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  1. vaccines today/ heartworm question
  2. Glands and skin issues?
  3. intestinal blockage?
  4. Doggie Tooth Fairy - full time job
  5. New puppy, Concerns with White (Bump/ Hairless Spot)
  6. Vaccinated puppy w parvo? So sad
  7. Some new pics of Bilbo and one health question...
  8. Rawhide
  9. My 6 1/2 month old Black Lab has been limping for a couple help from vet
  10. Raw food diet??
  11. 1 & 3/4 old Lab stopped eating all his food at once
  12. Did my lab have a seizure???
  13. Jake has hurt his leg/paw.
  14. Important info on parasites. (A MUST READ FOR THE AUSSIES)
  15. 9 week old labrador 6.5 pounds. Is this normal?
  16. Stiff front legs in my 1 yr old lab!
  17. New future lab puppy owner..what puppy food is best?
  18. Protein Crunch dog treats recall
  19. Anal Glands - Any Suggestions?
  20. What to do when changing FLAVOR of food, not brand?
  21. Check-up required for Lepto shot?
  22. Wellness recalls a limited batch of dry dog food
  23. Rabbit Poop
  24. Vomiting huge piles????
  25. First Vet appointment for Lucic.
  26. Lab bad breath and sore gums?
  27. Need suggestions for a Low Fat food
  28. How much exercise is too much?
  29. NEW ORLEANS- Action Alert
  30. Lab not eating food, very worried!
  31. Whelping Question
  32. Bones / Marrow cause diarrhea ?
  33. Torn ACL options
  34. 7 Month Old Lab- What is a good bone to feed her?
  35. Peanut Butter at what age and what is limit?
  36. Adult food?
  37. Bird cookies as dog treat?
  38. Moms 1 year old puppy got killed by a car, how can I help her?
  39. Double Pelvic Osteotomy
  40. Duke and "the smell"
  41. Dog treat recall: Yoghund Organic Peanut Butter & Banana frozen yogurt
  42. Update on molly
  43. Dog treats recall: Boots & Barkley
  44. A puppy full of surprises, need advice!
  45. Feeding - Help Needed
  46. sensative stomach
  47. skin cyst/ lesion?????
  48. Help...emergency vet visit or wait?
  49. Dog treat recall: Nature's Recipe brand
  50. Levi's skin problem - dry, scabs
  51. Aussie article re skin allergies
  52. Bleeding and a lost front tooth
  53. Deworming Mistake!
  54. Needs Some Advice
  55. Dodds: Titer Tests
  56. Vaccines--Dr. W. Jean Dodds Part 2
  57. Vaccines--Dr. W. Jean Dodds Part 1
  58. Possible tick issue?
  59. 4month old with eye infection
  60. Staph or allergic dermatitis
  61. New Nutro formula linked to Liver Cancer???
  62. Discourage jumping? Good idea ?
  63. Hock replacement in the US
  64. 1o yr dog w/ Chronic Diarrhea
  65. How do you know how much to feed?
  66. Chicken Jerky Dog Food Recall
  67. 10m Has been throwing up around 6am every morning
  68. Giardia - Panacur or Metronizanol?
  69. Age to neuter - disagree with vet
  70. Vaccine/vet acronyms...what do they mean?
  71. Would you take a chance with Mild Elbow Dysplasia
  72. Puppy food conundrum
  73. Puppy Lack of Appetite?
  74. anyone here using adequan injections for arthritis?
  75. opinions on canidae?
  76. Eukanuba
  77. How much excerise can I give my 8 month old lab?
  78. Shameless product endorsement for those with dogs who don't eat.
  79. Molly raided the kitty box
  80. Dog food recall: Boots and Barkley Bully Sticks
  81. dark brown vomit !??
  82. Acana and gases
  83. Puppy Strangles
  84. Stop...Thief!
  85. For those who wonder what to feed
  86. Orijen large breed puppy and loose stool, what to change to?
  87. Changing my labs dog food...Need knowledgable advice please
  88. Sudden aggressive behavior in younger female dog?
  89. New puppy having issues with food, needing something new today!!
  90. Molly seemed disoriented/drunk for about 15 seconds
  91. Poop eating and new food reco
  92. Avoderm dog food recall
  93. Oh my! I think he had some loss of bladder control.
  94. Choosing a new food for Hamilton
  95. My dog seems to only like Human food
  96. Nzymes
  97. What do you look for in a vet?
  98. Trying to decide on a good brand of dog food...
  99. Red bumps in groin/scabs all over belly
  100. Food for a pup Kirkland
  101. Neutering at 9 months...
  102. Laryngeal paralysis and surgery?
  103. Dog park...healthy or not?
  104. Strange poop - really confused - need advice.
  105. Molly just doesn't seem quite herself
  106. How do i know if my dog has a stomach blockage?
  107. 4 month old puppy breathing fast
  108. What's the verdict after all about Greenies?
  109. Fruity Snacks ?
  110. Area around my Lab's right eye suddenly dark - should I be worried?
  111. Shocking!!
  112. Kayce won’t move! WBC high BUN low, Advice / ideas? Nerves are shot after losing Jack
  113. 14 week old puppy not eating
  114. opinions?
