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  1. Oh lah, Henery! (1 belly pic)
  2. Puppy Question: How long after they eat/drink?
  3. One Year Ago we Lost Ellis
  4. Tipper escaped the crate!
  5. Obed Class Update on Lady (NLR)
  6. Allyson/Jonah????
  7. the very silly side of Lucy (rarely seen) pics
  8. Endofile
  9. Help! Jonah got into the pantry! Update
  10. Endofile ... altering photos
  11. Miss Big Mouth
  12. Puppy Separation Anxiety Barking/Other
  13. MAINE RABIES LAW--Update!!!
  14. Tiegan's Adventure (Lots of Pics- Big)
  15. why did our vets have to go away?
  16. Purchasing a dog and other questions ( update with picture)
  17. Katie is 2 today! Pics
  18. I finally understand...
  19. question about recall training....
  20. How would you of handled this, vet visit!
  21. Finally!! the pics of the presents from the Secret Santa (many pics)
  22. Another Inside / Outside !!
  23. How to scare the crap out of the meter reader!
  24. Dog ordinence overturned
  25. A few "rare" pics of Snicks
  26. Uh Oh......Antsy Female
  27. dumb question
  28. Nervous Nellie err Willow
  29. How often does your dog butt-tuck?
  30. It was just a small sticker on his file......
  31. Connie/AngusFangus - Food dehydrator question
  32. Wanna see Mace-Face? (Pupguest)
  33. Say a Prayer for Riggs Tonight...
  34. Jeter has suddenly gone deaf
  35. Parker the Puppy Boy! PIC!
  36. Crates......... where to buy ?
  37. Laura (labby), just read the tribute to Boomer...
  38. Neutering Laser?
  39. Good boy Zack!
  40. Is my dog not "Lab" enough??
  41. New Picture of Buddy
  42. My RO Girl
  43. Siblings - Rowan and Bentley
  44. 14 weeks old ~ Bentley (pics)
  45. Your best advice, please, for introducing two adult dogs.
  46. OSCAR, a pictorial update. *56K go chew a Kong!*
  47. Why does she do this!
  48. Fleas!
  49. Okay, here's a bit of an odd question
  50. Do you have a retriever or non-retriever?
  51. More snow in Chicago
  52. mollyrocker
  53. A Question For Breeders
  54. Rough morning with the Fitzball
  55. Lucy can I get you anything else? Are you comfy enough??mmmmm?
  56. Kong recipe error..Grapes
  57. Does my Riley look like Anne's Riley??
  58. Confession Time, trouble on the way.
  59. Come and Get ME
  60. Just had a thought...
  61. Ria's back!
  62. Shedding Advice
  63. Snoring
  64. Dog day afternoon (pics)
  65. Sydney Australia
  66. Another Dog in My Yard!!
  67. Hey! Check out HBOFM -right now!
  68. Sponge Mop Fetish
  69. I finally got a chance to post new pictures.....
  70. spay incontinence question
  71. Update on Nauga's cruciate ligament
  72. And the diagnosis is....
  73. Where's Willow-CSI Reports a Serial Killer on the Loose
  74. Bogey, do you want to play frisbee?
  75. tracing pedigrees
  76. Bonnie had her first dog match :o
  77. Snowman Killer (allegedly)
  78. Licking Lab
  79. I have a question.
  80. Molly's friend Rebel could use some good thoughts & prayers.
  81. Babies first kong
  82. peepee pants!
  83. Pat's beautiful Boomer tribute
  84. When our Humans change things by Buck
  85. Post-Spay Weight Gain ??
  86. Some pictures ...
  87. One of Seamus' Leader Dog puppies
  88. Backwards Lying Frog
  89. Oversized Load or beefy? (Frankie pic)
  90. Logan has a boil and it is killing us
  91. Responding to Humping
  92. 1-800-PetMeds???????????????
  93. Amy, (jrzlgrlduff) check out yesterday's paper...
  94. How big are litters normally?
  95. How much do your dog(s) weigh?
  96. Bathing........
  97. Bloody Diarrhea
  98. Grooming
  99. Love it at the cabin! (lots o pics)
  100. This little girl loves her butt rubs (pics)
  101. when friends come to visit...
  102. Bird dog??
  103. Meet Coco! Sisters rescue lab/sharpei mix
  104. Maggie finally found the bed
  105. skijoring
  106. Submissive Peeing
  107. Dominance Issues
  108. No matter how big our differences
  109. Gentle Leader for Jumping??
  110. A week and a half left....
  111. Seamus and Flynn Discuss: Sucking up to mom
  112. eating snow and cold water...
  113. You WILL give me a cookie... you WILL give me a cookie... (1 pic)
  114. lab-induced injury, pics but not gross
  115. quick - look! it may never happen again!
