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  1. He just acts like a nut!
  2. Please Help! 2 month old puppy CONSTANT biting like he wants to kill me
  3. 5 month old puppy problems...need I say more?? :)
  4. Bear's First Night Home
  5. Help - nighttime whining
  6. Advice please :(
  7. Just added a 2nd Lab pup - Need some advice with jealousy
  8. Bear comes home Saturday!!
  9. 4-Month Puppy (my first big dog...need some help)
  10. 5 month old constantly bolts out front door!
  11. Eating my daughters toys
  12. 4 Month Old Puppy Suddenly Biting To Greet People? (And other problems!)
  13. Poop eating puppy :(
  14. puppy food
  15. 5-month-old puppy suddenly barking out of fear
  16. Help.....multiple middle of the night potty runs that are killing us!!!!
  17. Need help: How to teach a 5 year old Yellow Lab to come on command?
  18. Help with Toilet Training
  19. How to keep neighbors from being able to poison your new puppy
  20. lab puppy nipping my son
  21. 5-Month-Old Lab suddenly barking in various situations
  22. are labs athletes?
  23. Reluctant Lab Puppy on Leash
  24. First Litter: Good, Bad, Indifferent?
  25. 10 month old Puppy Attacking
  26. showing aggression with other dogs
  27. Advice for taking Calvin to a Dog Park for first time.
  28. Duke's weight
  29. How to get 3 month olds to retrieve
  30. My Lab Has a Small Bladder... and I'm talkin small.
  31. Getting a Lab Rescue Puppy!!
  32. Black lab growls and bites when I tell her to get off furniture.
  33. House breaking
  34. Lab that hunts
  35. Outside aggression
  36. The Biting Questions Never End
  37. dry,itchy, scabby skin and shedding
  38. Another question: Piddling
  39. Urgent: Puppy going crazy at end of walks?!
  40. Puppy dominant over other dogs
  41. Puppy feeding schedule
  42. 9 wk old in backyard trying to eat gravel and plants as he explores
  43. Need advice- 3 year Old Rescue Training
  44. OH BOY!!!
  45. 3yo Starting to show aggression twards other dogs
  46. New Lab owner needing help
  47. walking probl.
  48. 2 year old Black Lab, started Protective barking.... normal? Help
  49. First day back at work...feeling guilty
  50. New Pup Loves to Whine
  51. Stranger danger?
  52. Interpreting temperament from visit with Ryker (the chosen one)...
  53. Three month old lab pup
  54. Another Puppy Biting Question
  55. New Rescue Puppy
  56. Female dog wetting problem
  57. Strange Eating Habits
  58. New puppy won't stop biting
  59. Baby Teeth
  60. New black lab scared all the time.
  61. 'Random' acts of defiance!
  62. Weight of 8week old puppy
  63. Puppy Ear Folding
  64. How to break from eating kitty poop
  65. Crate Suggestions?
  66. cystitis and struvite crystals in 11 wk old female puppy
  67. Advice on Puppy/Kitty relations
  68. Tomorrow!
  69. Bark bark barking
  70. Playing tips?
  71. puppy soiling oneself
  72. HELP! Aggressive 15 week old lab!! (NOT play...)
  73. Advice...2nd dog
  74. No leash
  75. Use crate or lock in room while at work?
  76. Marley toilet training
  77. Little Face
  78. my little guy
  79. Weening Off the Crate
  80. Housetraining a slightly older puppy
  81. Enzyme cleaners
  82. 2 weeks and He is coming home...
  83. Potty Training
  84. New Puppy Advice
  85. This is Funny
  86. Issues/questions about my (almost) 12 week old girl
  87. Need Help with Lab jumping up
  88. I got Neutered and a few other things ( Ie what to do with a hyper puppy and a baby)
  89. my new puppy
  90. Sleeping at night question!
  91. aggression issues or just puppy behavior?
  92. Puppy putting everything in mouth
  93. What's the best way to introduce new puppy to our 10 year old?
  94. getting dog to learn how to speak!
  95. Please help wit 6 month old lab- bone aggression and potty question
  96. How Important is Depth and Tone of Voice in Training? How do You Use Your Voice?
  97. Need help!! its very frustrating
  98. Puppy acts out when left with someone else, HELP!!
  99. Bed Question
  100. feeding on road trip?
  101. Another Silly question
  102. A question about biting puppies
  103. Having trouble housetraining
  104. Mother's Scent
  105. 4 month old Choc female biting something fierce!!! Help!
  106. In the Crate when Home
  107. Having a rough time with mouthing and biting...bad today need advice!!
  108. Puppy nervous to be left alone in new house. HELP!
  109. Home alone - for how long?
  110. Crating Tip: Fact or Myth?
  111. Puppy teething question
  112. Dog Door Question
  113. Road Trip
  114. 8 week old chocolate lab Male HELP
  115. Please help!!!!
  116. How do I correct biting when fetch is over?
  117. 5 month old tinkles when being talked to sternly
  118. Mouth Full of Loose Teeth
  119. Drop it!
  120. few questions about my 3 month old pup!