  115. Small Lab
  116. Puppy urine a biohazard?
  117. Switching food dosage and time until completion.
  118. Yellow Lab looks dirty on skin (used to be pink) but no other symptoms.
  119. Puppy Diarrhea
  120. Cryptorchid
  121. Vaccinations...which are necessary/which are optional?
  122. Is it the brand or the ingredients?
  123. Masticatory muscle myositis?
  124. Coccidiosis
  125. Anyone else's lab swollow everything?!
  126. 1 1/2 yr old lab suddenly freezes while walking, only last for a few seconds.
  128. Morning bile
  130. Painful Paw
  131. Are dogs over vaccinated?
  132. Hi fist post in a while Flakey dandruff
  133. Has anybody gotten a stomach tact for their dog?
  134. Laryngeal Paralysis
  135. eye ulcers in labs
  136. Cassie's symptoms. Are they symptoms of the food?
  137. Thoughts on insurance
  138. New owner
  139. How much did you feed at 6 months?
  140. Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate
  141. Has anyone used Gabapentin for pain in dogs.
  142. I'm so frustrated! don't know what to do!
  143. Advice needed on what to do with marleys poor paw x
  144. Cleft palate boy puppy and possible constipated girl puppy.
  145. When is my dog a "senior" ?
  146. Quick Puppy Question! Maybe a Cold or Allergies?
  147. Puppy strangles
  148. blood spots on the floor
  149. Has anyone tried Royal Canin Labrador Retriever 33 Puppy Dry Dog Food
  150. HELP!!! My Baby is loosing her fur! :(
  151. Raw Meaty Bones - Safe or not?
  152. Frozen KONGS and bloatd
  153. Need support, double Lab deaths
  154. Our 1 year old chocolate jumped out the truck window 4 hours ago, hurt badly....
  155. Almost 8 week old with kennel cough and no good vet.. Please help!!
  156. Tummy issues AGAIN!
  157. Candie had a Seasure
  158. Tessas coat is becoming thinner.
  159. Question for those who give cranberry capsules.
  160. how to identify ringworms on my lab
  161. Trick for brushing teeth
  162. Peeing in sleep. Help!
  163. Allergies? Bites? Skin Sensitivity?
  164. My Dog is having a health problem any ideas?
  165. Can loud noise damage their hearing??
  166. When is best time for dinner?
  167. 7 month old puppy gets the runs a lot, help?
  168. rex's latest update
  169. Do a natural kibble for your new puppy and all natural treats, PLEASE
  170. What are common genetic traits of an English bred lab
  171. Pro Plan vs Advance
  172. Uneven hips.
  173. Blue Buffalo?
  174. Which Pro Plan for puppy?
  175. Parrot mouth
  176. Parrot mouth
  177. Nature's Variety dog food recall
  178. What other foods can I give my lab?
  179. Poor Cali!
  180. For those who give "Greenies" dental snacks
  181. A couple issues: diarrhea, allergies and fleas
  182. Eating Flys
  183. The vet- my story gets even better.
  184. change food when season change?
  185. Heat or Bloat?
  186. Canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome
  187. What Snacks (good or bad) do you give?
  188. Dr. Tim's Kinesis. Pursuit & Momentum
  189. lifting her leg up - is this a problem?
  190. Best Supplement for My Senior with Cancer
  191. Coat coloring on lab puppy
  192. Warts or worse?
  193. Aspirin, How often?
  194. Lily parvo at 10 months old and fully vaccinated
  195. Lily parvo at 1
  197. Hip Dysplasia
  198. how do you get your lab to brush his teeth.
  200. For anyone who's dogs may be a picky eater
  201. Lungworm in Hampshire uk
  202. Histiocytoma hasn't shrink in 3 months...
  203. This is how I feel
  204. Any idea of what this 'thing' could be?
  205. 4 dogs excessive Grass Eating since spring
  206. ProHeart 6 Story and Warning
  207. Help relive hip problem, anything we can do?
  208. Foxtail
  209. Genetic Skin Disease Study-Looking for Affected Pups!
  210. Kibble advice please, breeder was using Diamond.
  211. Labrador Muscle Weight Gain
  212. Ticks, incomplete removal
  213. He keeps collapsing :(
  214. Too much sleep?
  215. Ear Mites?
  216. My coconut oil melted!
  217. Flea/Tick meds and Worming pills - Which do you all use?
  218. Chief's diet
  219. Dry skin?
  220. Holy Crap I think my dog had a seizure!!!
  221. He ate chocolate
  223. crystals in urine
  224. vitamins
  225. need advice for cushiness
  226. Avocados? Are they safe?
  227. Top 10 Warning Signs of Cancer in Dogs and Cats
  228. Worms?
  229. Nervous scratching?
  230. Diamond Friday Night Recalls
  231. The feeding ...Should food be wet down
  232. Annamaet vs Orijen
  233. Anyone feed Innova?
  234. Poop infrequency
  235. How do you guys feel about Blackwoods foods?
  236. Pool swimming and Labs
  237. titan and the skull candy Headphones. ( AKDJKAJDKJFDKJAKJDKSJLDKJKAL..... at hubby)
  238. Suspected Knee Ligament Damage & Insurance
  239. AS OF TODAY
  240. Cyst on the Gums?
  241. Advice on neutering
  242. sign the petition
  244. Arthritis Supplements?
  245. diamond follow up
  246. Food Bloat - scary weekend
  247. Red spots on tongue?
  248. she threw up, what should I do?
  249. Amount of food
  250. Glucosamine supplement WITHOUT brewers yeast?