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  1. I'm a Sleeping Beauty!
  2. HELP! Angus just ate a whole chicken thigh UPDATE 2
  3. Dear Dogs and Cats......
  4. Deer Antlers? Anyone ever give them?
  5. Bentley (pics)
  6. Me and My Big Sis ~ and a l'il Bitey Face (pics)
  7. NLR... 8 week old Border Collie Puppy Sold at Flea Market Dies of Rabies
  8. Pretty cool snow video
  9. This is why I am late for work (video)
  10. Lazy Eye
  11. Hershey Kisses may be going to new home, Labby's
  12. Petsmart credit card...
  13. Neuter Coupon website?
  14. Craigslist: Two beautiful Labradors **I wish I could take them!
  15. Wig Wag ~ you are the best!!
  16. Molly and I had a dog follow us home, and I feel bad for taking him back.
  17. Anyone else have dudleys???
  18. Question for Breeders
  19. orrr are you just pleased to see me ??
  20. Am I a bad lab mommy?
  21. 3 Days to new puppy! Are we ready??
  22. WigWag - I sent you a PM
  23. Ugh... NLR but...
  24. Booties
  25. Aggreesive Breeds
  26. Black Gold Dog Food
  28. Happy 1st Birthday Pitch
  29. Riley is 1 today !!! Pic Heavy
  30. They are trying to decide who is the alpha, and the humping is driving me crazy.
  31. Messed up puppy at the dog park
  32. He's not a lab but....
  33. Need some advice with my foster UPDATE 2
  34. For those who foster - picking a family and letting go
  35. Question for folks who show/compete (other than field events)
  36. emergency advice sticky thread?
  37. Paranoid Mommy
  38. Dominance ???
  39. where to buy biodegradable poopie bags?
  40. Remington Got Hurt Today (but he's okay now)
  41. Accidents in the house...
  42. How stupid can I get, WTH was I thinking?????
  43. Litter update/No news yet!!! :(
  44. Puppy week is here!!
  45. eye infection?
  46. Can you stand more Payton in the snow pics? ;) (6 pics)
  47. where do you buy coats or sweaters that actually fit?
  48. Bruno Picture
  49. Copy Cat Yellar Dawgs
  50. Laika in the afternoon ...
  51. Ladies: I have a question...
  52. The Best Part of Changing the Bed Linens....
  53. Been a while, pics of the pups (lots)
  54. How in the world do I get him to roll over?
  55. Boomer could use your thoughts *UPDATE*
  56. Wagging tails
  57. Just Laika .... (lot off pics!)
  58. Bailey is sick
  59. Please Help Me Figure Out This Problem
  60. - anyone tried it?
  61. Dr Jon on Pet toys from China
  62. Sloppy, sloppy sit
  63. My L'il Brother is Cute and I love Him (Pics)
  64. Emilu is NOT an actress!
  65. Angus has a broken tip of his toe **UPDATE**
  66. Jacey needs to know if any of you use doggie booties for snow??
  67. Pway wif me, Momma!! (1 pic)
  68. Murray update
  69. When your dog already has everything - a beautiful new bed
  70. Bentley's home!!!! (pics)
  71. Gordon Pic
  72. Interesting Article in Family Dog
  73. Typical Adolescent
  74. More Georgia snow pics!
  75. Dog walker question? and misc
  76. Budlight talking dog--NLR
  77. Where has Surfermom been?
  78. Help - anyone else have this problem with their dog's nose?
  79. Dutch's snow nose (1 pic)
  80. Question for Endofile:
  81. Mich
  82. Some more random pics from a lazy afternoon....
  83. Black on Black..... a photo series. :D
  84. Jed pics
  85. BRUNO!!!!
  86. Does your pet need a psychic?
  87. The longest 15 minutes in Ranger's day UPDATED w/PIC FOR CHRIS
  88. Rescue transport question!
  89. Allergies and Asthma -- bad, bad, bad
  90. Senior Dogs need help NOW!!!
  91. Hooray! It's Cold! (lots o' pics)
  92. I've come to the conclusion that I am officially hopeless.
  93. Babies and puppies Advice
  94. Is it my idea or is it really insane (venting here)
  95. Lunch Time Adventure! Skin babies included. :) and a fruit-loop ! + pics
  96. Proud moments with Jake- a little long
  97. Good idea or not? PIC added
  98. Abzilla and the toothbrush
  99. Going away
  100. New pics of Max (NLR)
  101. Laura/Reason for our .....! LIPSTICK!!
  102. So what that it was merely 1 degrees (not counting the windchill)....
  103. Some Koda pictures!
  104. First Litter
  105. My snoring puppy
  106. My Future Circus Dog
  107. Caleb taught himself a new "trick"...
  108. My poor in laws (rant)
  109. nice pic of my sweet Lucy from today
  110. Awwww! Paddy and the baseball
  111. Dreaming
  112. To Chris -- How is Erns doing today?
  113. for anyone looking to buy a dog backpack...
