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  1. I don't know if I can laugh any harder!
  2. Help
  3. What is a "Dudley"
  4. More Lily....
  5. Call animal control... Lily said she is being abused!
  6. AKC ALERT: Massachusetts HB 5092 Bad News For All Dog Owners
  7. Some pics of my girl...
  8. Fun in the yard (lots-o-pics)
  9. "I'm ready to go to school with you, Mom..."
  10. Two cats down - one to go
  11. Now all that I need to do is to get the dogs to get on
  12. Oh no! Six Stitches In Right Front Paw
  13. Morning walk (edited to fix pic size)
  14. I know that you were all worried about my cats !
  15. Remy & his sister (pics):
  16. What do you guys think
  17. Happy 4th Birthday my Momma's Girl!
  18. Sarah, Ed, and those of you with chocolates!
  19. My mismark puppy
  21. A tribute to Daisy
  22. Jasper feels a tad left out at the dog park
  23. Did you guys see this yet? Another pet food recall
  24. All spiffed up and ready to go!
  25. Puppy vids 9/17/08
  26. Early Teal Season Opened
  27. Update on Tootsie
  28. We had our first escapees
  29. Oh you guys didn't get to see Jakey in his glasses yesterday
  30. Labs and human pregnancy
  31. Happy's walk
  32. Yard clean-up helpers
  33. Puppy pics 9/17/08
  34. Seamus' turn to go duck hunting
  35. Belle saw Ortho Vet
  36. HELP- my dog bit my neighbor
  37. I never liked that couch
  38. New puppy
  39. It's Benign (From Backup Board)
  40. Retriever Mama
  41. Good thing Sam knows his morning routine or he would have been fed twice!
  42. MEGA Wubba!!
  43. Now Mocha has Kennel Cough
  44. Well don't I feel silly.... (Kaylie update, repost from backup board)
  45. The Boys doing extra duty after Hurricane Ike
  46. Abby broke a tooth. Going to the vet today. UPDATE
  47. pet sitter interview
  48. Jake gets ready for duck season
  49. How is RubyRoo doing?
  50. Vote for Zoey!
  51. Lucky & Sam Present...
  52. He found another lump
  53. Caleb made me proud...
  54. Puppy pics 9/15/08 (quite a few)
  55. How's this for a quiet bitey face !
  56. First day of obedience.
  57. Random Remy pics
  58. I am in trouble....
  59. Pet food recall!
  60. He can be such a POOPHEAD!!
  61. Prayers for Ruby please
  62. Yep, she is a crazy black dog
  63. Labs and Babies...
  64. Hurricane Ike
  65. Jeep interier vs. lab hair
  66. Happy Gottcha Day ya ol' pirate
  67. And the evidence has come out
  68. Seamus and Flynn Discuss: Poop (1 pic)
  69. Afternoon playdate.
  70. It must be well over a year ago that I posted the last
  71. Breaking news from Dylan land
  72. Need some help please
  73. Cooking Question: Chicken?
  74. Pics of Milly just because!! (5 - now 6!! pics)
  75. More Dylan ! Don't worry - I'll get fed up of posting soon
  76. Henri
  77. ooohhh is She pi$$ed
  78. Well, I spoke too soon (Update)
  79. Will of the Labradork
  80. Beau the Chocolate Lab on the Dog Whisperer
  81. Rocky resurrected
  82. Paddy and Seamus pic
  83. Remi's Marvelous Adventure
  84. Sally Belle
  85. Field photo from today TRY THIS - UPDATED
  86. Wish I could turn my brain off for 4 days...
  87. Why he stays
  88. I'd like for everyone to meet.....
  89. Just got back from the vet with Kaylie
  90. Houseguest horror!
  91. Please let it stop......
  92. Fergus' "Auntie" Rosie crossed the Rainbow Bridge
  93. OMG, Lexie sprayed by skunk!!
  94. Nellie
  95. 5 pics..........
  96. Jacob and Alice part deux
  97. 3 week mug shots (a day early)
