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  1. sneak preview of our *probable* new addition...breeder sent a pic. He's awesome!
  2. Reason #42
  3. Ice, Now Snow (and Mack!) (3 pics)
  4. What we did today
  5. 2008 group photo
  6. Highly Animated Dreaming
  7. Really Unusual Sight at the Grocery Today!
  8. Wish I could keep him...
  9. Chocolate Labs with white markings
  10. This is something you don't see often
  11. America's Best Dog Parks --link
  12. Hey Brandie - Did you check out that feed store yet?
  13. Henry just got jumped by a golden! >:(
  14. Then and Now . . .
  15. Do you have a special ornament? (few pics)
  16. The fight is futile
  17. Im laughing at Cesar Milan
  18. New England Snowstorm 08 (Pic)
  19. A Few Pics From Last Night of Orson & Tankie
  20. A gift we received...
  21. Rhumba and Lily smack down.
  22. breeder in dallas
  23. Rabbit POO!!!
  24. Serious problem - need some suggestions (c/p O&E)
  25. Can This Dog Be That Smart......?????
  26. Cruelty to Animals: Crates
  27. Some pics of the foursome (pic heavy) *FIXED I THINK*
  28. update on potential lab one more question
  29. Bang goes the early night!
  30. help with rescued lab
  31. Black bear in the Dog Park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  32. This Was Annoying
  33. The boys together! (5 pics)
  34. Just Ollie. :) (2 pics)
  35. Just Henery. :) (2 pics)
  36. Bwah ha ha ha ha ha!!!! (1 pic)
  37. My great dogs! (3 pics)
  38. Snowy McFun
  39. Drooling problem!
  40. Inside pics
  41. Um, Mom . . . Why is the snow up to my butt? (7 pics)
  42. The benefits of the snow
  43. Ceaser had fun at practice last night.... (pics)
  44. Three of my idiot dogs
  45. Help! Sasha broke a nail..! (pic)
  46. Yeah, Remi!
  47. What does the nibbling means?
  48. Well, at least ONE of us is enjoying the storm...
  49. going from 2 to 3? Give me some input here....
  50. How to get a place on the couch
  51. Puppy or Adult? (Pics)
  52. Need help with puppy surprise!
  53. Woe~is~me
  54. Those of you with multi dogs
  55. Our Man Flynn: Next chapter to the Seamus thread
  56. New Ender Pictures
  57. Barney can be a gentleman!
  58. Seamus and Paddy: Similarities and Differences : -)
  59. Why do they always break my toys!! (Lots of pics)
  60. Someone is going to have a boring Christmas
  61. Ted's Allergy Tests Came Back
  62. Whilst my Mum was on Holiday I.....
  63. "Hunting dogs HAVE TO stay outside"
  64. Stop, Thief!!!
  65. Thursday Orson & Tankie Cuteness.....Eyes Open :)
  66. Just One More Day
  67. Marley and Me Movie Preview
  68. 12 Puppy days to Christmas
  69. Public Service Announcement Regarding Marley & Me
  70. Orphan Annie , Golden Retriever needs help - Sad story
  71. What is up with the whining?
  72. 11 p.m. trip to the e-vet and Sally's new hat
  74. Chocolate Puppy Help...Cowlick!
  76. nothing is quite as warm...
  77. Anything I should know about males?
  78. durable chew toys?
  79. Snow and the DP - Lotsa pics
  80. Um, Quinn?
  81. Designer dog, my arse!
  82. Is it not obvious?
  83. Joe Maringo...Check In Please
  84. Cuteness Overload - Caught Tankie & Orson Sleeping Together
  85. Merry Christmas
  86. Favourite past time with Ernie. (3 pics)
  87. Sarah we got Milly's card!
  88. help, need advice very confused
  89. Anybody know of any good lab blogs?
  90. Labs next door
  91. So I have a spare bedroom
  92. I have figured Lucky out!
  93. And the Snow Pictures!
  94. New Pics of te Furbies
  95. Thanks!!
  96. Who's bed is it?
  97. How many leave their dogs all day...
  98. Our Christmas Picture
  99. Ollie graduated from Kinderpuppy on Mon. night! (pic heavy!!)
  100. HA! What a JOKE VENT!
  101. Newest Gordon Picture
  102. Loveland, Ohio?
  103. Incontinence
  104. Sam's first snow!
  105. So who wondered what Sam has been up to?
  106. This makes me laugh...
  107. Cappy
  108. My little man Jakey
  109. Your Dogs Name: Whats The Story Behind It?
  110. Have to say I'm totally shocked!
  111. Waiting for Santa
  112. Just dropped Abbey off at the emergency vet... UPDATE on page 2
  113. How Orson Got His Name
  114. *Oh did we forget to tell you?*
  115. Paging Kim for some puppy pics, paging Kim...
  116. Awwwwwwwwwwww Tankie - and His Little Mimi Me!
  117. I hung the stockings (2 pics)
  118. Our 2008 Christmas Card featuring the boys
  119. Late Night Snacks and Cuddles
  120. Maybe an allergy? (Grain-free help?)
  121. Fun in the snow!
  122. Jack Loves his vet
  123. LabMed Auction Is Open
  124. Seamus and Flynn Discuss: This Ice Day
  125. We lost Murphy today...:(
  126. RIP Leather Couch
  127. I love humiliating my dogs!
  128. The boys and their fingers! ;) (6 pics)
  129. RIP Wubba
  130. Cookies /Treats
  131. LABMED Auction is live!
  132. FREE SHIPPING!!! one time offer only!
  133. Ahhh-hh! What Lab owners do for their dogs (& their Labs do for them)
  134. Poor Remi again ...
  135. snow pics with shelby
  136. Where is Gryphon?
  137. NLR, but still AGILITY (must see video)
  138. My bird dog
  139. Emma's snow day....
  140. off season humor (hilarious pic!)