  114. Cat Behavior vs. Dog Behavior
  115. Sunnylaz
  116. Bits o' Henery... (6 pics)
  117. Scotty retrieving (short movie)
  118. A Near Miss
  119. Jonah can predict rain
  120. Mitzi&Judy&Bruno's Mom
  121. Wonder how Patti is doing?
  122. Belated Happy Gotcha Day
  123. Kallie is 3 already!!!
  124. Happy Birthday Raven!
  125. Does your lab like to be covered up?
  126. A dirty job !!
  127. Finally got Teddie WC pics
  128. MagsMom, check out this picture of Mick...
  129. Silly Problem
  130. Your Country, Province, State?
  131. Pics of our walk this morning...ENJOY
  132. New Pictures of Abigail
  133. Foster Pup - sleeping arrangements
  134. Do your labs say "Thank you"?
  135. My sweet girls (4 pics)
  136. 3 pics of Henery from today...
  137. Linda (zoesmom)!! :)
  138. Treats made in China (x posted in lab nutrition)
  139. Questions for those whose dogs have allergies
  140. Paw and Crossed Bones: Unfurled
  141. Sometimes I'm Too Trusting and Care Free (semi long)
  142. Ernie men don't have purses.
  143. Call National Geographic
  144. Laser pointer fun!!
  145. Jed and the plug socket
  146. I'am dreaming off ....
  147. Molly has a new trial home!!
  148. Trooper meets his cousin
  149. Ernie and Sams Secret santa gifts. lots pics.
  150. Pics from today
  151. Our morning walk
  152. Gimme that bone (snow pics)!
  153. Well, it wasn't pretty, but.... (crossposted in Obedience)
  154. Zoey
  155. Another restless night Updated
  156. Taos
  157. Awww! Look what I caught them doing :)
  158. Let This Be A Lesson to People Who Don't Clean Up After Their Dog(s)
  159. Paddy: Some things never change (2 pics)
  160. Dog Food
  161. Zoesmom ... question for you
  162. Oldie but goodie (R)
  163. Can you post some pics of a 3-3.5 months old puppy...
  164. Hypothetical legal question:
  165. Help! Where's my potty gone?
  166. My Jake E Pooh
  167. I can't get him to stop chewing his paws...HELP!!!
  168. PUPPIES! :D
  169. When You Get a Second Dog...
  170. A New Behavior
  171. Running with my dog???
  172. What Dr. Jon has to say about winter
  173. Bad bad bad girl Maggie! Anyone want her?
  174. Sams turn at the first aid class. (again sorry long)
  175. Seamus and Flynn disuss: Martin Luther King holiday
  176. Puppy guessing game
  177. My sweet girl :) (4 pics)
  178. This made me smile...
  179. Does Your Dog Have a Best Buddy? (Pix)
  180. New Pictures of Bogey
  181. One of Jake's sisters came back today
  182. A Question for Cappy_ TX....
  183. Priceless Photos.. All about my beloved Buller August 17, 2006-March 11, 2007
  184. My boys pics on Labrador website :)
  185. Really want to see what a Lab can do? Watch the videos here....
  187. And ACTION !!!
  188. Shame on you Ernie.
  189. Have you asked your vet about scanning
  190. Picture of the Year
  191. Tag holder
  192. Lab/Poodle cross, not a Labradoodle
  193. Nobody told me a commitment to support the vet was included
  194. Henery and Phoebe's Big Fun Playdate Day! (5 pics)
  195. HELP!! What to do with vicious labradors??!! ;)
  196. HELP! Baby on the way with a hyperactive lab!
  197. Poor Jed has learnt the hard way ~ :0(
  198. Introducing Remy!
  199. How much is too much?
  200. Doggy Door from house to outside kennel
  201. She's Possessed (1 Pic)
  202. Question?
  203. Roomba Robot Vacuum - for pets! On sale!
  204. Why My New Pillows Smell - Completely Lab Related!!!
  205. growling and biting on walks and at home HELP
  206. NLR ...Kitty- deer picture
  207. A lab goes back home!
  208. And baby makes five ???!!!
  209. Today would have been Boomer's 18th birthday
  210. Labs are #1 again
  211. Length of gestation??
  212. Tatooing
  213. urgent help please.
  214. It's snowing here in SC!!!
  215. Favorite dog?
  216. Silver lab at obedience class
  217. Lilo went back to the vets tonight
  218. See Ya!
  219. Dr. Jon - Do you carry a photo of your dog in your wallet?
  220. What Is your Heaven!!!!
  221. Pray for warmer temps
  222. Mommy Asked
  223. Who wants a chocolate lab? (post by Rocky)
  224. How do you tell your "Heart dog"?
  225. A certain brown dog is not happy.
  226. Do you call your dogs?
  227. Arrrrr Arrrr its a BALLOON!
  228. Marlansmum - not completely lab related.....
  229. Stubborn Dog
  230. Paddy just called me at work
  231. A down side of offleash walking in the nature preserve
  232. Poop, What is so special about it?
  233. Animal Planet ***caution I am venting***
  234. Collars - on or off?
  235. Back to school
  236. Mitzi communication.
  237. ? for dudley owners (a little long)
  238. Happy Birthday, Sundance!
  239. Resident Dog Not Standing Up For Himself w Puppy
  240. Sam BRAG!!!!!!!!
  241. Ruby with her marrow bone
  242. Does your dog ever run into the sliding glass door accidentally?
  243. Galileo Bone=Weapon!
  244. Todays impression ...
  245. Vets update for Bobbie
  246. Withdrawl from Dad.
  247. Private Dog Resort, Tripoli style (long and lots of pics)
  248. Question????
  249. my two invalids
  250. More poop in the crate!