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  1. 7 month puppy viciously attacking after play or if we touch her blanket
  2. Puppy Not Wanting to Pee in the Heat??
  3. Breakthrough for whimpering!
  4. Swimming
  5. whining in crate early in the morning
  6. puppy chews on leash when tethered
  7. Taking toys from my Older dog
  8. Urinary Tract Infection-10 week old
  9. 2 YO afraid of steep stairs.
  10. 5 mth old pees and walks at same time!
  11. how much sleep should a 10 week old puppy be getting?
  13. Any tips for trimming pups nails?
  14. Incredibly frustrated and exhausted with our pup...
  15. Puppy biting
  16. When can she play with other pups?
  17. First time puppy owners
  18. [Clicker Training] Add verbal cue in the first session??
  19. Puppy crying at night
  20. Concerned
  21. Size of crate?
  22. New pup and older dog
  23. Training schedule / teaching multiple behaviors
  24. Separation anxiety getting worse
  25. New Puppy Help
  26. How much does a puppy pee?
  27. fetching
  28. Retrieval and scenting training
  29. More advice needed! So we thought we were on the road to being housetrained and then
  30. Crate upstairs and downstairs???
  31. Help? I suck at training and am in need of a good training school.
  32. We need our dog to be good with children
  33. I'm watching a Ian Dunbar's video and he advocates leash 'jerks'..
  34. Do you think it's okay to teach the 'leave it' behavior using the verbal cue "no!" ?
  35. New Puppy Owner - Concerns
  36. last visit to a trainer candidate - advice needed
  37. Should I add the dog's name along with the verbal cue?
  38. What's the different between the 'Off!' and 'Leave It!" Commands?
  39. How to stop this behavior using positive training?
  40. Weird Spot on Puppy's Foot
  41. New puppy
  42. Dirty floors!!!
  43. out of crate over night - is it time?
  44. HOw to teach adopted 4 yr old Lab to not bark at the weed whacker
  45. Leash Training 2 adult dogs
  46. To reward her or not reward?
  47. pulling on lead!!
  48. Am I feeding my 8 week old puppy enough?
  49. Jack swiped a loaf of bread today.
  50. Sudden Food Guarding - Need Advice!!!
  51. 8-week-old Black Lab Biting Issues...ouch!
  52. Is my puppy having to much exercise?
  53. sleeping outside advice please :D
  54. chocolate male having trouble with "poop schedule" + dog aggression
  55. When to break up play "fighting" between pups?
  56. Advice to confirm a Lab puppy is indeed a Lab
  57. Possessiveness toward person
  58. Training two pups. Can you take a look?
  59. Remi's first obedience class
  60. New pups and crate/housetraining advice needed!
  61. Feeding 2 Pups
  63. When to let Buffy out of her crate...
  64. A 4 Year Old Male Lab Just Got Neutered...
  65. Staying in a heel
  66. Training??
  67. Help swimming
  68. Sophie barks while using phone
  69. Okay, I'm over the biting and drawing blood. Advice needed!
  70. Holt Walking collar
  71. Well now that he is comfortable in the house we may have a problem
  72. Got the poop part down, but can't grasp the peeing-
  73. When the neighbor's Lab visits...
  74. Puppys whining/barking throughout night....
  75. brushing a dogs teeth
  76. Licking.
  77. changing language in training
  78. how to compare how well your dog is learning by age timeline?
  79. guide dog training
  80. Need Leash Training Advice
  81. "Normal" 5-6 month old puppy
  82. eating food in 5 seconds?
  83. Training before pick-up?
  84. New Puppy :)
  85. seperation anxiety
  86. Not a puppy, but...
  87. best water/food dish setup for new pup?
  88. New puppy/pushover for a mommy
  89. help to stop puppy from nipping/biting
  90. Please share your thoughts on this one : 8 month old lab
  91. Is Oscar on the right track?
  92. Worried -- Chaco's Vomiting.
  93. 4 months old female lab humps pillow ??
  94. 5 month old whining- separation issues???
  95. Meet Jax - & puppy sleep at night in crate question
  96. Training "Tricks"
  97. food agression, first time
  98. Need to keep him outside more..
  99. Should I go back to the crate?
  100. Switching to two feeding times.
  101. introducing a pup to gunshots
  102. Outdoor behavior vs indoor behavior
  103. Indian users, advice needed
  104. Puppy won't sleep through night. Pack problems?
  105. How do you build a bond with an older pup?
  106. Advice/Thoughts on these training options
  107. MY pup is getting bitten by SAND FLEAS EEEEeeekkkkk!
  108. Housetraining our 11 week old chocolate lab
  109. Puppy jumps on the sofa - how to avoid it
  110. Potty Training Issues
  111. Chaco hates evening walks
  112. Games to play with an 8 week old???
  113. 8 week old pup with diarrhea and no other symptoms.
  114. Puppy biting
  115. Post desexing behaviour change...
  116. Teaching a Hunting Dog
  117. Labrador running and jumping on people !!
  118. Training hold?
  119. 5 month old puppy won't listen - keeps biting and jumping on us! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!
