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  1. Here we go again.... :(
  2. Introducing Titan (Foster)
  3. Losing a Tooth? At this age?
  4. Neither are my dogs...
  5. Where's the cheese?!
  6. Harvey has an ear infection
  7. Fact or myth?
  8. Has anyone ever used a GREEN interactive feeder?
  9. Actual aggression? Sort of worried.
  10. on the way to E-vet good thoughts pls
  11. Do labs protect their families if needed?
  12. NLR - Anyone have a terrier?
  13. discuss
  14. Does early nuetering stunt growth?
  15. Today is Willy's Birthday!
  16. Happy Gotcha Day, Finn!!!
  17. cuddles (pictures)
  18. puppies colors
  19. Bridger- In my face
  20. Power Chewer in training.......
  21. Do your dogs know certain vehicles?
  22. He is obsessed with me...............
  23. So about Loki's birthday...
  24. More boredom....
  25. My submission to
  26. I hate the phrase...
  27. Labby Purses!
  28. Hagrid's Spa Day
  29. Momma! Emilu won't let me on the bed! (pics)
  30. Belated Merry Christmas from Baxter and Emilu (pic)
  31. My Sweet Gin is at the Rainbow Bridge
  32. Leash suggestions
  33. I want my chair back dammit! (pics)
  34. Canny collar?
  35. Cassie's first day of 2013
  36. my princess...
  37. Bentley wont walk up the stairs(or down) behind me.
  38. look of lab
  39. A couple fun pics.
  40. What breeds do you think she has besides lab?
  41. Dixie in the snow!
  42. pictures of my babygirl
  43. Urgent Help Required Need you guys valuable advice
  44. last night was a nightmare
  45. Pictures of the New Addition
  46. The crew.
  47. What to do when you're bored? Bring out the camera......
  48. I got relegated to the couch (pics)
  49. Poor Sophie!
  50. unexpected lab momma
  51. Please help me in choosing a good Playpen for my new puppy
  54. Check out this great T Shirt I got for Christmas
  55. It's been a while...
  56. Proplan Selects discontinued
  57. Happy 10th Birthday to Zoe
  58. First Snow
  59. My boy all cosy this evening !
  60. He lost his puppy fur
  61. the pups
  62. Snow!
  63. Bella pics and update
  64. Possible addition to the family
  65. My dog acts just like my son!
  66. Another countersurfer
  67. Natural flee and tick repellent?
  68. Training: My dog around other dogs
  69. The celebratory toy
  70. Ryder is 10 weeks old!
  71. FINALLY!! Decided...
  72. Proud of my Dixie Belle!
  73. Dixie " leaving it"
  74. Previcox
  75. bentley and my great-grandma.
  76. Somebody shoot me....
  77. My new door stop !
  78. Dogs in the snow today
  79. On Judy
  80. Hope to be "my 2 labs" again
  81. 2012 SPARRO Memorial Christmas tree
  82. Winter Coat recommendations?
  83. Abby & Kate on Christmas (2 pics)
  84. Remi Attacked by Red Wolf!
  85. First snow!!
  86. How Gryphon spent his Christmas..
  87. Merry Christmas! I had to share this picture
  88. Merry christmas!!
  89. Merry Christmas from me and Bilbo!
  90. Any ideas?
  91. Raven says....
  92. Merry Christmas
  93. The 2012 Duke and Freckles Christmas Card
  94. A special JL way to help the people of Newtown CT~
  95. Advice needed. Thx!
  96. Geriatric well visits?
  97. How much food?
  100. Bought a new stuffy today
  101. C'mon Rusty Be a Good Boy! (Getting a Lab to pose)
  102. Why do they do this?
  103. <3 love this little(big) girl...
  104. Another day, another issue :(
  105. 9 week old Ryder humping?
