New Lab Owner
  132. 5 month old,still won't walk
  133. Puppy won't leave apartment
  134. Going in reverse - is that ok?
  135. Anyone ever camped with a puppy?
  136. The Things Scout Will Eat...
  137. Need outdoor training tips
  138. Dominance issues
  139. Lost interest in retrieving
  140. Teaching Puppy to go Down Steps?
  141. First time lab owner( housebreaking help!!)
  142. Getting my dog to fetch
  143. Biting/Nipping: How long does it last?
  144. Intrigued by DHs "litter box" idea
  145. Question about house breaking a pup.
  146. Nasty bite
  147. Can dogs relearn yard boundaries?
  148. Help with Puppy Proofing!
  149. Don't know what to do about odd new behaviors
  150. Are we crazy?
  151. Elbow callous?
  152. walking behind me?
  153. Recall and a stubborn Dog.
  154. Too rough with new puppy?
  155. At what age was your lab potty trained?
  156. Still stinks after bath
  157. Teaching "speak" to go outside
  158. Training Questions
  159. New puppy, Zena
  160. Is one meal a day (not every day) ok?
  161. Englih setter owners or that have experience.
  162. puppy not puppy enough?
  163. New Owner! Please Help!
  164. 2yr old won't fetch at all outside and runs away when loose
  165. Penis odor?
  166. Is this to much for a 3 month old pup?
  167. Is this normal???
  168. Bringing home 4/15 - Question on transport
  169. New fenced pen area : Won't drink or pee or anything
  170. Long road trip with new puppy...bad or good idea?
  171. Has anyone tried this collar?
  172. Poop Everywhere!
  173. Drop that big stick!!!!!
  174. Silly question but what size can lodge in a lab's throat?
  175. New Issue of Just Labs-- Puppies
  176. How much day time sleep?
  177. Vocal Queue to be Let Out?
  178. Door's open?! Let's run outside!!!!
  179. Need New Dishes
  180. shredding kleenex problem!
  181. Breaking her sit,clicker question
  182. Private obdience vs. class
  183. puppy won't walk
  184. Does anyone understand doogie language?
  185. Playing Fetch and Retrieving Help
  186. All of a Sudden Stinky Fish Breath??
  187. Help Walking Properly
  188. weaning onto another dog food...need info
  189. Growling
  190. Snoogans now has roundworm. :-(
  191. When to get neutered?
  192. Indestructible toy bin?
  193. Nighttime Nuttiness
  194. Ideas for outside play?
  195. hotspots
  196. Dog friend attachment?
  197. How to stop puppy biting hands,toes fingers etc......
  198. How can I get him to stop jumping on people?
  199. bonding suggestions
  200. Puppy Daycare/Exhaustion
  201. Uk lab help please!!
  202. Toilet training
  203. Warts
  204. oakland california and beyond english lab breeder search
  205. What fruits are safe for dogs? (short list)
  206. has beome a teenager overnight
  207. What brand of food do you feed your dog?
  208. Puppy not napping
  209. Mites?
  210. What is the reasoning behind 15 minute meals?
  211. Puppy bathing?
  212. Adult food
  213. Foster Parents - How do you do it?
  214. How can I get him to like his crate more?
  215. Snoogans started puppy class yesterday!
  216. You want a piece of me?
  217. fence height
  218. Down command.
  219. Has stopped walking, now what?
  220. furniture rules
  221. How to teach Daisy to sit when greeted
  222. home alone
  223. 14-week-old still afraid of people?
  224. Getting a sitter for Spike - what info?
  225. Dog Walking Help
  226. working from home puppy schedule
  227. Puuppy kindergarten: STAY and Leave it!!
  228. Too Cold to Swim?
  229. Suddenly terrified of stairs
  230. Kennel Training Advice
  231. puppy feeding advice
  232. How to stop puppy from chasing a provoking cat
  233. Do you have insurance?
  234. 4 week old pup help; walking funny?
  235. Full Moon
  236. Please Help! Two new black lab puppies!
  237. How do you right a messed up schedule?
  238. Walking - Always a lesson?
  239. Anyone ever use Bark Busters, and specifically Mark Leiberman (westchester, NY)?
  240. Conjunctivitis revisited or not?
  241. I'm sure it's been covered a thousand times.......
  242. What are some ways to transition from nighttime crate to sleeping wherever?
  243. Do you up their food if they seem hungry?
  244. Ooooooooh this really burns my butt
  245. Humping?? HELP!!!
  246. Conjunctivitis!
  247. My puppy just will not listen and stop biting and barking!!
  248. Peeing problem.
  249. toys
  250. How big??