  121. 9 month old Chocolate lab being castrated- advice for the aftermath!
  122. How long is too long for WALKIES!?
  123. 9 month lab perfect in the house- but a nightmare in the garden!
  124. Help with seperation anxiety
  125. Pup wont pee outside.
  126. Don't mke this mistake that I made.
  127. Baileys first night.
  128. Chocolate Lab Issue
  129. He won't retrieve!!!
  130. trouble with housebreaking
  131. Severe Problems With My Young Lab
  132. How do I keep his attention
  133. Help! My pup won't stop jumping on me!
  134. 5 month old lab chewing cords
  135. Please help with crate training.
  136. training treats?
  137. Puppy exercise ?
  138. Going to be starting obedience soon!!
  139. How do I stop him from bolting out the front door?
  140. Kahlua's Getting Fixed
  141. Puppy attacking his bed?
  143. Trouble with potty training
  144. thanks!!!
  145. Night time potty...
  146. my neighbors are not dog friendly people and I need help
  147. Best Chew Toys for 10 week old Puppy!
  148. On Lead behavior changed suddenly
  149. Pup coming home in two weeks!
  150. Maybe Two was a mistake???
  151. What next?
  152. Questions
  153. 5 mo puppy keeps biting/nipping/ mouthing at 7 year old yellow lab
  154. Lab puppy out of breath easily
  155. Please help... I'm desperate
  156. Shock collar beeper to attach to a regular collar?
  157. Agression towards my 9 month old intact puppy
  158. Puppy Break Through!
  159. How to distinguish between training and playing
  160. Kong off/on squeaker toy
  161. Crazy Dog Lover
  162. Todd's Puppy class cancelled on us!! Training classes in Loudoun County VA?
  163. So...
  164. Growling, biting, lunging
  165. Taking care of a 6 month old yellow lab
  166. Old dog/Young dog
  167. Litter box training
  168. Need advice for collar type and leash training for new Lab Puppy.
  169. Not sure what to do here
  170. Puppy Help?!
  171. Can you help me identify how old my pup is?
  172. Puppy's first days in a new home?
  173. Today's newest problem. Please help!
  174. I need some help
  175. Attention when training
  176. Digging problems
  177. Need advice on leash walking.
  178. puppy age for learning commands
  179. Question about teaching "come."
  180. Potty and crate training success
  181. Puppy fears
  182. Can my cologne trigger unpleasant behavior?
  183. Need advice for 11 week old lab
  184. Is he really this good
  185. Unaffectionate puppy
  186. 12 week old puppy questions
  187. Jealousy
  188. 6 month old peeing in house.
  189. I am scared to death.
  190. Shake hands, give paw
  191. Puppy brag
  192. my labs won't leave the poor cats alone
  193. Oooh the joys of potty training....
  194. New puppy scared on walks
  195. Help! Dog Barking in Backyard!!!
  196. 4 days!
  197. 5mths old attention barking? Need advice!
  198. Watery eyes @ 13 weeks
  199. 5 months still not house broken
  200. snapping & biting
  201. Peeing in Food bowl
  202. Tips to avoid any ortho issues with my 9 week old.
  203. Training dvd
  204. Crate training questions (part deux)
  205. Training puppy to not pull
  206. just 1 week and i can start walking outside. What would you reccommend?
  207. Keeping the dog from running too far from you
  208. Playing too rough!
  209. 12 Week puppy TERRIFIED of cars! Advice needed.
  210. Tying my puppy on a poll
  211. Getting excited when people pass by on walks
  212. Crowding us at meal times!
  213. Introducing New Puppy to Existing Cat
  214. Crate Training Questions
  215. Pulling on walks?
  216. Gentle leader
  217. 4 week old - please suggest
  218. Question
  219. puppy not interested
  220. Puppy Question - re: cold weather
  221. Puppy Playing, Humping and Fighting
  222. water in puppies crate?
  223. Retriever questions
  224. HELP!!!
  225. BIG problems
  226. Can't take the ruined clothes
  227. 4 Month Old Lab/Bloodhound mix behavior problems
  228. Aggressive 9 week old puppy
  229. Barking help!
  230. Crating and nipping... just a little
  231. 3 days in a row with accidents in house after over three weeks without
  232. Pedigree puppy food?
  233. I think we're headed for dominance issues
  234. Pooping Outside and Peeing in the House....
  235. Peanut butter for a puppy?
  236. I am getting annoyed with my dad gf
  237. 3 day old pups crying ALOT?????
  238. Puppy Training Age?
  239. When to start Obedience Training
  240. Chewing/Licking my shoe?
  241. Our new puppy!
  242. Puppy Questions
  243. Puppy While at work
  244. Advice for older lab adopted
  245. Time to find a trainer. Need some advice
  246. Any ideas if she's pure lab?
  247. Exercise ideas anyone?
  248. Labrador puppies fighting! Help?
  249. 3 month old turned evil
  250. Housebreaking problem