Lab Health and Nutrition

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  1. UTI vs ectopic ureter?
  2. switching to adult food
  3. advice for my lab's companion dog needed
  4. Grain Free, Chicken Free Treat Alternatives
  5. NaturaPet expands recall of Calif. Natural, Innova, EVO, Healthwise, Karma + cat
  6. He ate way too much
  7. All Life Stages food?
  8. "Large" vs. "Small" breed food.
  9. bald spots
  10. Dog eats earthworms.
  11. New puppy has Urinary Track Infection.
  12. Limping really bad :(
  13. Dog Treat recall: Breeder's Choice
  14. How much pumpkin?
  15. Milk teeth still at 7 months?
  16. Elevated ALT Etc.
  17. Diahhrea is back :(
  19. Do any of you have a grazer?
  20. Let's talk kibble
  21. Stools seem very large.
  23. Torn toenail and skin
  24. Overzealous Vet?
  25. Molly's daughter Sadie has agressive bone cancer
  26. Waist and rib "test" didn't work for our Misty
  27. Heartworm Debate?
  28. Todd ate a stinkbug.
  29. Mardi has hiccups almost every day.
  30. My 5-month-old girl has glucose in her urine!
  31. I found an inexpensive solution to more padding under arthritic dog
  32. Dog Food Recall: 3 Bravo! raw frozen foods
  33. Help! I think Bear has kennel cough!
  34. Ear infection again...only a few weeks off meds from the last...
  35. Dog Allergy - Any advice welcome
  36. My baby has elbow dysplasia need advice!
  37. My 6 year old lab drools excessively
  38. Fromms weight management dog food
  39. Heart worm pills online
  40. Dog food recall: 3 BARF raw frozen foods
  41. Science diet sensitive systems
  42. 16 Month old
  43. acl tear
  44. Incontinence in 2.5-year-old spayed female
  45. My 13 Year Old Lab Kasey Is Limping?
  46. Natura Pet recalls certain California Natural, Innova, EVO & More dog & cat foods
  47. Skinned himself good today. Good thoughts for Si...and our wallets
  48. Topical Treatments that won't be licked off?
  49. How long to crate?
  50. cooked garlic?
  51. Is this normal? (Mr. Peepers question)
  52. Can I get some clarification on fish oil please?
  53. Dog Treat Recall: Iams Shakeables
  54. First Time Lab Owner: How much exercise is enough?
  55. Elbow dysplasia or Hygroma? please help!
  56. RECALLED - Four types of dog and cat foods
  57. Dew Claw Removal?
  58. 2yr old lab needs surgery for luxating patella
  59. Dandruff
  60. Mardi ate part of a bird!
  61. Pro Plan question - focus or sport?
  62. what to feed new chocolate lab puppy
  63. Retriever Mini Chunk Dog Food from Tractor Supply
  64. Another recall--Jones natural chews
  65. Iams Smart Puppy Large Breed
  66. Tendonitis in shoulder-what to do?
  67. Need some help please
  68. Kirkland dog food
  69. Broken Toe With Big Bone Chip and Looks Like They Want To Amputate Toe - Please HELP!
  70. First time pet parent. Please help
  71. Two new recalls - food and treat
  72. New Puppy with Microphthalmia
  73. worming and flea protection
  74. Hypnosis Virus ?
  75. Switching dog foods
  76. rex-latest update
  77. Seborrhea
  78. Wellness Super 5 Mix Cicken, Whitefish, or Lamb
  79. Neutering a Cryptochord
  80. I lost my dear Alex 3 months back - still finding the actual reason of his death
  81. Strange patch of hair loss help!
  82. Advice on Lab eating habits!
  83. So Many Different Kinds of Foods?
  84. Double-checking health stats on OFA site?
  85. Jake's not well at all
  86. FOOD- a specific question
  87. Looking for input
  88. Root Canal or Extraction for Canine Tooth?
  89. Common Allergies in Labs
  90. Is Kennel cough - cross-eyed related?
  91. Lyme and Kennel Cough Dx.....
  92. Exercising and pooping
  93. What kibble manufacturer do you trust?
  94. puppy teething question
  95. I want your "ear advice"
  96. Off His Feed
  97. 10 yr lab gags/clear throat
  98. Fatty Tumor
  99. Recall: certain brands of Dog Food (containing corn)
  100. Dog treats recall greatly expanded
  101. 3 labels of dog food recalled
  102. Nutri-Vet & Nutripet Dog Treats Recall
  103. Dog Treats recall (5 brands)
  104. weird red spotts...
  105. Ear Infection, HOD, and Puppy Strangles?????
  106. Foot Problem
  107. Chunks of dandruff on my labs back
  108. Update on Duke, now an 11 year old Cancer survivor
  109. New dog, diarrhea
  110. Clean Ears with Preparation H Medicated Wipes REally? Yes.
  111. MICHIGAN Rabies Bill SB 118 ACTION ALERT
  112. 6 month olds with diarrhea
  113. 10month Black Lab with skin issues
  114. Abnormal gait?
  115. Dog food Recall: Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Organic Chicken
  116. Heart worm Medication
  117. Hip Dysplasia
  118. Puppy Chow For Large Breeds
  119. Why such terrible gas?
  120. Lab Gas
  122. Myasthenia Gravis and Megaesophagus...
  123. White foamy spots in 9 week old puppy
  124. Rough paw pads
  125. 3 Natural dog foods
  126. How many times should you feed a 9 week old puppy
  127. Feeding dry kibble--how much?
  128. How a processed dog food and high protein diet causes cancer, disease and organ fail
  129. Torn ACL
  130. How many meals a day do you serve your adult Lab?
  131. Dog Food
  132. NuVet plus
  133. Ran into a Purina employee
  134. Beefhide bone
  135. red dots?
