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  1. Gryphon
  2. New Sully-Monster pics
  3. Anybody else with this problem?
  4. Help! Logan's new fixation
  5. Scary Night tonight*Update*
  6. Koda news
  7. Need help with my labs
  8. Updated pics of 12 week old Rosie (7 pics)
  9. I love this time of night... (1 pic)
  10. This kid cracks me up! (2 pics)
  11. I'm a jerk!
  12. Laura - the siggy
  13. Direct from Ivanhoe TX
  14. Tragic news for those who don't visit O & E
  15. The boys had more friends over today! :) (7 pics)
  16. Tankie & Orson - Too Darn Cute Not To Share
  17. Sully starts Puppy K on Sunday...
  18. Today Rush goes to the vet's to have
  19. Two pics of the boys last night...
  20. Thanks Labby!
  21. Milly is home from the vet
  22. Dutchy at the forestry. (pics)
  23. Signature pictures ...
  24. Not a good way to start out 2009 fellow pupsters
  25. Kim! How is Cinder Doing????
  26. The 2008 Memorial Christmas Tree
  27. Anyone Use a Wireless Fence?
  28. Tell me about puppy teeth please!
  29. Rocky - please leave the poopcycles outside...
  30. My parents are puppy sitting and i'm jealous!
  31. Question about rabies vaccs
  32. Lab Rescue in Holt, MI
  33. It's Over - I Have Lost Orson To Another
  34. Sleeping One Off??
  35. The whelping Lab is very very close to having her first puppy
  36. What better way to celebrate a new year... (pic heavy)
  37. Magnum & Ruger (photo)
  38. Puff and I went in to get some pictures taken [X-post from O&E on Backup Forum]
  39. Lab will be whelping today
  40. Hope everyone is doing great.....I would like you to meet WILLOW.
  41. Happy 10th Gothcha Day Emma!!! (PICS ADDED!)
  42. Dylan watching
  43. Sally hair falling out....not just shedding
  44. Beware of the Yellow Shark!
  45. My couch tonight! (2 pics)
  46. Lots of BAD Air
  47. Hoppy begins exercising (vid)
  48. Cats and Dogs (Cute pictures!)
  49. Si I get out of bed to see the New Year in !
  50. Seamus and Flynn Discuss: New Year Resolutions
  51. Alls I gots for Christmas......
  52. Open Only If You Want An Orson Overload!
  53. Sandie - how's the Tank?
  54. OK--I am not sure anything is grosser then this.
  55. Happy Birthday Jasmine Dream!!
  56. Looking for a Cinder Update
  57. Puppies are better to have around kids than the older dogs...
  58. Dog Prescriptions
  59. Bobbie's Christmas (Pics)
  60. Snicks ate $100!
  62. Walking in a Winter Wonderland.
  63. Interesting article in USA Today
  64. Dutchy and fireworks.
  65. How'd you get your lab?
  66. Almost 24 hours and no Seizures for Tank
  67. Biting......HELP!
  68. Ugg~oh!...I spoke too soon!
  69. Ottawa (eastern Ontario) - young choc. Lab on Used Ottawa
  70. Remember the Commercial ... "Mikey likes it!" ?
  71. Broken tooth
  72. Dog urine - help!
  73. Buffy's Penthouse or Playboy pose! (my Lab in a funny pose)
  74. Scew-wiff Alfie
  75. The joys of an ice cube...
  76. Alfie on the wii
  77. Dog Bones----Need Advice
  78. Carpet bombers!
  79. ear infections and foods
  80. A dominance thing? How to stop it?
  81. Cinder needs good thoughts..
  82. Introducing Sophie!
  83. The Death of her Christmas toy! : (
  84. Uh Oh I Think We Have A Problem
  85. Thought We Were Losing Tankie Tonight - I am still wired
  86. Molly's favorite spot (pic)
  87. Hoppy pics....this boy now in his forever home...and we love it!
  88. Their Christmas goose is already de-honked
  89. What really killed the dinosaurs (pics)
  90. New Family Addition
  91. The Royal family....i'm ashamed to say.
  92. this boy needs a diet!!! help!
  93. Hail Call to Gulfcoast
  94. Barking At Night
  95. Can you stand more Wyatt pics?
  96. Finally, after a 4 month wait...
  97. Meet Beauregard
  98. Back By Popular Demand - Tank & The Electric Slide
  99. Forum update from Admin
  100. Finally! Skippy and Emilu's Xmas Pictures!
  101. Nine Weeks Old Orson Pics + Tankie
  102. Dog Jumps
  103. Meet Tattle....
  104. My Saturday Adventure...lots of pictures
  105. Pet Store Rant
  106. Just a few pictures ...
  107. Kaznalf.....
  108. Ice Cubes = Joy!
  109. A Christmas portrait !
  110. Just a few days left ...
  111. Carol Keeps Her Streak Going!
  112. Zoomies
  113. FYI: JL was out of service about 10:35-11:00 AM CST today
  114. A Spike in Yellow Labs after Marley & Me movie?
  115. Snowflake?
  116. Our walk this morning (13 Pics!!)
  117. Pictures of the real Marley & Grogans
  118. Those of you with Lab mixes..
  119. My Sous Chef, Jack
  120. Most serious. (1 pic)
  121. (4 pictures) Lookit what Santa bought me!! (from Milly)
