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  1. Been away for too long
  2. Three years ago today 4 pics.
  3. Need help...scary stuff! UPDATE back from vet(+ video)
  4. Tundra got really sick from eating grapes!!!!!
  5. Teddy..........
  6. Cross post from Lab Rescue-too cute not to post.
  7. Pebbles had her first swim today!
  8. Black Lab survives avalanche
  9. Recap of Maggie's first week (in pictures!)
  10. puppies on the way
  11. When adopting a rescue or shelter dog
  12. Jasper showing his "leave it" skills
  13. Ear infection?
  14. New Siggy picture...
  15. Kong Wubba ...
  16. Poor Mambo
  17. I'm so friggin frustrated!!
  18. Presidential Candidates - Dogs
  19. Remy's first day of puppy k
  20. Remi Grows Up
  21. Lowe's/Home Depot
  22. Gave my lab some ham
  23. Remi's Puppy Slides
  24. Sterling Silver Lab Necklace - good deal!
  25. The green dummy and the stick ...
  26. Tipper has settled in nicely (pics)
  27. Power of the Lab!
  28. Ernie isn't eating.
  29. Anyone else get their free Blue Kong yet?
  30. Will a new dog love me as much?
  31. A cold???
  32. After Posting about Microchipping Yesterday
  33. Two older labs coming into our rescue
  34. How will Loki react to a stepbrother (dog)
  35. Hershey Kisses' Death Sentence Reprieved
  36. Here's Pebbles
  37. Seamus and Flynn discuss: The Trial
  38. Lake County animal shelter needs help
  39. What causes eye boogers?
  40. What kind of lab is he!?!
  41. Wyatt - 12 weeks
  42. 4 Pictures of Twitch
  43. Dock Dogs & Gabby (pics)
  44. The Canidae thread got me thinking
  45. A birthday of a sort
  46. Have a problem with Bella I'm hoping someone can help
  47. Poor Buddy and Bailey
  48. Sunshine and white. (5 pics)
  49. Ahh sunshine
  50. (deep) Snow pictures from today!
  51. Cappy ... from pup to senior
  52. 2-7-08 snow pictures (pic intensive)
  53. My husband has been converted.....
  54. Advice please on 2 dogs
  55. Wish us luck!!!!
  56. Bear has a new game!
  57. Roger only get diarrhea at night.....
  58. Lucy always makes everything "okay" when I get home from work
  59. Woman dies with her lab at her side (Warning - photo of dog)
  60. Ernies first 24 hours at home. Bad Mum
  61. Microchipping
  62. Lap dog
  63. Going potty on the lawn...
  64. A letter to the pets
  65. My new foster girl-Chavine ....
  66. Is Henery's mom around?
  67. For Colin, Samm pics!
  68. Jaceys in the bath tub!!!! (2 pix)
  69. Tired of snow pictures yet?
  70. Some cuteness from today (pics)
  71. Raffle for Rescue! Win a Signed Superbowl Football by Eli Manning
  72. some people...
  73. Crating
  74. Tornados: Are all our JLers from Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky safe?
  75. **OWNER FYI - Oral Papillomas**
  76. This is so cute...
  77. For Linda! Kai puppy pics!
  78. Kai the climber
  79. Rattles the windows
  80. check out my new foster...
  81. She's not a lab, or even a dog...... *UPDATE #6* Corner turned!! :D
  82. He passed!
  83. Thought you might enjoy this website
  84. Lucy is becoming an old fart
  85. Holy Gee, the MinPin is Three!! (Quite obviouly NLR..... hee hee...)
  86. Lab Sleep Study :)
  87. Male Lab Vs Female Lab
  88. Can dogs get cold tail even if they didn't go swimming?
  89. Ernie is home
  90. The truly amazing nose of the Labrador
  91. Doin What Labs Love
  92. Singles Night - With Dog!
  93. AKC probation question
  94. Just when you think you can trust them...
  95. The girls in my life
  96. Bad Mommy of the Year Award
  97. FURminator question
  98. Jake Found his Forever Family
  99. Here we go..the Food starts!!!!
  100. Forum Guidelines
  101. The return of Fitz
  102. Sorry kids...I only have 35 minutes at lunch...
  103. Update on Ernie?
  104. I think I'm going to be sick.
  105. I don't imagine it's much different for a dog...
  106. another poop thread...
