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  1. Good thoughts for Guthrie.
  2. to those who rescue, adopt rescues, help rescues, love rescues
  3. Oakley's Grammie
  4. Constipation
  5. Leader Dog just called for Seamus again.
  6. #5 just emailed me!! #5! #5!
  7. Curios
  8. dew claw rookie question
  9. Puppy Obedience Training
  10. Old Fella Scores Twice With Young Female
  11. Recovery on neuter
  12. Worst idea ever....
  13. What's with labs and windows?
  14. "Almost" a Bruno picture........
  15. Dylan's brain seems to stop working during bitey face !
  16. Bedtime Snuggles
  17. Payton completes Agility 101 (2 videos/1 pic)
  18. Got my new DSLR, some pics of this weekend!
  19. Soap for dessert?
  20. Cowboy considers and escape..
  21. Help me pick from these prospects:
  22. picking up my first foster in a few hours! New Pics**
  23. Morning breakfast....
  24. A puzzelment
  25. Hey Sandie
  26. The furkids in the snow......(lota pics)
  27. Feeling Guilty
  28. Have you hugged a vet tech today?
  29. Snow pics
  30. Murphy Rescue Fund (Formally Would you????)
  31. Update on Belvedere
  32. How often do you walk your dog? POLL
  33. Can dogs get...updated with pix
  34. Neutering question:
  35. How cold is too cold
  36. Wee brag on Ollie, the land shark. ;)
  37. First full day wit freedom and...
  38. What might be causing this?
  39. ACL Surgery Recovery Time Help
  40. Sometimes they just amaze you....
  41. Felicia thinks she's a bad momma..? She's got nothing on me...
  42. How do I choose?
  43. My favorite pic of the day...
  44. Young vs. Old...
  45. HK earns extra treats!!!
  46. Sally's new personal best....awesome pics....and lots of 'em!
  47. Guess what I am 4 today
  48. *UPDATE at top* Ted's going for tests on Wednesday
  49. I'm a bad Momma. :( (3 pics)
  50. An adventure outside the box..
  51. Puppies Everywhere...
  52. Ender Bender Update: 1st Weekend Back With Momma
  53. Is your dog left or right handed?
  54. Dylan the cat !
  55. A brief celebration
  56. Is he going to stop growing?
  57. Happy 3rd Gotcha Day Saba!
  58. Yesterday's BD boy is in BIG trouble today!
  59. Rumple - where the name came from
  60. It's so hard to contain this dog...
  61. Future agility dog?...
  62. Happy Birthday Marshal
  63. Caleb got a compliment...
  64. I Need Some Advice/Help
  65. Poop Freeze
  66. For those who need a puppy fix (not labs)
  67. I's got a new stuffie!
  68. Ollie in the snow this morning! (2 pics)
  69. I am giving up....(pics)
  70. Happy Birthday Jake!!
  71. what was I thinking??
  72. Gordon's First Birthday
  73. one more...and I will call it quits tonight..
  74. Uncle Gryph says hello
  75. Rhumba thinks ........
  76. Meet Belvedere (pics and story)
  77. Guess who is 12 weeks old today?
  78. How Do They Know?
  79. Help picking a new food
  80. the problem with fosters...
  81. Sue (Micks Mom) sent me this. Perfect.
  82. A lazy afternoon watching leaves float by!
  83. we took the plunge
  84. Relaxing at home
  85. Peeing question for male dogs
  86. What do you think?
  87. So guess what I'm doing tomorrow morning?
  88. Blending in with the leaves.
  89. Had to share
  90. EWWWWW! Bauer caught a field mouse!
  91. have bolster beds again
  92. My two youngsters
  93. Photoshoot with Jake
  94. Kennel reccomendations in Guelph area
  95. Nose Pigment, can it come back?
  96. Aerial Photo of our newest dog park
  97. Ender gets his wings tomorrow...
  98. Got Milk?
  99. Some pictures and a video!
  100. Calling Dani.....come in, Dani....
  101. Do you vacuum your dog? Video of DW vacuuming Zoey and Merlot
  102. Friend's dog is lost. Prayers needed.
  103. Tal Likes Kosher Dills
  104. Seamus and Flynn Discuss: Gettling Late Earlier
  105. Oh, dear. What have I gotten myself into?
  106. Lesson: Only do business with Lab Owners
  107. More pics from today! Warning..there are lots!
  108. Tankie is Home From His Surgeries
  109. Pics today 11/13/08
  110. pain meds for dogs?
  111. Don't You Just Hate Thiefs?!
  112. Lab signature gets noticed
  113. Seamus loves his Libby
  114. Who needs a laugh?
  115. FDA puts hold on China Food Products including dog food
  116. Gentle Leaders & Similar Products...
  117. Pampered Chef Fundraiser to Benefit Labrador Life Line
  118. Does anyone use a treadmill with their dog?
  119. Do NOT throw invisible balls...
  120. Widdle tiny brag for the babies!
  121. Paralysis ticks
  122. Door Greeters
  123. Your daily dose of Ollie & Hens! (Nov12-4 pics)
  124. Hey Slappy ...
  125. puppy pics
  126. You've got to pick your battles....
  127. It's really amazing
  128. Colorado Peeps look here....CGC test coming!
  129. Tal's Heartworm Therapy is Finished!
  130. Digging and Climbing . . . it has been a busy morning (3 pics)
  131. Nicknames, isn't it funny?
  132. This fellow needs a lesson from Henery.
  133. Goodness I do not want to work today (VIDS)
  134. Duke dove back on the bed last night...
  135. Question for the people who leave their dogs indoors
  136. Eddie
  137. Any thoughts on why bleeding huge blood clots vaginally??
  138. what WON'T he eat?!?
