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  1. Some pics from our field training day!!
  2. The Da Vinci Dog
  3. Throwing up in the morning?
  4. A practically perfect labrador morning....
  5. one vet visit later
  6. For those of us who have ever had a dog this seems like a silly question.
  7. The dogs got a "spring cleaning"!
  8. Cross post from O&E...My friends horse foaled!
  9. NDR: APril 26 2008 and there is snow on the ground
  10. I so want this dog.....
  11. what type of dog is this?
  12. Jazz Photo's
  13. Jazz's Photo?
  14. **Jazz is home**
  15. What size is Your Crate ??
  16. Puff's interesting behavior at Lowe's (bldg supplies) today
  17. Licking?
  18. The "Paddy Crown"
  19. Love Hurts?
  20. Crunch, crunch...
  21. Does anyone remember who took the picture of the lab with the balloon??
  22. A new 'toy'
  23. What made you pick your dog?
  24. So here I am trying to figure out why Tundra's getting fatter by the day...
  25. My silly boys
  26. "Rhys sandwiches"
  27. Jakey at the Potomac
  28. One Week From Today!!!
  29. and Ruby makes 3...
  30. For those of you with chocolates (eye boogers)
  31. Working from home today - with Paulie
  32. Not sure if you all remember me..I have been away for a month or more. * N L R *
  33. Find a Lab?
  34. If you could... update
  35. Dumb Question
  36. First Beach Day! (lots of pictures)
  37. Sprung! (contains some pictures)
  38. Lola had a Tick!!!!
  39. A few Paulie photos from tonight & The Bunch last week
  40. A Month Already!
  41. And This is Called Work??!!
  42. Pics for Karina......(lots of 'em)
  43. Seamus and Flynn Discuss: Their diets
  44. Small Lab, too thin? **pic heavy**
  45. My baby boy is getting BIG! (pix)
  46. He cant be comfy!
  47. In shock!
  48. Jonah 1997~2008
  49. O.K. I am bored...glow collars
  50. Silly Caleb...
  51. Why Own a Dog?
  52. Unequivical proof that...
  53. What do you do?!
  54. Pictures of Brody
  55. Bogey Pics
  56. Where do you take your lab?
  57. Giardia vaccine
  58. Paulie comes home today!
  59. Licking feet?
  60. Flying with dogs..
  61. What do YOU think are the reasons for the fame of the Labrador?
  62. Why do we neuter?
  63. Dina - How is Paulie Today???
  64. My bad girl
  65. Paulie update required Dina
  66. New behavior - nibbling on toys
  67. A new foster baby!
  68. "Marley and Me"
  69. A girl and her lab
  70. we had an oops cutting nails today....
