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  1. We Are Officially Celebrating A One Year Tankie Anniversary
  2. Memorial Christmas tree and bells
  3. Breeders
  4. From Then to Now!! (LOTS of Pictures)
  5. It's official
  6. Milo was adopted!!
  7. Any JL Labs & owners in CA, NV, OR effected by the huge snow, wind, rain?
  8. Puppies, Texas and New Orleans dogs first snow (12 pictures)
  9. Introducing Dreidel
  11. The mystery of the missing hair elastics...
  12. Hmph...
  13. Many thanks - Cliff's bill has been covered!!
  14. Happy Birthday Jacey!
  15. Pics of our pup's (not born yet) parents...
  16. Those of you with 2....(guilt?)..somewhat long..
  17. Diesel's first two weeks (lots of pictures)
  18. Who are you and what did you do with my Zeus?
  20. My mums old guy
  21. A Great Sunday Adventure, with photos
  22. How is Storm doing??(black storm dog)
  23. Jasper had a Siezure
  24. Kinder, Gentler Forum in '08?!
  25. First four days and we are doing just great.
  26. We have...PUPPY PICS!! (lots!)
  27. Usually she looks cute when she sleeps, BUT...
  28. Bad Behavior???
  29. Pulling on Leash
  30. Playing fetch...sort of
  31. BENTLEY (pics) @ 7 weeks today!
  32. Holy Rovers
  33. Meet Frances
  34. I was wondering....
  35. Our first visit to the ER Clinic ETA: MORE Bratness!!
  36. Thank you!
  37. First day at school.
  38. No wonder they don't know their names, it's DW's fault
  39. Shelby Masters the Woe-Is-Me Look ... (2 Pix)
  40. Third Annual Super Bowl Pool! (cross posting)
  41. As requested, lots of wintery fun cottage pics!!
  42. He loves that teddy bear!
  43. Joint supplements
  44. Alfies holiday
  45. Dad, What's the big deal about 1 year?
  46. Oh my! We've got a serious case of the zoomies/crazies...
  47. And people say....
  48. I love snow.... (pic)
  49. Ladies Day at Cappy's Pond
  50. Reason #456 why most people shouldn't own dogs...
  51. Thoughts on making a lab's day. (long)
  52. Ugh!! Some people!! >:( (vent!!)
  53. Who had the automatic Kong dispenser?
  54. Was Wondering About Claude??
  55. No forest this time!
  56. ? Everlasting treat ball???
  57. How do you tell one breeder???
  58. Nylabones
  59. I would like to officially introduce....
  61. Look at this poor mistreated dog...
  62. Thanks for the memories
  63. Chris - how is Erns doing?
  64. Brody this morning
  65. Jonah barked!
  66. Poll re: Super Bowl Pool going on in O/E
  67. WoooHooo! Gentle passing of the torch...
  68. 1st hydrotherapy session
  69. Lab Expressions-Is It Just Me?
  70. Happy Birthday Ellie Mae!!!
  71. confused.........??
  72. 'At The End of my Leash' (TV Show)
  73. Our wing of the Vet clinic
  74. Need Advice Please -- Stomach Troubles
  75. reading a dog's mind...air snaps
  76. Rescue (Samm) Vs. Home from 7 Weeks (Kai)
  77. Found 2 Labs (chocolate and black)...UPDATE Happy Ending
  78. Introducing Jake
  79. Neutered - what to do about Cone?
  80. One Christmas card i will definately be keeping. (Mollyrock)
  81. Meet Cliff ;)
  82. 7 weeks old......
  83. Introducing.................
  84. Ohhhh MollyRock ...
  85. Bruno and Duke (3 pictures)
  86. Afraid of the rain?
  87. It's official..Pete is not a dog...
  88. Tal 0, Jackrabbit 1
  89. Todays the first day Jacey got in REAL trouble
  90. Lilo's lumps are getting bigger fast
  91. Passing on information if anyone interested in a 2 1/2 year old lab
  92. Very confusing lost/found? Lab story Scam??? Any advice
  93. Happy tail
  94. Into the forest ...
  95. A happy 2008 !!
  96. How many beds have you gone through??
  97. How I created a Monster
  98. Pure Contentment
  99. I have a question about female dogs
  100. Dinner time video
  101. Be careful what you search for on google
  102. And the counter surfing award goes to......
  103. Anyone from Northshore MA
  104. Blue Tulip
  105. What do you use to groom(brush) you labs?
  106. Already Dreading April
  107. This is what happens after the dog park and a bath.....
  108. lab farts
  109. I was so excited..
  110. UTI after spay
  111. We have a house guest! (Little update)
  112. Almost didn't hunt today
  113. Duke and Bruno
  114. My latest mini-lab ornament
  115. Duke sends Freckles a message
  116. Females in season...out and off the leash
  117. effing people...
  118. Black lab sprouting white hairs.
  119. Differences in lab coats
  120. Laura...
  121. Hip Dysplasia
  122. weight gain before going into heat?
