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  1. Separation anxiety in 6 month old pup
  2. Jumping up
  3. When will he calm down?
  4. 12 weeks old and Crying at night
  5. Crate Training During the Day
  6. Thinking we need to change food...any suggestions?!?!
  7. Training my dog for dock jumping?
  8. Crate question for home and vacation home
  9. Lab mix and cats?
  10. Crate at night help!!!
  11. Walking the Puppy
  12. New Puppy Comes With A Few Questions (w/pics)
  13. Invisible fence help!
  14. Need some training advice
  15. treat training
  16. Puppy classes?
  17. Help with 12 week old puppies barking
  18. vineger
  19. Chewing on me
  20. Need advice! First time lab owner!
  21. signs of aggression from our 5 year old Golden towards our 8 week old lab pup
  22. puppy nipping
  23. Another "my pup wont eat" thread!...
  24. is it a good idea?
  25. Behavior guidelines for an 18-month old. What should I be doing?
  26. Training without food?
  27. 11 MO lab has started pooping on the floor
  28. Labs: Skin Issues?
  29. Housetraining Psychology...
  30. Puppy held his potty from outside to inside
  31. what age is old enough to board a puppy
  32. vaccinations
  33. Recs on a good puppy training book
  34. HELP! 10 mo old lab having potty training issues
  35. 10 week old Fox Red - Best way to encourage "soft mouthing"
  36. Retrieving Issues
  37. Jumping Issue - 4 Months Old
  38. 4 month old labrador puppy
  39. HELP US PLEASE! (Houstan we have a jumper)
  40. Helping herself to things on the kitchen counters !
  41. Feeding Lab Puupy
  43. Help a new puppy owner
  44. Potty training expectations
  45. Leave alone on leash?
  46. whoops....
  47. 6 month lab puppy persistently biting in the evening
  48. Training Questions for the community
  49. Puppy biting us and older doggy :(
  50. Questions for a soon to be puppy owner!
  51. Help :(
  52. Suggestions for getting puppy to walk down the stairs
  53. 9 week old lab boxer mix reacting after vaccines?
  54. New puppy won't stop crying when left alone
  55. Called out for gentle leader use. (long sorry)
  56. Jake=Crate destruction!
  57. Letting off the lead
  58. Lucy's first obedience class today
  59. First tooth lost
  60. Separation Anxiety
  61. Miracles Do Happen!!!
  62. Molly being submissive and peeing around other dogs
  63. persistent puppy..
  64. Help with choosing Puppy
  65. A poopy dilema
  66. hard fence/invisible fence combination???????????
  67. Splashing Good Fun
  68. Getting Attention Back on Walks
  69. How to Raise two Labrador Puppies
  70. How long to keep pup on puppy food?
  71. I want to pee where ever I want :(
  72. So I think that we've messed up crate training...
  73. Puppy suddenly fearful?
  74. Tips to Train 'Speak' on command?
  75. Puppy is refusing to walk
  76. Puppy pooping in crate- HELP
  77. Tennis balls - Dangerous?
  78. Crate Training schedule
  79. One week into potty training....
  80. Odd behaviour question??
  81. Crate training question... sorry!
  82. Health Issues:
  83. Bear- 7months acting up
  84. New Lab to the Pack - Overly Playful
  85. puppy getting naughty
  86. Half check collar progress...
  87. 16 Week Old Puppy, Pulls and Runs On Leash
  88. 9 Week old Mouthing and Teaching Off!
  89. Potty Training
  90. barking at 3 am
  91. What To Put In Crate
  92. 9 week old choc lab- How are we doing?
  93. Puppies fear of going down Stairs
  94. Proud Dad... Well maybe ><
  95. Barking and Nipping! HELP!
  96. Puppy class, walks per day and barking
  97. What am I looking for in a trainer?
  98. Crate training advice needed
  100. Crate training at night is horrible!
  101. my 14 wk labrador puppy had it's back leg pulled by bigger dog, now she's limping