  71. Strange behaviour
  72. Puppy's Bad Habit
  73. Paulie is out of surgery and resting
  74. My dogs are losing their winter fat.
  75. Ouch!!!!
  76. Anyone wanna hear about my crappy morning?????
  77. Floors
  78. I need your help! UPDATE 4/26
  79. I am surrounded by bouncing, red, rubber Kong balls
  80. MaceFace and her walk with the big guys
  81. Spring allergies
  82. Obedience issues after 2 years!?!?
  83. Today's Walk (a few pics)
  84. Rawhide Chews
  85. Fun start to the week! lots of pics
  86. I broke Paulie today
  87. WIK Challenge - How big is your heart?
  88. Odor Neutralizer/cleaner
  89. I passed "the torch" today
  90. one year
  91. Picture Story: Remy & the squirrel
  92. 2 quick questions
  93. My favorite picture
  94. Question for dog walkers??
  95. Couple of pics
  96. Well, hello there, Beckett!
  97. Toad
  98. Grain free foods.
  99. Howling dreams
  100. Puppies front paw
  101. For those who have fostered...
  102. Lab Training Poll
  103. A toy that has lasted longer than 24 hours...all you destuffers look here
  104. Who's smarter, boys or girls?
  105. Does he look thin?
  106. Testing the rules?
  107. Hoss the helper
  108. ? Taken up sunbathing and fur getting really hot
  109. Dog Sitting
  110. Swimming? When do they do it?
  111. Couple of issues RE: new foster...
  112. Quite proud!
  113. Remy's Limping...Update
  114. Lucy's pads
  115. Food Weight Findings / Stretching the Dollar
  116. Koda is 6 months (picture and update on us)
  117. Pebbles' first swim in the river
  118. Abbey and Sasha update (pics and video!)
  119. Flea/Tick medicine
  120. Picture of Innocence
  121. And not to be outdone
  122. Rhys' Super Special 7th Birthday Celebration
  123. Does Axl need to go to the vet?
  124. Gracie is well!
  125. Sunday evening "PUPdate"
  126. Rocky's Flyball Weekend...
  127. Quick help pls
  128. I need help with Zoey's food.
  129. Deck Pics of Gabs (lots of pics)
  130. Seamus and Flynn (3 pics)
  131. The boys at the lake today (pic intense)
  132. TanDunc - Love your Siggy
  133. Discovery Time!!
  134. Me n' the Boo-man-chew (pics)
  135. Puppy Broker ????
  136. Spot got ticks! Yikes!
  137. Puppy to Adult a (photo tribute)
  138. Didja miss me? (long/pictures)
  139. Just a little brag.
  140. Another Question About Water
  141. Dogs In The Evening
  142. Toilet Water
  143. Teddy
  144. POOP!
  145. Where'd she go?
  146. New Puppy ???
  147. Backyard Play Time **Pic Intense**
  148. Roundworms
  149. Recipe for Contented Labs
  150. The Mess Pot made my dinner party a night to remember !
  151. Tankie's A&M Appointment Today
  152. Health Clearances
  153. A question for breeders and rescuers alike.
  154. Rocky Flyball debut...this weekend!
  155. Baby meets.....*pic heavy*
  156. very touching Agility utube clip (kleenex needed)
  157. Just got my first VPI reimbursement check!!!
  158. Correcting Behaviour
  159. Wanted to share these Jonah pics (6)
  160. Diarrhea....YUCK!
  161. Gauge is lonely now that Sam is gone...
  162. Vet cursed at us....
  163. Diarrhea + worms
  164. Naming my puppy?
  165. Rhumba-Roo in Rally
  166. A couple Lily pics from the show
  167. Possible to use the Furminator too much?
  168. I feel bad for my sister (re: MaceFace)
  169. By a vote of 2 to 1 Duke was elected the dog in the family.
  170. Bruno is a natural swimmer.
  171. funny happening
  172. Need advice
  173. Michigan City, Indiana help?
  174. Houston...we have a tail problem!!!
  175. Barney was on the Loose Today!
  176. Family gets dog back after kennel mixup
  177. Who is who?
  178. Hanging Head in Shame
  179. Quiet please
  180. 2 labs are not for everyone
  181. Do you feel?
  182. Gee Dad, I can help (Picture)
  183. Jacey got really stressed out today..
  184. If I had the room I'd go get this dog right now
  185. Barney - Imitator of Tal
  186. Playing Chase
  187. Interesting Sequence with Potty Last Night
  188. How often do you train your dogs? POLL
  189. Rhumba and dokken
  190. Outside Already
  191. new pics of the crew
  192. need SO much help!
  193. good grief these dogs are killing me..
  194. Remy: New Toy!!! (Giant Pics)
  195. This cartoon was made for my boys.
  196. A Rider Update for the Inquiring Minds....
  197. Teak update .....
  198. A Love Like No Other
  199. is a lab right for me?
  200. Rehoming Lab
  201. So Chuffed!
  202. Just sharing some exciting news!
  203. She Ate Fish
  204. Puppy Love, and all that goes with it.
  205. Please help...
  206. Random Pi
  207. Does this harness make me look fat?
  208. Answering some questions about Evey (plus pics)
  209. Does anyone use Comfortis as flea control...veiws on it please
  210. What I have learned
  211. Bathing for labs....
  212. So tempted!
  213. We have a couple of amputees here *photo added*
  214. Paw Pad Teddies
  215. Let's talk danglers!
  216. Depressed Dog
  217. Help settle an argument.
  218. 10 Commandments for Pet Owners
  219. When will it end???
  220. Very moving agility video...
  221. Lucy caught popcorn in her mouth!
  222. OMG, I goofed on her Bday!
  223. Barney has the Twizzle!
  224. Tal The Teacher
  225. What does this mean??
  226. why there is nothing like a lab
  227. What do you make of this?
  228. Quick! Which nuts are OK for dogs?!
  229. I did what we have all wanted to do.
  230. How would you react if someone kicked at your dog! Sorry long and a vent!
  231. Seamus and Flynn Discuss: Darwin
  232. the yellow girls..
  233. So many ponds, so little time. (More farm pictures)
  234. Breeding age
  235. Question about breeders
  236. ATTN: San Francisco area Animal Lovers
  237. Rowdy and the big trees (picture heavy)
  238. Roger afraid to eat from his bowl....
  239. Jake's surgery has been postponed
  240. What's after puppy kindergarten?
  241. Does any one have a mismarked
  242. Foxtails - Check your dogs
  243. The results are in for the Freckles Contest
  244. Invisible Fence price question
  245. HBTY, Wes!! My Bestest Boy....
  246. Happy Birthday Guthrie!
  247. Another Question About Parker
  248. What do you do when a dog doesnt like a race..
  249. bonding with dog/puppy
  250. Invisible fence companies