  123. Murray really needs the collective JL power now **update in op**
  124. For the first time in weeks Erns
  125. Don't lay a finger on my Butterfinger.......(pics)
  126. Need Cat/Dog suggestions
  127. I thought labs were suppose to be fun
  128. Is it a frog or a dog?
  129. Sneak attack and a snow day..
  130. WARNING! 5 Day notice
  131. Relative to thread on road salt question
  132. Ed (Endofile) I owe you an apology
  133. Here in this house (tissue alert)
  134. Dr. Jon's Window Decal: Fireman - Find our Dogs
  135. the purpose of a dog - xpost from O&E
  136. Frozen Turds EWW
  137. Don't Tell Tank I Posted This.....
  138. Taylor is Hungry (pics)
  139. Critters in the snow? (5 pics)
  140. jus wondering............??
  141. An absolutely beautiful picture of my Bobbie girl!
  142. I couldn't believe my eyes!
  143. Iams-A recipe for disaster
  144. Kate (kate2jays)
  145. A moment of pride
  146. Salt On Roads?
  147. Why it's so hard to get a picture of Jake
  148. Fur Management
  149. Hey Tim(Oonas Dad)
  150. First Foster - Marking Problems (help!)
  151. Gauge's zigzag
  152. I am in Big Trouble!
  153. Happy Birthday Remington!!!
  154. How many of you
  155. encounters with dangerous animals?
  156. Puppy Supply Checklist
  157. need vacation help!
  158. What Is Your Dog's Theme Song?
  159. X/post from O&E for cuteness factor... ((the dog, not me))
  160. It is sub zero this morning but never to cold to kick some Cricket *ss!
  161. Do any of you have spouses or family members that are interested in this forum?
  162. Going to the cottage!
  163. Why can't I have a duck to play with?
  164. Stoops is sick... poor guy! (Updated)
  165. Reggie running(?) in his sleep (You go old boy!)
  166. Thanks for all the advice
  167. Kicking the Grass after Pee/Poop
  168. Ed (Endofile)...More Zoe Abuse (a short vid clip)
  169. New Year's Resolutions for your Labbies
  170. They may not be Labs
  171. Any news on Thor yet?????
  172. Er umm embarrassing ?
  173. After much work.. it is settled...
  174. The Suburban Decision
  175. Tankie Loves His Daddy
  176. Chris, how's Erns?
  177. Did you guys see this yet? (CNN video of old yellow lab girlie...) :)
  178. The puppy comes this month!
  179. According to the 2008 Chocolate Lab Calendar on January 2
  180. Is there anything your lab won't eat?
  181. Fleas?
  182. Talk about making yourself at home!
  183. Alfies big sister
  184. Blood sample after eating rat poison???
  185. Kong Time Automatic Dispenser
  186. lab rescued swimming mile off shore!
  187. Finn's 1st birthday
  188. Peticure
  189. Page with all lab stuff ..
  190. He can be such a bully - what do I do?
  191. Lab Welcome Signs
  192. Lab Placemats/Coasters, etc.
  193. Labradork: Panicville, Doom and Gloom
  194. Working at the dog wash, yeah ...
  195. Some pics of my goofballs (3)
  196. Thor is gone! =( ******UPDATE in OP!!!!******
  197. New Labrador Sport! (pic heavy!)
  198. Cancer treatment - any opinions or advice
  199. Forgotten Dog's Christmas
  200. It's Haylee's birthday today!!!
  201. Help Please
  202. Picture of Abigail
  203. Need to Post Pictures of Abigail
  204. Can you offer advice please?? Quite long.
  205. Tile flooring that looks like wood?
  206. Fudge and Nutmeg - pics from Skippy and Emilu (lots of pics!)
  207. Hey Henery...
  208. Our New Year Baby???
  209. It's all Daddy's fault
  210. Some pics of my crew
  211. Well, it looks like.. (pic)
  212. Your Lab Mobile and Question on a new/used one...
  213. Happy 1st Birthday Sydney
  214. Off to the races
  215. Dear Aunty Felicia and Henery! (pics)
  216. Libby's nervous watching the Michigan-Florida game
  217. The things you do for love....
  218. Could it be a UTI or shot related??
  219. Concentration Operation
  220. Racing in the New Year
  221. my turn for snow shots... (tons o' pics, not entirely LR)
  222. Dad said he didn't lie to me. I don't understand this year business (pics)
  223. Miss Piggy
  224. Lights. Camera. ACTION!! (not entirely lab related..... ;) )
  225. Year End Pet Therapy Visits
  226. More pup breath.....Here's Buford.
  227. Merlot, you are a goofball!
  228. So what do you do when you have almost a foot of snow?
  229. A couple of pics of our New year walk.
  230. Sticks
  231. Happy New Year Everyone!!!
  232. UPDATE IN FIRST POST: Frankie sounds like he has a hairball????
  233. Started Off New Years Badly...
  234. A Little Too Much New Year's? (Pix)
  235. Ear Health
  236. A BIG thankyou, to my SP, Emmasmom
  237. New Years Pictures of Sydnee and Koda
  238. I put the kids to bed
  239. I've had a very bad day!
  240. Melatonin...
  241. Weird/funny things your lab doesn't like...
  242. Name Help
  243. My Fat Dog (3 pics)
  244. Update from my rescue adventure (Long and lots of pix)
  245. The boys and Blue!!
  246. Pics of Aidan
  247. Ruby at 7 months and Happy New Year
  248. IT never fails...
  249. Us and the Kids!!
  250. We have a New Year's Houseguest