  107. Donation to Humane Society
  108. Feb. 4: A 2-week-old puppy recovered from dumpster - NL but very Cute
  109. chicken jerky from Costco
  110. Update on Pitch's Eye
  111. Frankie is free! (Oh crap what have I done?!)
  112. Bailey's Ice Fishing Adventure resulted in ......
  113. To our JL Friends... Lablover ~ you are the sweetest!
  114. An observation of Caleb's snow nose...
  115. SPCA seizes dogs, cats from shelter
  116. Implosion of the Rocket Dog
  117. Charlie was readopted tonight...
  118. Hi there JL, remember us? A few pics (ok 5) for you :)
  119. Couldn't help but laugh
  120. Male or female
  121. Low or No Fat Training Treats?
  122. Puff enjoyed going with me to Lowe's (building hardware) today
  123. my good deed for the day
  124. Just dropped off Ernie. I called the vets. update
  125. What do you think?
  126. Just Some Ear-Flapping Dead Soccer Ball Shots (3 Pix)
  127. Clarence hates green beans
  128. Concerns about breeder - Please help
  129. Is vitamin B and poop eating related?
  130. Food for Parker
  131. DIY invisible fence?
  132. Anyone out there have an upcoming litter?
  133. Any news on Chris and Ernie?
  134. I'm exhausted....busy busy weekend!
  135. See ya Coop!
  136. So I was thinking more about all of the breeding legislation.....
  137. Remy says "Go Giants"!
  138. Crate question for multiple dog household
  139. Yayyyy I have cracked it!!!!!!!
  140. Jasper's pheasant
  141. Krewe Of Mutts Mardi Gras Parade! (Lots of Pix)
  142. The Super Bowl party is over
  143. Can you believe it?
  144. Pedigree's Million Dog Mosaic
  145. Ernie to have surgery tomorrow. plus 1 pic.
  146. I wish all of those who gave up, could see!
  147. Fun in the snow (way too many pics)
  148. International Travel
  149. The Quick and the Brain Dead
  150. Did I ever tell you what a good boy (2 pics.)
  151. $5 off coupon on Pro Plan in Sunday paper
  152. Its been awhile!!!!!
  153. Abbey's Snow Pictures
  154. A boy and his frisbee...... (pics from the park this morning) :)
  155. Guinness's Big Holiday! (lots of pics!)
  156. Hoarfrost at the dog park
  157. The debate over AB 1634 (manditory spay/neuter)
  158. Outdoor Boundaries
  159. Since it's her birthday I thought I would share a silly picture!
  160. This story will touch your heart.
  161. Happy 2nd Birthday baby girl!
  162. New pic of Tipper and Tucker...and question re: bones, etc.?
  163. Just doing her own stuff ...
  164. *sigh* .. Laika !!
  165. ginger has cold tail...what else should i do?
  166. Muzzling and Pack Leader Question (Update on page 2)
  167. 2 more dog owning IDIOTS!
  168. The orange dummy ...
  169. It's all a load of B***s !!
  170. Cat Poo Eater!
  171. curly coated retriever- does anyone here have one!
  172. FWIW: "Puppy Bowl IV" on TV, Sunday afternoon
  173. My old fart likes the snow too...
  174. Whelping box on live webcam
  175. Today in the Nature Park by Tal **PICS**
  176. Pet Insurance
  177. My kiddos (really pic intensive)
  178. Last Week in the park
  179. Pitch's Eye is Red
  180. People need to control their KIDS - long
  181. Remy? It's Paddy here...
  182. C-e-l-e-b-r-a-t-i-o-n!!
  183. My new foster child...Bowen UPDATE!! ADOPTED!!!
  184. Update on Parker the Puppy Boy
  185. Finding a Home for Jake!
  186. Do you think my boys love me???? (pic)
  187. A new fun snow activity
  188. So what is one little itty bitty law? What harm could it do?
  189. Surfer dogs, or the Bread Caper....
  190. Lucy getting a good roll on in the snow.
  191. NLR - Michael Vick's Dogs now, NYT article
  192. More Teddie cuteness
  193. Good thoughts for Moose please - he is not feeling well Updated
  194. Dog Show tonight. Eukanuba Cup
  195. Does anyone else get used as a lab napkin?
  196. A Boomer of my own!
  197. Update on neighbors runaway rescue..
  198. Dummy APPORT !!
  199. Someone is feeling like they're 3 instead of 13!
  200. Wish us luck! UPDATE!!! YA'LL DONE GOOD!
  201. Shennanigans with a capital...SH ! (lots of pics of a bad puppy!)
  202. Need some advice/Hips/Elbows
  203. Time For A Tankie Pity Party
  204. Tarimoor
  205. Well this sucks - mandatory spay/neuter ordinance in Los Angeles
  206. What kind of bones???
  207. Caleb brag!...
  208. Laika's after party pic's!
  209. Molly & Abby's friend Teddy...crossed the bridge today.
  210. Happy Birthday my sweet peas!
  211. Can you stand a Macy butt tuck video?
  212. Nurse Breezy
  213. Where do you purchase your ID tags?...
  214. This is so neat!
  215. Two Years ago today we lost Yukon
  216. It's snowing in MI! That must mean.......
  217. They will eat anything, won't they?
  218. Pupguest left yesterday (some pics)
  219. Met another dog owning idiot today...
  220. Advice needed. Car issues!!
  221. Morning walk Pics ( I love Fridays off work )
  222. A windy and wettttt birthday!
  223. Lab and Super Bowl Tickets
  224. why, boone, why ???
  225. Rescue story - this is SO STUPID I can't believe it!!!!
  226. Miss ya Murph
  227. Pet Insurance Question
  228. Eye is good to go. Yippee!
  229. Just a dog........ :-)
  230. This sweet face reminds me of Chance...
  231. 1 February 2008 - Laika's Birthday !!
  232. PM's
  233. Any of your females ever do this?
  234. Sick lab ( Sad Update at bottom)
  235. Rescue anyone?...NRL
  236. Oh dear...we're in trouble...
  237. Bad stick.....
  238. worst $35 i ever spent
  239. Kong Fillings..
  240. story behind sig
  241. Happy Birthday Bruce
  242. Questions about dogs mating.
  243. Teeth and gum question
  244. Lula's Gotcha Day (very long & lots o' pics)
  245. How is it....
  246. AAHH!!
  247. YIKES!!! A RACCOON!!
  248. Do you love your Lab's smell?
  249. Skippy hurt his foot!
  250. NLR: Thoughts or Prayers needed for a friends dog