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  1. We're Back!!!
  2. Santa picture
  3. More Henery and Ollie... if you can stand it. ;) (9 pics)
  4. Snow pics 12/7/08
  5. Snow puppies!
  6. Thank you Alberta clipper, we have SNOW!!! (5 pics)
  7. Just Ollie. (6 pics)
  8. Top 10 Items "Surgically Removed" From Pets
  9. Dharma's new collar from the West
  10. Hi from Germany - Happy Upcoming Holidays to all
  11. A regular sunday morning ...
  12. OH - Kim's been a few days - need a puppy fix....please
  13. Gin's first snow!
  14. We're in Biloxi, MS, and look what we found! (pics)
  15. Saying goodbye to first foster
  16. Hey Lindsey, Ender's mom,
  17. Gabe (was Seth) pictures
  18. Questions from a longtime lurker
  19. NLR - Picture of my family
  20. Barney's Walk Yesterday
  21. Just when you think all is safe again.......
  22. More puppy love...
  23. In case you missed Jasper being beaten up by Gel and Dylan
  24. Disturbing Dreams
  25. Pine Cones - hazard ?
  26. 2 pics
  27. thank you Daniel, or whoever fixed it
  28. Judy has finally said "enough".
  29. Happy 9th Birthday Mitzi.
  30. Took the boys to have their Christmas photo taken tonight...
  31. Molly, your sig picture!
  32. I over heard Rush and Boo talking about their Christmas list...
  33. Bathing question
  34. Would you foster?
  35. Puppy Acne???
  36. Okay 2 more and off to work I go..
  37. prepare yourself for cuteness...
  38. Great...somebody ate a sock (or something)
  39. Slideshow of the kids in the snow today
  40. Macy : 14 months, not spayed, acting like jacka$$
  41. Christmas Tree Protection
  42. Happy 3rd Birthday to my sweet Molly Monster! (story and pic heavy)
  43. Reflective collars make a big difference!
  44. More poopies
  45. Gryphon makes the best...
  46. Uh oh! Not something any dog owner wants to see....
  47. My attempts at a Christmas picture
  48. Tundra's been pooping in the house...
  49. What kind of collar do you use?
  50. Don't let the cuteness fool you.....
  51. "I'm just finishing what I started mum."
  52. Just Labradors Forums Screensaver
  53. Ender being a doofus with the frisbee (VIDEO)
  54. Happy Birthday, Buddy
  55. Classic Lab Photo
  56. Do funny noises make your dog crazy??
  57. The Animal Rescue Site
  58. Lap Dogs
  59. Funny thing, anyone else?
  60. Need Opinions on Barney
  61. They never touched our Christmas tree this year!
  62. Snow Monkey!
  63. Urine Sample
  64. Only puppy love ???
  65. Happy 1st Birthday Remy! (pic intense)
  66. I'm Jealous...
  67. Playing in the snow (pics)
  68. More pics of the kids...
  69. malcarjaz
  70. Murphy (was Jacob) goes for a walk
  71. A couple more vids
  72. Scary encounter on walk
  73. I am NOT spoiling her!!
  74. Experienced Breeders/Show/Handlers Help Needed ~ ASAP
  75. Buck and I on our own...(a few photos added too)
  76. Labradork folk dances: The entangled leash shuffle
  77. Okay...this was spooky.
  78. Otis Pictures
  79. Lab Dad's Traveling Circus
  80. Tell me how you do it?
  81. Puppies in snow!
  82. RABIES LAWS-- Mississippi and South Carolina
  83. My two totally amazed me this morning.
  84. can something be stuck in her throat?
  85. The weather outside is frightful..(no dogs in these pics)
  86. need advice from the northern peeps
  87. Jasmine's first "big girl" walk.
  88. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Kim - Need a Fix Over Here
  89. best brush
  90. Murphy Update...
  91. "Best" Time to Add Another Dog??