  102. Puppy Vet Advice
  103. 14 Wk New Puppy Snapping at 7yo Daughters
  104. Puppy training advice!!!!!! New 10 week old.
  105. Crate anxiety?
  106. Chewing Clods of earth
  107. Very nippy and bitey puppy
  108. Puppy barking at night in crate and towards certain men
  109. Help! What to do with 10 week old puppy while I'm away/hubby is at work?
  110. Spoiled pup?
  111. Puppy broke out of crate help!
  112. Molly is bad at night...need help
  113. My puppy is super excited around infants
  114. Biting
  115. Is this just a Lab thing - GOOD GIRL!
  116. Am I Missing Anything?
  117. Question for people who have jogged with their Labs for many years?
  118. Paper obsession!!
  119. Murphy hates his crate
  120. Where To Shop?
  121. Puppy crys when cats won't play
  122. Timing to bring home the little guy...
  123. New puppy - lots of questions
  124. Best Toys for Labs
  125. Miss Lilee
  126. First time lab owners. any advice and tips are welcome! :)
  127. Doggy Daycare Concerns
  128. Adopted puppy with a past
  129. Focus question
  130. Help... Itchy pup... Sand Fleas?
  131. Will neutering stop marking?
  132. Puppy Not Licking Herself Clean????
  133. Total lack of Independence
  134. Molly constant whining and barking in crate when I am not home
  135. Naughty little nipper
  136. Help :(
  137. Crazy Pup
  138. Potty Training Help PLEASE
  139. Sammy is doing great!
  140. Puppy keeps peeing on her bed
  141. Any tips to get your puppy to sleep longer
  142. Mo's 2nd vet appointment
  143. worried about my puppies legs
  144. Car anxiety- 10 weeks old
  145. How big will my pup get?
  146. Help please!
  147. My dogs just fought over food crumbs
  148. On Dominance Theory based training - a great article
  149. Realistic Expectations: Potty Training
  150. Selecting a breeder- need advice!
  151. Would you do this to your dog?
  152. puppy eye boogies
  153. Charlie... No... Stop biting!!!
  154. Crate Training Relapse
  155. New to forum - question on panting
  156. prepping for obedience class this evening, what do you recommend I do?
  157. I apoligize...
  158. What happened to our sweet puppy?!
  159. Down does not mean pounce!
  160. Friend making me feel guilty for buying a puppy
  161. has anyone else got a puppy around 5/6 months?
  162. At what age does the chewing lessen
  163. Crazy Running Around - Over Tired?????
  164. 16 week old puppy
  165. my new puppy has one blue eye
  166. puppy + poo
  167. Advice for getting Molly to like the lake
  168. Books on training puppies??
  169. At what age do they realy start to learn?
  170. Teething, New Teeth Questions
  171. Advice request...
  172. Need help with walking on leash
  173. New dog crate and new puppy
  174. Water Advice
  175. Puppies and children, need advice
  176. Super excited Molly at the park...need advice
  177. Molly afraid of rain
  178. Separation Anxiety
  179. Poop frequency
  180. Hungry hungry puppy
  181. Chewing Sticks and Twigs Dangerous?
  182. Using crate for naps? Advice Please
  183. Molly's more back than front
  184. Curly hair?
  185. Poop Time or Play Time?
  186. New puppy New member!
  187. Phermone Collar?
  188. how to stop puppy digging?
  189. New Puppy Pic's
  190. When is Puppy Play TOO Rough?
  191. Puppy would rather eat dirt than play
  192. Getting my puppy to love his crate!
  193. Question about an under ground fence
  194. Shy Puppy
  195. Meet Mojo
  196. need help getting my lab to stay in my yard
  197. Why become a dog owner?
  198. What to get before brining a young lab home...and a million more questions
  199. Potty training my 7 mth female
  200. Realistic Expectations
  201. Average price for a lab puppy?
  202. Puppy and Cat- what is it supposed to look like?
  203. Advice on new guarding issue
  204. Puppy Food Discussion
  205. New puppy...coming soon
  206. fishy smell
  207. Need some advice
  208. I don't understand
  209. Puppy poops / off her food
  210. Car rides
  211. Does anyone have any information/experience with Ginspin Labs in NJ?
  212. Leave at home or not?
  213. Bit of advices please
  214. Using Meal as Training Tool
  215. Swim Training
  216. Any tips?
  217. Too soon to socialize - without all vaccinations
  218. Fetch/Retrieving trouble
  219. PLEASE HELP!!
  220. looking for suggestions...
  221. If only....
  222. Hello all. newbie here with just a few basic questions....
  223. 9 week old pup...when to start obedience training
  224. toilet training
  225. Crate training question!
  226. Therapy Dog Training
  227. Did I create a monster?
  228. A Black Particle at the tip of my Labs tongue... ?
  229. Constant barking at the door!
  230. Need some help
  231. Pup eats food like he hasn't eaten in days!
  232. Lab eats everything! .....any advice?
  233. Training Puppy to Play
  234. Evening Frequent Urination
  235. HELP!! My 8mo Chocolate has turned in to a different puppy!
  236. "Leave It!"
  237. 1yo won't enter crate...
  238. Need help! He is so used to pooping in his crate.
  239. What should I do if my lad is not a fan of dog food.(Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  240. overzealous retriever in the water
  241. Puppy Toy Hit Parade! What are your favorites?
  242. Begging for food
  243. Training by age?
  244. Do I have to give him away? :(
  245. 1st Time Boarding-HELP! Need advise on length / dog anxiety .....
  246. Puppy gets crazy one time every walk
  247. A few questions...
  248. New Owner Question
  249. 7 month puppy viciously attacking after play or if we touch her blanket
  250. Puppy Not Wanting to Pee in the Heat??