  136. Switching puppy food?
  137. Advice please - sores on top lips of our new puppy
  138. Tank is licking his lips,blankets ect.. constantly
  139. Need a little Help/Advice
  140. Plain greek yougurt and goat's milk for a puppy
  141. mrogers check your pm
  142. Is my dog a dwarf!
  143. Urine pH
  144. Interesting article: Carbs were key in wolves' evolution into dogs.
  145. thoughts on no vaccinations
  146. another reason not to neuter too early...
  147. Strange lump on my dogs private.
  148. 4 Y/O Chocolate regurgitation
  149. Labrador Pup
  150. Labrador Pup
  151. Puppy's skin is dry, itchy and falling off.
  152. Prylosec / counter surfing
  153. Dog treat recall: Hartz Chicken Chews & Oinkies labels
  154. Anal Glands
  155. Accidents and anal leakage
  156. Has anyone used Imuran (Azathioprine) for their dogs?.
  157. Black Lab lip turning pink (dipigmentation)
  158. Hi Everyone, Update on Bear
  159. Please Help! Super Itchy lab...
  160. Earthborn Holistic's Puppy Vantage
  161. Extra "fold" causing infection
  162. What's your top 3?
  163. Beneful Dog Food being blamed for illness and deaths
  164. Pro Plan Performance users...
  165. Puppy Food Suggestions
  166. Treats that could make your lab sick
  167. Clavaseptin for bronchitis - anyone use this before?
  168. Clearing of throat when removing from crate
  169. Help with my older lab...arthritis, a little limp, and some quivering
  170. Puppy's Eyes are Red and Puffy
  171. Suggestions please ... how to stop 'The Goat'
  172. Puppy Allergies and Acne
  173. Spaying our puppy
  174. senior lab: arthritis, spine deterioration, and rimadyl
  175. Apples and potatos
  176. Opinions? New food for 1 year old?
  177. ear problems
  178. Recall: Publix Chicken Tenders Dog Treats
  179. Recall: Cadet Chicken Jerky Treats
  180. is my lab ok? puffy neck!!!!
  181. Allergic to plastic crate?
  182. Brown marks on belly
  183. Dog Treat Recalls: Waggin' Train, Canyon Creek, Milos' Kitchen, Chicken Grillers
  185. Bloat?
  186. Water Consumption in puppy
  187. Breeders: a question for you
  188. Dr. Schultz NEW YORK Vaccine Seminar 4/20/13
  189. Question about feeding my new pup
  190. Ear tumor?
  191. newly adopted 9 year old lab, is he underweight?
  192. feeding my pup!!!
  193. 8 month old eating habit change
  194. Can food or bag food?
  195. Question for those that feed dry kibble.
  196. Illness and change in appearence
  197. Growth on gums
  198. HELP.... our puppy has diarrhea
  199. Pooping problem
  200. Ovarian Remnant Syndrome & Pyometra Questions. Help Please!
  201. mysterious illness?
  202. Diabetes
  203. Bitten Puppy
  204. How to make my 10 month old lab lose some weight! How much food should I feed a puppy
  205. My dog pooped out a garbage bag!!!
  206. White Bumps around Dogs Nose???? Possibly Acne ???
  207. elbow dysplasia????
  208. Itchy right elbow
  209. Any ideas? Repost from recovery
  210. flakey skin
  211. Leaking urine
  212. Smelly Farts
  213. Gagging/Acid Reflux/Something Else?
  214. Is it arthritis or something worse?
  215. Lab Stamina
  216. Need Help with Yeasty Lab
  217. Help!!
  218. Feeding guidelines on the back of dog food packaging
  219. Constant Scratching and Stinks
  220. 7 mo. old lab with diarrhea and night time vomiting-any ideas?
  221. Our beautiful Mia.
  222. Scooting question
  223. Dog treat recall @ PetsMart: Claudia's Cuisine Dog Candy
  224. Do you have pet health insurance? What exactly does it cover?
  225. Dog treat recall: Nature's Deli Chicken Jerky
  226. 5-month-old food monster. Question.
  227. choco lab having seizures
  228. Cassie's latest health news
  229. Nutrition Question
  230. Need quick advice...
  231. Advice: Unvaccinated 14 week old Purebred Yellow Lab Puppy
  232. Advice:quality food for helping diarrhea?
  233. Eye Advice
  234. Male physique after neutering
  235. Food recall: Priority Total Pet Care All Natural Bullstrips dog treats
  236. afraid of steps
  237. Large belly on 3mnth old puppy - sleeps a lot
  238. rex-thanksgiving miracle
  239. Very scary vaccination reaction.
  240. Hair loss and barking sound issue
  241. vaccines today/ heartworm question
  242. Glands and skin issues?
  243. intestinal blockage?
  244. Doggie Tooth Fairy - full time job
  245. New puppy, Concerns with White (Bump/ Hairless Spot)
  246. Vaccinated puppy w parvo? So sad
  247. Some new pics of Bilbo and one health question...
  248. Rawhide
  249. My 6 1/2 month old Black Lab has been limping for a couple help from vet
  250. Raw food diet??