  98. Corona Update - brag, pics, and a question or two
  99. Thoughts on these symtoms?
  100. Bella and Jacob
  101. Gee, think she's had enough of the kids? LOL
  102. The girls battle it out on who gets to stay here
  103. Shanny
  104. Jakey likes Bella
  105. I'm so excited!
  106. How lucky am I !
  107. Found: Two OLD pics of Paddy : -)
  108. Storm Defender Cape?
  109. Brodie gone one year
  110. He bit my butt!
  111. Trial bitey-face ! you'll all be sick of me soon ( if not already )
  112. Training Grandma
  113. First meal
  114. I'm not sad any more
  115. Emma 1 month after surgery.
  116. Labrador Life Line auction ends this weekend!
  117. Edde and his itcheeeees
  118. How much food?
  119. Meet the Family!
  120. Proplan Selects and diarrhea
  121. Good Boy Bauer!
  122. Disposable Dogs
  123. Sam's 6 months today
  124. Birthday Girl with 4 pics
  125. For those who thought Jasper was smiling....
  126. The babies are warm
  127. Neutering Wives tale??
  128. MoDean had his first swim
  129. Aino and the field [pics]
  130. Bella, Jacob and Alice
  131. Bella (pic intense)
  132. Babies today (very heavy picture intensive)
  133. I need a photo of two dogs kissing....
  134. Remy - the Troublemaker
  135. I'm just sick... Kaylie
  136. Please vote for Tide
  137. This advert made me sad :-(
  138. Question about Christmas Exchange?
  139. What do YOU think ? Rosie ?? Trickster ??
  140. Happy 7th birthday Libby
  141. Laura ! Sad but December pups ! :-(
  142. SEAMOOSE!
  143. Sudden onset of phobias
  144. I love these ears
  145. Random Pics I haven't gotten a chance to post.
  146. Pics of Baxter and Mason
  147. What a wonderful girl!
  148. Ottawa Peeps! My Co-Worker Needs to Re-Home 4 yr old Black Lab (F)
  149. Let the count down begin...
  150. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  151. Feeding Casey
  152. Jacob and Alice
  153. For real this time- Do you think Caleb loves his toys?...
  154. Labrapals!
  155. Jake and his stupid blanket
  156. Pics and videos 9/10/08
  157. Little Seth
  158. With so much saddness on JL lately...
  159. Felix
  160. Can dogs get colds?
  161. Think Caleb loves his toys? (pic) (nevermind)...
  162. Happy Birthday Oona!!!!
  163. Dyson vacuums
  164. We lost Lucy tonight (NLR)
  165. Zeus's favorite seat
  166. My Sweet Beloved Sally Belle is gone
  167. Seamus and Flynn Discuss: The Plumber's Visit
  168. More dog park fun...
  169. Have ya'll seen this?
  170. Uh oh! Bad news for the puppies!!
  171. About buying a puppy
  172. So you want to see a 15 year old dog standing, eh?
  173. So I'm taking the plunge
  174. Jakey at 15 months
  175. More name help
  176. Mocha has a broken tooth **UPDATED
  177. Kong Fillings
  178. The big "sigh"
  179. Blood in stool
  180. Wellness Large Breed Puppy Food
  181. Early Morning Barking
  182. A bucketful of babies
  183. Happy Birthday to my little love (pic intense)
  184. Pics of Dakota's brother: Hunter
  185. Sister Dakota visits...
  186. New vids 9/8/08
  187. These are a few of my favorite things . . .
  188. Driving me crazy!!!!
  189. Dakota was STOLEN!!!!!!!!!
  190. Barney Back in the Crate :(
  191. Muddy Dog Park Fun!! (heavy pics)
  192. Max and his new shadow
  193. "Daddy, when are we going to get there?" (cute pic)
  194. Judy the teaser
  195. Great weekend at the hunt test.
  196. You know it's sad when the neighbors spoil your dogs too!
  197. Goodnight kiss
  198. Birthday Boy
  199. Alice
  200. Shows you how much they grow in 2 weeks
  201. Soft E-Collar?
  202. Puppy candids 9/7/08
  203. First night home with new family !
  204. Black Lab Flag For Tankie's New House
  205. Does anyone else have a lab who acts like this?
  206. Hates walking on grass
  207. Baxter had a solid mass/lumb removed
  208. hi everyone (x-post from O&E)
  209. Halftime tradition?
  210. Older labs - doggie steps/ramps
  211. Oops! I did it again!! ;) by Henery!
  212. MACK UPDATE: Happy News!!!!
  213. The last week...
  214. My big black dogs
  215. 2 week mug shots
  216. Cute little Jasper at 2 weeks
  217. How about some new Rublet pictures???
  218. Henery fosters good US/Canadian relations!
  219. Each of my dogs has a diffrent brush/comb because..
  220. Some bitter sweet news.
  221. Labs as Leader Dogs
  222. I'm such a bad labby mom...
  223. Puppy vids 9/5/08
  224. Alice using her mama's foot as a pillow
  225. Labby - Did I miss puppy pix this week?
  226. Dangeous Dog Toy to Avoid
  227. Dexter: The Power Chewer!
  228. Too, too much
  229. Undercoat Question
  230. Vet finds 13 golf balls in lab's belly:
  231. How do I get myself into these things?
  232. Oh dear, someone wants to borrow Belle
  233. Happy Birthday Lucky!!
  234. Nahhh, they're not interested. Not at all!!!
  235. Pics from yesterday (5)
  236. why is my lab like this?
  237. I posted the other day that Jasper could open every door in the house !
  238. I can't believe it's been 4 years!!
  239. Umm Ceaser? Have you seen my tomatoes?
  240. What kind of fish oil from Costco should i buy
  241. Update Alex Week 4
  242. I honestly don't understand how some dog owners are so trusting
  243. Rice cakes
  244. Diarrhea and Sedation Question
  245. Ups and downs of being a breeder
  246. Rotation Feeding?
  247. Pro-Pac Food
  249. Sapper my little dudley pic heavy
  250. Calendar photo contest + chance to win a portrait by Molly!!