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  1. more pictures plus 2 videos
  2. Sibling Love (pic)
  3. And HKs chip is staying right where it is.
  4. Dog gets sucked up in twister and lives..
  5. Labs will be Labs
  6. Why do they do this??
  7. Whatta dog!
  8. names
  9. How many pups would share their breakfast
  10. Missouri
  11. My puppy is making a strange noise
  12. Past Life
  13. Ugh...Remy ate a plastic wrapper *Update*
  14. Libby's dental surgery tomorrow...
  15. Help with Penny NLR
  16. Labs as herding dogs?
  17. Bailey today....
  18. If you rescue, what excuse really gets your goat?
  19. Help - Nauga ate a half bowl of almonds
  20. PIP: Astro's first time swimming!
  21. Fighting over EVERYTHING and barking
  22. Flynn: My Casanova
  23. How much should I expect to spend on my First Lab?
  24. Pool chemical question
  25. Do your dogs like camping?
  26. Remy: I was on vacation! (Pic Heavy)
  27. UPDATE: Alfies pedigree?
  28. WHATS WRONG...not hungry??
  29. Fanny eating poop!
  30. rough pads
  31. Airlines/Flight Question
  33. our houseguest
  34. Reggie's Orthovet Appt (the Diagnosis is in) Update #2
  35. Quick question
  36. Houseguest and sick Smeagol *vet update*
  37. Dogs At Work And Play
  38. Finally, new pics of Libby & Willy at the farm on Saturday......
  39. Eating June Bugs
  40. New ("deer") ticks in Kansas!! (and other central midwestern states)
  41. well some good news & bad news
  42. So Proud of the Boys Today
  43. looking for a Chocolate in Utah
  44. Poop eating at dog park...any suggestions?
  45. Scary situation, good timing!
  46. UPDATE I GOT A REPLY.......RE:Help for a friend of mine
  47. Old video of biteyface and butt-tucking
  48. Advice: My pup was nipped/bit by another dog
  49. new food not going well
  50. Dog Walk for a Good Cause, Labrador Retriever Rescue (SE Pa)
  51. My day: The Park, The Grandkids, and THE HAIL.
  52. A Health Warning
  53. Wisconsin
  54. Great 'Shaking Off' Pics
  55. Anybody in South Florida?
  56. An evening in the pool.
  57. Is anyone here?
  58. Max,Jake, & Duncan today (picture heavy)
  59. Happy Birthday Hudler
  60. Still Limping..advice someone?
  61. A beautiful keepsake.
  62. Cut on Abbey's ear (UPDATE - tick?!)
  63. House guest
  64. What do you do for Red Paws?
  65. Any reason I can't do this?
  66. awwwww axl
  67. Molly and Jake
  68. Jakey's present from "Vincent's" (LOST) mom
  69. First time swimming
  70. What happens when your dog lives outside...
  71. We're home!
  72. Riggs killed a squirrel!!! (NLR)
  73. Marlan's New Trick (Pics)
  74. Trail Manners
  75. Seamus and Flynn Discuss: Shanny Monster
  76. Molly goes swimming (pic heavy)
  77. Laura, how is Shanny doing?
  78. pet friendly fertilizer?
  79. Happy gotcha day Fender! (plus lots of pics)
  80. The fur kids last night (2 pics)
  81. The danglers are back!!
  82. Odd behavior after getting fixed??
  83. 3 4.5 week old puppy pics
  84. Lyme Disease In Michigan????
  85. My Nelly-belly girl, my lab mix
  86. She's not laughing at you,..
  87. A Jonah montage
  88. Shanny today
  89. Now this is talent!!
  90. Speaking of Dog Food......
  91. Went to Walmart and there was a guy buying toys for his pup, (not lab related)
  92. My heart just melts...
  93. Barney's New Way of eating
  94. My dog is mad at me
  95. Vectra 3D
  96. Does your lab chew and chomp on the tennis ball after retrieval?
  97. This makes me ill.....
  98. How did I end up with THREE labs in my BED?!?
  99. He did it!
  100. Jakey and his birthday presents
  101. MaceFace is the REAL Retriever
  102. Here comes the sun
  103. stop cheating....
  104. Deck elbows
  105. Throw this ball
  106. Laura
  107. Sarahnye
  108. Milly is back from the Vet!
  109. fun pictures
  110. Happy 2nd Birthday ROCKET!! (warning: lot's and lots of pics!)
  111. New Toy Suggestions
  112. 2008 Ontario (Michigan/NY too!) LabFest!!! 3 MORE WEEKS!!
  113. Tankie's Memorial Day Photo Shoot - 7 Poolside Pics
  114. AKC Registration?
  115. Zoom Groom!
  116. Cross-post from Hunting Board - First 2 JH Hunt Test Passes
  117. Happy Birthday Jenica!
  118. My poor baby...
  119. ummm.....ewwww
  120. ATTENTION NJ/Pennsylvania area dog people!!!
  121. boarded the boys for the first time
  122. bitey face on my calves!