  116. Spring is almost in the air!
  117. Ice Melt
  118. Beatiful tribute to Boomer.........
  119. Funny Faces!
  120. Abby's Fun in the Snow!
  121. The Terrible Twos??
  122. Alfie videos :)
  123. (NLR) Freestyle video....Connie look
  124. Monty's first babies at just over 1 wk old...
  125. Tired out!!
  126. Housetraining Quest
  128. We just got back from our first freestyle class!!
  129. First Walk with kids
  130. First video of Blue
  131. Sinus problems??
  132. Can we talk about vacuums? (update on p. 2 - bought one!)
  133. Sunny's new family has joined the forum
  134. Uh, does this look okay to you guys?? [UPDATE Sun p2]
  135. The link to the post with photos of babies & Labs? (Help wanted)
  136. MI & SWO Peeps
  137. 2-23 at the dog park and the sun was out.
  138. Spell check has come home
  139. Our Vet clinic just started a doggy daycare
  140. I think I screwed up
  141. Snow Day! Warning Picture Heavy
  142. Feeding question - rotating foods
  143. Lot's of Work - But Tankie is worth every minute
  144. He's growing up!
  145. Bad word for dog?
  146. Signature pic help!
  147. who has taught their dogs to count
  148. A fella just can't get enough roughage!
  149. New Camera Victim
  150. Flynn, you just crack me UP, buddy!
  151. Has anyone heard how Ernie is doing?
  152. How long do you leave your Labs out in the cold weather?
  153. Puppy Kindergarten - Learn or Play?
  154. Jenica and Diesel pictures
  155. Competing for attention??
  156. Wyoming, Oregon, Washington,Vermont, Minnesota,Kentucky,Penn - pooches
  157. More snow pics..*pic heavy*
  158. kong filling question?
  159. Yellow Lab Clyde to Star in "Marley and Me" Movie.
  160. So You Want to Teach Your Lab to Fetch, Huh?
  161. Today's SNOW pix!! [pic intense]
  162. Skidboot, Australian Cattle Dog (amazing, touching, wonderful video)
  163. My sweet boy, armed and dangerous
  164. What happened to the Spell check?
  165. Lab article today in the Houston Chronicle
  166. Leash problems
  167. Bleeding from the mouth
  168. Smart Lab stories...
  169. I just noticed today...
  170. Video with Pictures
  171. Gracie's Home!
  172. Why do I feel so guilty....
  173. An Opportunity to Educate
  174. Dog Songs
  175. Oh goodness!
  176. Poor Jakie, horrible sneezing fit!
  177. Bree's Champion picture
  178. Right on!
  179. Dog in Heat spaying question
  180. Wish I had my camera.....
  181. Some sun pictures
  182. Torn paw pad
  183. Found a younger pic of Lexi
  184. Dance Lesson #1: What NOT to do (Video)
  185. Clarence was bad at doggy daycare
  186. Shes gone
  187. Oh! Horse-Pucky!
  188. My Girl Is Being Spayed
  189. Dryer Vent and Lab Hairs
  190. XPost from O&E -- Lady (NLR): Another Hopeful Cinderella Tail
  191. A most curious thing! by Henery! [UPDATE]
  192. 4 pics.............
  193. Breathing Concerns
  194. Something new at LABMED
  195. Angus and I are taking dance lessons!!!! UPDATE: We're in!
  196. Wednesday Sunny update-ADOPTED!!!
  197. Jacey is a goober!
  198. Good thoughts for Henery tomorrow?
  199. Where's Lula? (kinda like "Where's Waldo") Update - close up
  200. Frozen Bananas
  201. Lab in Wedding???
  202. Lost mutt NLR
  203. Huckleberry the stolen dog - saga continues
  204. Puff's behaviors surprised me
  205. New International CH
  206. He ain't heavy, he's my brother
  207. 100 labs donated to an MN Humane Society
  208. Dilemma on Adopting a rescue
  209. My uncle lost his chocolate lab yesterday
  210. The vet just told me Clarence is a little fat
  211. MUTTS
  212. A question I get ask all the time
  213. Today is Rush's birthday
  214. Vet Visit - laryngeal paralysis??
  215. FURMINATOR: Medium or Large???
  216. Leashes
  217. Chewing Rawhide?
  218. Brigetta's mom Teresa
  219. Happy ending for dognapping
  220. Tucker teaches Tipper the rules (pics)
  221. Tankie Tonight - 2 pics
  222. Do they like their picture taken???
  223. Gracie had her first heartworm treatment today...
  224. Bentley ~13 weeks ~
  225. ~Rowan today ~
  226. Wish Me Luck! (Pic)
  227. Goopy eyes
  228. Oye not again
  229. EIC High Energy Sister collapsed the other day
  230. My new puppy was born yesterday!
  231. Picture's
  232. Regina!!! LOOK HERE!!
  233. My 2 o'clock appointment
  234. How much food?
  235. Water, water.....everywhere........
  236. Going grey
  237. my adventure from hell
  238. I think Hershey Kisses has a mental deficiency
  239. A trek with the boys and we discover monster tracks (ID Update)
  240. Happy 9th Birthday Shanny
  241. Happy Birthday Number 12!
  242. Meet Odie 2nd Attempt
  243. It must be me...
  244. Meet Odie (pictures)
  245. It's taken me 20 mins to post something!!!
  246. Pictures from the weekend
  247. Here's Lula... for those of you looking for her
  248. oy who's dog is this
  249. Could you say a prayer for my old girl? Small update
  250. Therapy dog with troops in Iraq -- (it's a Lab <grin>)