  139. Since I was delinquent in pics yesterday (4 more)!
  140. A few pictures from our walk today! What a differance a few days make
  141. Guess what???? (5 pics)
  142. Veterans Helped by Healing Paws
  143. It's been 6 years since Shadow passed. (pics)
  144. That's why they are called "divers", Remi
  145. "Scabs"??
  146. Abbey's New Toys
  147. Best buds
  148. Ollie has a new game that he likes to play with Hens (2 pics)...
  149. Question for The Texas Tank!
  150. Frankie pic & question
  151. The big day has come!
  152. Happy Birthday Duke Boy.
  153. Can these meds be taken together ?
  154. Happy Gotcha Day Cooper!
  155. Service Dogs -- Puppy raising
  156. question for breeders.....
  157. What do you guys do to help your dogs not smell
  158. New Pics Of Tankie's New Digs
  159. newspaper retriever
  160. Can this position really be comfortable?
  161. Mitzi on me and Bruno on Judy
  162. Gah - his lordship at school tonight
  163. Delivery dog
  164. Tee Hee, he's a coffee table
  165. Molly's new chair (3 pics)
  166. Please bring us another pup
  167. Lots of pictures of Elias!
  168. Not a morning!
  169. more pics!
  170. Just a heads up about pet food....
  171. How do you plead? (pictures)
  172. Snow..?!
  173. Car Harness
  174. A Dog Drives a Car!
  175. Mealtime at our House
  176. BIG congratulations to Julie (CaliforniaLabLover)! Monty went BISS at the HDLRC
  177. Laura - how did your day go?
  178. Guess I'm gonna have to learn to share
  179. Ollie & Hen pics today (3 pics-Nov9)
  180. Picture
  181. Thanksgiving
  182. Lazy Sunday afternoon pics
  183. Good book for lab lovers to read ! IT'S GONNA BE A MOVIE
  184. Feeding help
  185. BJ invades the Lilliputians
  186. the little fatties last night..lots of pics
  187. I have a secret....anyone want to guess? SECRET REVEALED!!! Re: Corona
  188. Snuggle bugs.
  189. Need a pooper scooper
  190. Indulging in chocolate
  191. um - sorry dad
  192. LABMED Fundraiser that doesn't cost you anything!
  193. Your daily dose of Henery & Ollie! (Nov8-5 pics)
  194. OFA Cert - how far back to look?
  195. Thank You Ed
  196. Anyone heard of this training facility???
  197. Ladylabtrainer's Magnum and Daughter Ria
  198. Warmth :)
  199. Do 1 in 3 Labs get Joint Problems?
  200. A few Jasmine pics.
  201. You just don't know what I have to put up with around here.
  202. Reggie does camo..
  203. Please tell me what you think of my dog
  204. when funny isn't funny
  205. Ceaser pics from today
  206. Not just a pretty face...
  207. Interesting New Website ...
  208. Lab vs. Golden Retriever UPDATE
  209. Thought my girl bloated
  210. Here's my cutie!
  211. For those running Lab Rescues (probably inappropriate)
  212. My dog smells like a gerbil!!
  213. Look at my BIG stick
  214. Is this normal or are we lucky so far..long
  215. Tal's Second HW Treatment
  216. Barney Reached a New Milestone Today!
  217. Got any Sandylands Gadabout? Go Fish.
  218. winter question for dog gear and some pictures of Casey dial up ye be warned
  219. stuffed toys
  220. Health Guarantee (Added more info down the thread)
  221. Tankie May Not Be The Master Of His New House For Long
  222. The sneaky *tip-toe* lab
  223. Christmas Card Exchange? Gift Exchange?
  224. How to Evaluate Pedigree
  225. Don't know what's up?!
  226. A few questions
  227. Ollie giving good face this morning. :) (2 pics)
  228. Dear Auntie Megan and Gutherie!
  229. Dear Auntie Dot, Trapper and Katie!
  230. Time Change Adjustment, anyone else have an "early dog:?
  231. zoezoe!
  232. Oh no not again!
  233. Updated: Enlisting Some Good Thoughts For Mr. Tankie - Back From Vet
  234. Thinking of starting a Boarding Facility...
  235. Look what I found
  236. Fleas
  237. Think these idiots need to learn how to spell!
  238. This is Getting So Stinkin' Old.... (pics)
  239. Lexie and Rowdy (been a while)
  240. Alternative to Pig Ears
  241. All I can say is I have a couple of very very good young dogs!!!
  242. Someone said Remi never looks happy
  243. Thats not quite what i meant Alfie!
  244. Fly had her puppies. Now what to do.........
  245. Ear Infection signs?
  246. Is your dog funny?
  247. My sweet, sweet old man.
  248. Gross behaviour.. question
  249. collar thingy question....
  250. Happy Birthday Beloved Seamus