  92. rescuing lab - any suggestions for essentials
  93. breaking a 'no' to potential adopter
  94. Not a creature stirred......
  95. The Definition of Soft Mouth
  96. Double ACL Rupture
  97. Need Some Opinions
  98. KoKo Nut is looking wimpy
  99. Yellow Lab Ornament at Eddie Bauer
  100. Some of you hate eggnog but my puppy loves it....
  101. R I P cellphone...
  102. Henery & Ollie today (4 pics)
  103. Chocolate Lab Blankets at Wal-Mart
  104. Quinn and yes she is snoring
  105. As Far As I Know I don't Have Fleas
  106. Working on Hedgie (2 pics)
  107. Happy 1/3 Birthday Gin!
  108. Lucy countersurfed the first time in her life
  109. Oh dear ! Mud laced with horse pooh !
  110. ICE ... A Seriously Worthwhile Idea
  111. Giving Thanks, a Few Days Later
  112. Oh dear......
  113. i want to make my lab watchdog and guarddog
  114. Does anyone have those Tough Chew beds from Orvis?
  115. I'm back from shopping and
  116. Can you guess my favourite place?
  117. Play Bow (pic)
  118. Laura - I need a Jake and Quinn fix, please!
  119. Ender's Thanksgiving
  120. Dog Holiday Cards
  121. Is it just me............
  122. Fanny knows something's up....
  123. A few Ollie-ber pictures!
  124. Panacur (Labby?)
  125. Introducing Cheka
  126. Ya gotta wonder sometimes
  127. A couple more vids..
  128. I think they get cuter by the day...
  129. Rumple Update
  130. So where is the lab? National Dog Show
  131. Hope there will be no stray black lab hair!!
  132. OH NO!!! Heartworm related, please read!!!
  133. Talk About a Handsome Old Fella!
  134. I love my animals
  135. Cruciate Ligament tear and CCL Tightrope surgery
  136. Loud Noises
  137. One of Caleb's little friends from school...
  138. Happy 3rd birthday, Toby!
  139. I was just....
  140. I just love labs :0)
  141. I'm being shamed into action by Teddy
  142. A Laugh At Tankie's Expense
  143. Last few for a bit..(2 vids included)
  144. The girls mostly..
  145. okay more puppy pics!
  146. Cinderbaylabs- I need my puppy fix!
  147. DW is not a dog person
  148. Our Trio
  149. YKW and Rhumba
  150. Someone please tell me why!!!!
  151. Swiffer?
  152. Today is Boo's 3rd Birthday!!
  153. Great photo on ihasahotdog today
  154. my, uh handsome boy
  155. Dangers for pets during holidays
  156. Question from new member
  157. Emma update
  158. Party + Lab Puppy = Crazy?
  159. The View
  160. chillin' out at daycare (pic)
  161. Donut bed (Update)
  162. How big is your bed?
  163. Pics to celebrate Kassa and Ernies 7th birthday. (sorry overload)
  164. Happy Belated Birthday Bentley (pics)
  165. Reggie sez "I's hiding"
  166. Duke's Seventh Birthday Photos
  167. A few more from the side line..
  168. Gryph vs. Black Boy and Screamer
  169. Gryph vs. Newt
  170. Introducing!!!!!
  171. AKC Hunt Test Seminar in Chino, Ca (Near Los Angeles)
  172. My poser today
  173. Pics from this weekends hike
  174. Um...Remy? Where is the sponge?
  175. bed time
  176. Someone Play
  177. For those that use a prong......
  178. The first ...
  179. Be nice to your Lab
  180. Ender's Mom...I demand updates!!!
  181. Jack makes a visit
  182. Jail..
  183. Ohh boy..more of Cowboy..
  184. Ollie-ver's big fun day!! (very pic heavy!)
  185. Three kinds of chocolate Labs...
  186. As Promised: Lots of Tankie Snow Pictures
  187. Seamus' breeding at Leader Dog
  188. Last set - Cowboy chillaxin
  189. More 4 week candids - 11 Photos
  190. 4 Week head shots
  191. Big dog park PEOPLES! GOOD! BETTER!! BEST!!!
  192. Finally, old meets young.....
  193. Dylan's first snow !
  194. Submissive Urination?
  195. Resucitation of our weekly LabFest
  196. ellis & Yukon - memorialized in paintings
  197. Funny Tongue Pics
  198. Snow Pics
  199. Clicker Training Question
  200. Belv met #5 today
  201. Interesting Morning
  202. Tal's First Trip Back to an Open Field
  203. Big dog parks! BAD! BAD! BAD!
  204. The bed today
  205. Bitey~face & Basket case!
  206. We got a bit of snow in Denmark today
  207. Ollie-ver! (1 pic)
  208. Urgent - Labrador Life Line Needs Your Help
  209. Belv's appointments - question for rescue peeps
  210. Update on Angus & Simon :)
  211. I'm Not a Very Emotional Person...
  212. New Pics of the Brood
  213. The SIx Weeks Are Up YES!
  214. Battle for the pool
  215. Bitey Face in the Snow
  216. Coffee anyone?
  217. My Crazy Mr. Tankie Loves The Snow!
  218. Snow, Henery & Ollie pics! (10)
  219. Poor Teddie and Libby
  220. The new Costco bed came
  221. Idiot Neighbor
  222. My houseguest for this weekend...
  223. Some Friday Sweetness - puppy pics!
  224. The Family That Plays Together
  225. P n' B today (4 pics)
  226. Teddy has had 2 days of misery and what the vet said.....
  227. Goofy things your Lab(s) does...
  229. With Nala at Carolina Beach SP (warning Pics are large)
  231. 11 years to earn a place in the house.
  232. Christmas presents for our labs??
  233. I think I need a bigger rug
  234. No Sh!t, Sherlock
  235. Labs for Adoption in Fairfax County... I would like to help find homes for them
  236. MitziandJudysMom!!!
  237. All my friends (a few pics)
  238. Should I get a puppy during pregnancy???
  239. Need help leash training mommy...
  240. check it out....more pics
  241. LMBO Yes she is sleeping like this..
  242. poor Cinder
  243. My heart is going to hurt ..
  244. Going somewhere??
  245. More puppy bitey face..
  246. has anyone heard of this?
  247. Jogging: Consensus based on what?
  248. Frontline / flea-tick meds
  249. Bedtime doggie prayer..........(so cute)(and so true)
  250. Belv tonight