  122. I'm over it!
  123. Some wild life pictures ...
  124. Dharma gets first aid treatment
  125. Thank you Eric! (Bearsdad) for our suprise toys! luv Lucy and Cricket!
  126. PVC pipe dog crates or cages
  127. New pictures of Wyatt
  128. Wyatt on Christmas morning
  129. happy belated gotcha day, Shadow
  130. Jack head shots
  131. The Christmas throwaways...
  132. Happy Gotcha Day Parker
  133. Ut oh. Its happening
  134. I was getting ready to buy a silver lab....
  135. Anybody have there tree down yet!!!
  136. Jealousy?
  137. Cute cover on the current "The New Yorker Magazine"
  138. My goober boys today! (4 pics)
  139. Uh-oh! Flynn *head twinkles*
  140. OMG, Caleb just brought me...
  141. That Durn Carol is Becoming a Real Annie Oakley!
  142. One of each colour today!
  143. Please make a note of the URL for the back-up, alternate, life boat JL forum
  144. Shayla is gone
  145. Trying out the Xmas gift...
  146. Odies eating feces
  147. Best Christmas present EVER
  148. So many new toys...too few hours in a day
  149. Colin
  150. Snow Pics of Tankie & Orson - Lot's Of Pics!
  151. A Tankie & Orson + Family Merry Christmas
  152. Gracie Claus wishes you...
  153. Holiday bitey face ....
  154. Best Xmas Toy!!
  155. Saw Marley and Me, and I was disapointed...
  156. Too much turkey Gryph??
  157. Merry Christmas from Caleb & me...
  158. A Merry Christmas From The Duck Dawgs
  159. Merry Christmas
  160. Merry Christmas
  161. At midnight the animals spoke (tissue)
  162. Merry Xmas...
  163. Merry Christmas! (pic)
  164. Merry Christmas from our house to yours
  165. Just wanted to wish you all
  166. DD is very upset about her dog, and it's all my fault.
  167. NLR But worth the watch....
  168. Ender's Xmas so far
  169. Christmas Pictures (5 pictures)
  170. Cappy_TX (Jim) Severely Bitten Today!
  171. Dog shot twice near Glenwood, Minn., is out of hospital
  172. I can laugh now, but not a few
  173. Tree has lasted 15 days with out being destroyed by Merlot!
  174. Pictures of Wyatt!
  175. Dog Bowls
  176. Recall!
  177. Merry Christmas To All!!!
  178. Good news for Chamois (we think)
  179. Nap Time
  180. I will Remember Ashley (kleenex alert)
  181. Exhausted but......BALL!!!!!
  182. Progress...or is it?
  183. snowshoe walk (3 pics)
  184. Feels Like Spring!!??
  185. 2 females or 1 female, 1 male?
  186. "My First Christmas in Heaven"
  187. Boo has ticked me off BIG TIME
  188. You're leaving and not taking us?
  189. Ranger makes a pathetic reindeer.
  190. New Alfie Pics
  191. Oh No ... Dog Bites!
  192. Jack N Jed's Brudder!
  193. Cold but enjoyable
  194. Just in case JL crashes -- have this back-up link in a retrievable place
  195. The date has been booked!
  196. The Collar Question
  197. Labrador Pile Up
  198. Merry Xmas everyone.
  199. My friend needs prayers
  200. This Story broke my heart
  201. Molly says "what's the big deal?!"
  202. Finally got some video of the dogs playing
  203. Cappy_TX's Lab Wash Area
  204. Wyatt's first day with us.... lots of pics
  205. Et tu Happy, et tu? Updated on Happy's condition!
  206. Orson Today - Tank & Doofy Too (6 pics)
  207. Our keeper...
  208. Question About the Cold
  209. Happy Holidays from Spud and Sally (adjusted holiday pic)
  210. How much did you pay for spay?
  211. Ok, be honest.....
  212. Sawyer Says Its Too Cold!
  213. I watched Rookie get neutered today...
  214. Mi idea of a Brave Dog
  215. I have a confession and announcement! (lots of pics)
  216. Well that was a first
  217. Three beagles and a black blob
  218. First Review of Marley and Me
  219. Snow Dog
  220. Snow play
  221. Sawyer And His Ball
  222. Who slipped Sam something?
  223. WHEEEEE!
  224. another dog bath and coat question
  225. Please say a prayer for Truffles
  226. Am I a Christmas meanie?
  227. Oh please Mum!
  228. snow pics from our snowy weekend
  229. Mr.CounterSurfer strikes again...
  230. Milly's Beach Birthday! (LOTS OF PICTURES!!)
  231. BY GEORGE - I Think He's Got IT!
  232. building a new home.. need some advice.
  233. Does Your Lab????
  234. Earring snatching black lab...
  235. We met Hoppy. He is a sweetie!!!! And he's ours!
  236. my worstest day ever, by Toby
  237. Bark Busters
  238. Snow fun pictures!!
  239. Ollie pictures! :D
  240. WOOOT! I finally have pics of the boys sleeping together!!! (7 pics)
  241. How do they know?
  242. Abominable Snow Puppy! (Pic heavy)
  243. Dangerous toy
  244. Pointing Labs
  245. Semi-frozen Peek-a-boo
  246. I'm not being tight....
  247. Am I the only person on this forum who's never had a destructive Lab?
  248. Woot! Woot! It's your birthday! It's your birthday!
  249. Bed time picture
  250. Little Reef is home!