  106. She's not spoiled or anything
  107. Paralyzed
  108. How incredible
  109. From 2 months to 3 months...17 to 30 pounds
  110. Outsmarted by Erns again.
  111. Super-sleuth Sophie!
  112. Stray Hound Shows Up at the Door
  113. Go ahead and do rice and chicken?
  114. Ryder's FIRST snow!
  115. ProPlan Users
  116. What Meijer also has.....
  117. Sharing my special Christmas memory with Kass. (photo)
  118. Karen! Belles mom... your siggy!!!
  119. For those with a Meijers near them....
  120. Breeders in Kentucky?
  121. Oh Jasper !
  122. What Should I Do? Yellow Lab with Brown Nose? Or wait?
  123. Chewy bones
  124. Scary lumps
  125. oh gosh
  126. Mortified!
  127. Good Memories
  128. Today Gordy is TEN!!
  129. Nibbs! Santa is NOT amused...
  130. Huge difference! (pictures)
  131. Red Ryder, or should I say, RED SNAPPER? ;) *need help!*
  132. One year ago today...........
  133. Wakes me from a deep sleep everytime
  134. Sleepy Pup
  135. Laura
  136. So frustrated...
  137. House training
  138. Did anyone save Deidra's grain free treat recipe?...
  139. Brotherly Love
  140. poor Buddy
  141. Awesome reunion
  142. Christmas carol from the dog
  143. Some vets don't listen!!!
  144. Pain meds for life - thoughts?
  145. I just made Gin's last vet appointment
  146. The long journey from devilīs spawn to furry person...
  147. Erns loves a clean bed.
  148. Saying grace before meals
  149. Still grounded after surgery so all I can do is take pictures....
  150. Nellie this morning.
  151. Then and now 4 antlers
  152. Leave it!!
  153. This year's holiday photo/card
  154. Going backwards??
  155. Fear of noises....
  156. Happy 3rd Birthday, Rusty!
  157. gingival hyperplasia, thank God!
  158. Buddy has a bump on his gums
  159. maddies favorite toy she carries everywhere
  160. Poop Rolling....
  161. The last days of an Airman's best friend...
  162. Wild Salmon caspules - how much?
  163. Cute PIC! "Fleas Navidad"
  164. Well, I never saw THIS before!
  165. Bad
  166. Then and now 3
  167. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?
  168. Diesel & I just kinda rescued a dog!
  169. black dog is turning white!!!
  170. And Visions of Sugar Plums
  171. Meet Ryder! (pics)
  172. Happy 3rd Gotcha Day, Kolby!!
  174. what jayson thinks of the cold..
  175. A Lab thing, or just a Diesel thing?
  176. Nightime crate advice.....
  177. Dog Outfits
  178. FYI for those who use plastic bumpers to field train
  179. Lab Safe, Non Destructable Dog Toy
  180. Angry Vet: Interview with Canine Cancer Vet part 1
  181. A few pictures from today
  182. When da boyz met Santa (pic)
  183. Our Returning Heroes...
  184. We finished another title and got two legs towards another!
  185. Java & Moka meet Santa!
  186. A sleepy Bentley and tired Max.
  187. Give time for introductions to new neighbor dog, correct ?
  188. thinking of getting a puppy; what do i need to know as a first time buyer
  189. Tess couldn't wait to make an escape today.
  190. Best way to help move on past a loss?
  191. Dog Treat Recall @ PetsMart: Claudia's Cuisine Dog Candy
  192. Update on Bella - post MCT surgery
  193. For the Chocolate lovers
  194. His First Santa Hat
  195. poop color?
  196. Dog treat recall: Nature's Deli Chicken Jerky
  197. If rally run thrus had been scored tonight...
  198. Flynn from Heaven: Learned new skill, got in trouble
  199. cattle in a trailer scared bentley.
  200. Abby had her annual check up. (2 pics)
  201. Lab Bathroom almost complete!
  202. More then and now
  203. Can't wait...
  204. Just for fun: 4 types of Labs...
  205. Gus is getting ready for Christmas
  206. Roffe. the snow dog
  207. x-mas tree
  208. Poor Bruno
  209. Three way Wubba tug
  210. This puppy is always hungry :)
  211. Question if the is normal for a Lab.
  212. The poor dogs...
  213. Silly Sophie and the laundry
  214. Lab eat ANY and EVERYTHING?
  215. Allergic to....DOGS
  216. First attempt at Christmas pictures
  217. Some of Miss Dixie
  218. This wouldn't happen....
  219. What I did on my birthday. (pics) warning..dead bird in 1 pic.
  220. Looking for a good harness
  221. Is this kind of pumpkin ok?
  222. Can we talk soft crates?
  223. Bwahahaha - Laura, your siggy!!
  224. Some Caleb antics...
  225. From Parvo to Psycho!
  226. Road trip advice, please
  227. Big news from Flynn in Heaven
  228. Happy 12th Birthday, Buddy
  229. The Guardian Angel of puppies....
  230. Good thoughts for Flint please!
  231. 2 or 3 meals a day?
  232. How hard is it to keep 2 dogs seperated.
  233. Looking for Help for a Hearing Lab
  234. labby...
  235. It's nail cutting day!
  236. Lab Leaking Urine
  237. So the other week I was bragging that Molly my lab mix didn't shed that much....
  238. just some pics of cuteness
  239. Skiddish Lab
  240. Worried About My Old Guy Linus
  241. NLR -- A Bessie Update (for those interested)
  242. Tony 11/30/12 oops
  243. Cycling with the dog - a good thing to do?
  244. Snoring
  246. Help with Puppy
  247. Bella is home recovering from surgery - MCT (1 pic, not graphic)
  248. Christmas Tree? Tips?
  249. It's the small things, right?
  250. One small step for pup...