  120. When is it safe to take my pup out for a walk ?
  121. Problems with Maggie
  122. 17 week old puppy won't come and keeps on running
  123. training
  124. socializing a pup
  125. Our story
  126. Are yearly checkup's for the puppies parents ok, or OFA clearence needed?
  127. Introducing new puppy with 12 year old dog - tips?
  128. 7 month old afraid of nail clippers
  129. Training questions for a six month old lab
  130. questions about some behavioral changes i've noticed
  131. Question From a Future Lab Owner
  132. Moving house outside..
  133. Training "I need to go outside daddy!"
  134. Moody arrogant Male Lab Crate question
  135. How tall should crate be?
  136. New Puppy
  137. witching hour - HELP!!
  138. Refusal to walk!!
  139. 4 week old lab pup
  140. 14 weeks old Lab pup showing aggression - biting, barking, nipping
  141. My Dog is So Well-Behaved
  142. OK people, am I INSANE?
  143. Biting, Jumping, and Growling!
  144. HELP! I've got a Digger!
  145. 4 yr old & 9 week old incessantly wrestling, when will it stop
  146. How much exercise
  147. Crate Training
  148. Lion has hit the big 6!
  149. When can we swim?
  150. Month 4 to 5
  151. Any advice?
  152. 10 week old ?
  153. Grandchild visit and puppy
  154. puppy that is scared of everything!!
  155. Blood on chew bone.
  156. 2 problems... NEED ADVICE!!
  157. Still waiting...
  158. How to Train my puppy to eat foods given only by me.
  159. Jumping up on counters!
  160. Inside Marking
  161. Rosie
  162. Jack won't come back. (A rant.)
  163. 9-10 week old too mouthy
  164. The Tilly Thread
  165. Pup biting my older dog?
  166. think i was the problem.
  167. Improving Potty Training
  168. Tips for developing reliable recall and leave it at a distance?
  169. still messing in her crate
  170. first bath
  171. Crate training question for 10 week old puppy
  172. Thought my pup was crate trained???
  173. Problems with house training
  174. Crate Training?
  175. sleeping arrangements
  176. What to do? Puppy goes outside but in wrong place.
  177. Getting ready for our "Apollo" :)
  178. My three month is suddenly afraid of people
  179. Tilly's biting problem
  180. House trainning
  181. Tilly's first walk advice
  182. Dead squirrel: What would you do?
  183. Cant keep my lab off the couch!
  184. Strange Potty Behavior
  185. Tilly house training help!
  186. Is my 10-week-old trainable?
  187. Chewing and walking help?
  188. Restricting puppy to one room
  189. walk/exercise for a 9 week old
  190. I need to train my dad, never mind my dog!
  191. Toys. chewing, and two dogs
  192. feeding? please help
  193. feeding times and house training...
  194. Bullied by a black lab ( she keeps on biting me and won't listen to my firm "NO"! :(
  195. Untrained 2 year old - Help needed urgently please!
  196. Crate Training -- new pup, different approach? Looking for thoughts...
  197. help needed!
  198. Puppy is aggressive on the couch
  199. Very smart and stubborn 5 month old
  200. tasting everything while on walks
  201. Teaching Jack to say "mama"
  202. Afraid my puppy might be overly aggresive
  203. Puppies biting and drawing blood
  204. Walking Woes
  205. Potty Training a puppy less than 2 months old
  206. Aggression
  207. Fetch a ball.
  208. when to start training what is too young
  209. tug of war , bad or good, 12weeks
  210. Pregnant Black Lab?
  211. First Play Date
  212. crazy dog...
  213. Potty on Lead
  214. barking in crate
  215. Electronic Fence
  216. Re-Training Questions
  217. Nipping resource valuing in the bud...
  218. Stealing items
  219. is it okay to hump @ 2months?
  220. New Puppy Owner (19 weeks)
  221. anxious dog in new surroundings
  222. oh my god
  223. Sophie refuses to go into crate
  224. Found this article - Spike's Collapsing?
  225. 9weeks old teeth made of glass
  226. agility vs nose work class
  227. Ideas to stop Tess licking people.
  228. proper etiquette for jumping puppy when socializing with other dogs
  229. birthday recipes!!
  230. advice needed urgent
  231. What are your mornings like?
  232. 5 Month Lab Puppy - unsteady on feet and Leaning towards the left when walking
  233. Pincher collar
  234. Vasectomy or tubal ligation?
  235. Crate Games
  236. why is Tank so scared of this family?
  237. Lion 6wks going on 7wks
  238. 7 Month Old Fydo
  239. Finding a Vet (kinda long) Criteria for a long happy relationship?
  240. Not a Lab - an Irish Setter
  241. Cleaning the puppy pee out of the carpet
  242. Good Toys for EXTREME chewers
  243. meet millie
  244. millie is home x
  245. Hello! New 4-month old puppy :)
  246. Is there a such thing as a "short" lab?
  247. How Long Do I Walk My Puppy?
  248. Perfect Pup!
  249. millie is coming home
  250. walking a puppy