  123. Woo hoo DOCK DOGS!!
  124. We spent a *very* relaxing weekend at the central California coast
  125. If you want cheap, high quality entertainment....
  126. Don't tell me they don't remember doing something bad
  127. Puppy breath...
  128. No privacy!
  129. Good Girl Emilu! I so proud of you!
  130. Jake, first foster, has advanced chronic kidney insufficiency :(
  131. Our lesson
  132. Jed passed his CGC today~:0) Pics
  133. New 3DD Collars for the boys
  134. Mom took me camping! (pics)
  135. a few new pictures
  136. The evil vacuum
  137. Can Anyone Recommend a Durable Wading Pool for Labs?
  138. Fitz's extended "vacation"
  139. Panting!
  140. took the girls with us on long weekend to visit with family
  141. Acting weird?
  142. Sunday Hunt Test (with pictures)
  143. Godspeed Remy
  144. Alfie weighs...
  145. All booked!
  146. Milly is limping (UPDATE: News from Vet Trip)
  147. Would you believe....
  148. A few pics of momma in the making
  149. Gauge at the cabin (tons of pics...sorry lol)
  150. Anybody in the dancing mood?
  151. Happy 3rd Gotcha Day... (Pic Heavy)
  152. Just a few Bella pics from today
  153. Always Miss Daisy
  154. The Abzilla has a new boyfriend.
  155. Who should I crate?
  156. Prongs at the dog park
  157. Abby plays with the garden hose! (pics and video)
  158. MN Lab Fest Question
  159. Hey Lily-Obsess much? lots of pics
  160. Wore the Boys out Today!
  162. Okay I admit I have a couple of weird dogs
  163. New Pics!
  164. Just a few from the DP today
  165. last march in Valizas,Uruguay
  166. Happy and Lucky found a baby bird!!
  167. What a good daddy dog
  168. Oh god thats a new one
  169. Memorial day weekly puppy thread!
  170. my baby girl still needs her mommy
  171. I get this everyday....
  172. Guess who is 6 months old? (pics)
  173. Guess Who @ 22 months (pics)
  174. Senior Kong?
  175. A note for Endofile...
  176. Going In The House
  177. sick dog -need input - Possible Well's Syndrome - Has anyone heard of this ?
  178. Pics of my odster
  179. Almost lost him
  180. sick again...eye infection
  181. A Paddy "Memorial Day" story (short - don't sniffle yet) : -)
  182. NLR- The Height of Stupidity
  183. Happy Birthday Bogey!!!!!
  184. Does your dog?
  185. Puff's personality is changing (for the better)
  187. Lawn Care
  188. Seamus and Flynn and heat
  189. New lab sport or just she just wants attention too??
  190. I got the "twinges"
  191. Can Dogs Eat Cheese?
  192. Digging his way to China!
  193. Day at the beach! (pics!)
  195. Well, he has it.
  196. Boone's 4th Birthday
  197. The two faces of Henery!
  198. Bunny's 4 months Pics!
  199. Even More Pics From This Morning
  200. Pics Galore - A Day at Campus
  202. Either Puff is considerate or well-trained
  203. Fun at the DP - May 24
  204. Shock Collar
  205. Im back!
  206. Gallery
  207. Evo VS TOTW
  208. 3.5 week old puppy head shots..........
  209. Darn!
  210. Chocolate Chips........
  211. question about cephalexin
  212. MitziandJudysMom - Your Siggy Pic is missing one Lab!
  213. This was Pure Talent!
  214. Abbey and Sasha Playing (30+ pics!!) :D
  215. Sometimes a dog's life just isn't fair...
  216. 'The Lookout'
  217. Can dogs have an instant "dislike" to another dog?
  218. Dudley
  219. Flynn says:
  220. Companies Reach Deal on Tainted Pet Food
  221. Chocolate Lab Rescue Dog Gets Pacemaker
  222. Too nice to go into the office today.
  223. "Leggy" Puppies
  224. ATTN: 2+ dog owners -- I need some PROS please
  225. Honest Opinions (Update)
  226. Yesterday was Libby's turn to be rushed to the vet!
  227. Science Diet Nature's Best
  228. Chamois: helping a good cause
  229. BARKING COMPLAINT - UPDATE (and a little rant...)
  230. Clarence got a bunny---AHHHHH!
  231. Well, Remy has joined the ranks of...
  232. Flynn: VERY long event today
  233. Is Parker Sick
  234. Need Anti-dog shaving article
  235. Invisible Fencing Questions
  236. The flower girls
  237. First chew!!!!
  238. He ate a bunch of woodchips
  239. I picked Jacey up in my arms
  240. Ranger pics
  241. Trooper, Bailey, and Ranger****PICS****
  242. Birthday wishes in Doggy Heaven.
  243. Question for Laura (or anyone else with cold tail knowledge)
  244. weekly puppy thread?
  245. Of Labs and Friends and Tragedy and Birth (Long and Tear Jerker)
  246. Anybody ever been to Glen Highland Farm?
  247. Long Lasting Chewie
  248. Need some advice/help please!!
  249. Hailey is sick again...needs surgery this time
  250. jzgrlduff!!!