  141. "pay attention to me" (short video)
  142. Fergus Snow Pics!
  143. Puff limping w/ right shoulder pain -- UPDATE @ end
  144. We rarely get snow, but this weekend we did ***pics***
  145. TA DA - Introducing Tankie's New Baby Brother - Lot's of pics
  146. A challenge for you: This picture needs a story or caption.
  147. Awww, Poor Remi.
  148. HELP! Lab needs rescued in kill shelter in Pittsburgh!
  149. Alfie loves Sundays
  150. Poor Miss Katie.....I got home from a continuing ed seminar today and found her
  151. Got a clean bill of health
  152. The things you see at dog shows
  153. Bought a fancy lens for my camera, pi pics to prove it!
  154. Who needs socks? (pic)
  155. Snow pics from today. (4)
  156. Finally!
  157. Introducing Reef!
  158. Rotten!
  159. yikes, you can tell Rebel is getting older--any advice
  160. Breeder Search in WI
  161. DP in the snow and a question
  162. More donut pictures
  163. For GODS SAKE!
  164. Oops I spoiled them again...
  165. Clever
  166. Anyone familar with Paronychia??
  167. 4 month old pup.
  168. Thor's Hammer
  169. My girls (AKA my angel and her spawn)
  170. Fun Time for Jake
  171. So Abby had to get IV fluids
  172. Another what am I NLR
  173. Costco's Pet Kingdom Original Chicken Jerky
  174. New pics from today...
  175. Ugh. New food = diarrhea.
  176. Karunda dog beds
  177. Calling Kim! Calling Kim! (cinderbaylabs)...I need wyatt and pumpkin!!
  178. This Made me Smile!
  179. It Snowed in Houston
  180. That Was Fast!
  181. Puppy thing, lab thing or just my Remy?
  182. Would you end its suffering?
  183. Buddy LOVES his donut! (cross-post for backup board)
  184. Those of you with toy boxes
  185. Playing with poop
  186. Guinness needs a hip replacement
  187. SE Michigan near Detroit, FOREVER home visit
  188. Milly is giving me the poo's!! (cross post from backup board)
  189. Need help with broken nail
  190. Jenica and Diesel pictures
  191. Diesel and his blanket
  192. What am I? NLR
  193. Fool me once....
  194. Lab wouldn't abandon owner in sinking boat
  195. Cooling jacket - heat relief
  196. Happy Birthday Magnum!
  197. For Those Who Understand Spanish
  198. Fudgesicles(Graces pups 7 weeks)
  199. Sunny day for the pups...
  200. Darwin plays the big boy (2 pics)
  201. The Queen...
  202. Costco dog beds?
  203. Suggestions: Need to Buy A Crate for The New Puppy
  204. Reba Amazes Me Again
  205. A Labrador ...
  206. Memories
  207. Not a very soft mouth I am afraid
  208. only eats from hand
  209. Calling in reinforcements * update at end
  210. Living with Lymphoma
  211. Aussies - read this. IMPORTANT (Cross posted from O&E)
  212. A moment...
  213. First beach experience. They found labby heaven! (pics)
  214. My (temporarily) last walk with Rupert
  215. Then and now! Post your similar pictures!
  216. Daycare
  217. Chicago area peeps
  218. Wondering How All The Preggers on Here are Doing
  219. Coyotes Spotted In The Neighborhood
  220. Meet Noelle
  221. What's gotten into Reggie? (no worries)
  222. New puppy meets big sister
  223. If They Look Unhappy (UPDATED WITH OUTRAGE)
  224. Dylan's Christmas Party ! Picture heavy
  225. Dog article
  226. walk yesterday (2 pics)
  227. Keep your fingers crossed!!!
  228. Dogs are good travelers. Cute pic from trip home.
  229. Those of you in multiple-dog households....
  230. Few more ...
  231. They are 6 weeks
  232. Merry Christmas from B and P! :D (9 pics)
  233. Pick up after your dog
  234. Pass on the Pedipaws Nail thing
  235. Duke's new portrait
  236. Alfie and Pennys Xmas photos
  237. Does anyone use?
  238. Dog age reminder for first time owners
  239. Milly is now covered!
  241. Help? Foster just ate a Grocery Bag (plastic) UPDATED AT TOP
  242. A new Remington litter (2 weeks, pictures)
  243. Where is my puppy going?
  244. That time again - Holiday photos!
  245. *giggle* Flynn The Sneak
  246. Peanut butter kisses
  247. If you have any good thoughts or prayers to spare...(update)
  248. A Frame Pix
  249. I never wanted a Labrador (Thank You Sawyer).
  250. I built an A frame. added photo