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  1. Yay! I'm excited!
  2. Looking for reputable breeder in PA/NJ(or elsewhere) Cross posted
  3. Tal's HW Free & Barney's Paw is Healed!
  4. Sorry - Sorry - Sorry - I have been remiss TANKIE & ORSON SWEETNESS
  5. Few more of the girls outside
  6. Piranha Sully
  7. The "bait and switch" game
  8. Anyone have room for two more ?
  9. Let's compare dog induced injuries!
  10. Tanya!!!!! How is Rocky?????????????
  11. Friday morning ...
  12. Emergency Vet. Just got back
  13. When God Made Labs
  14. If you do NOT have the JL lifeboat/backup address, bookmark it now
  15. Happy 6th Birthday Gryphon
  16. Rocky Update (8pm Thursday)
  17. Neighbors
  18. Does anyone rotate kibble??
  19. Flynnie: Black tooth holes and head twinkles
  20. Kallie and the chicken cutlet
  21. New Seamus Leader Dog puppy pics
  22. back just in time for my little brag. We have a cover girl!!
  23. Help - Have E-vet monitor or monitor myself? Ingested Cocoa
  24. Looks like the blackout is over
  25. Withdrawal, I'm first
  26. Thanks to everyone who participated
  27. What age should a child be before being allowed to walk a lab?
  28. New Puppy Pictures...2 weeks!
  29. Fun in the "snow"
  30. Creative/art help needed
  31. Duke and Freckles met Toby and Chamois at the dog park
  32. Request for help on hold.
  33. I need advice, help, something....... 2nd UPDATE!!!
  34. Its not Christmas anymore!
  35. Help! My Dog May Have Separation Anxiety?
  36. A Couple of Orson Snow Videos
  37. Orson & Tank's Old Stuffies + puppy belly :)
  38. A Tankie & Orson Photo Shoot
  39. Happy birthday Boudreaux!
  40. Hoppy's second "jump" and other pics
  41. Some new puppy pics...
  42. 13 Week Weigh In - Orson, Sully & Wyatt???
  43. A few pics from yesterday
  44. Sully is a S.T.A.R.
  45. Ollie's show pics from this morning! :D (4 pics)
  46. Amazon has a time limited sale on Dremel rotary tools
  47. Weather really altered our weekly LabFest, Saturday
  48. They just can't get enough (pic intense)
  49. Angus: The Blooper Reel (UPDATED, new scenes)
  50. pictures are impossible to get this time of year...
  51. More pics of the boys (and one that isn't mine!)
  52. Pictures of the dogs today
  53. A bit of a ...
  54. Guess who won Best in Breed/Best Puppy in Breed this morning??!! :D
  55. Oh wohoo!!
  56. *Sniff* smell the puppy breath!
  57. Hyper Alert Protecting Behaviour??
  58. Canidae Food Issues
  59. My little princess?
  60. Almond and Toby
  61. Seamus and Shanny
  62. The battle between Quinn and Teddie
  63. The battle for the blanket
  64. When is a puppy old enough for adult food
  65. Gin's First dog park romp!
  66. Sully is growing up quickly...
  67. Bruno on Judy
  68. Do you let your dogs lick your utensils and dishes? Be honest!
  69. update from Louisville....Hoppy's first jump (jump?) 2 pics
  70. Who's got a drooler??
  71. It has been a quick 4 years....
  72. 1 february 2005
  73. Chocolate, anyone? (13 pics)
  74. SPOILED boys!! (2 pics)
  75. Oh.........the Power of Marrow Bones
  76. For qualified Lab owners only... find out
  77. thought you might like to see
  78. Frustrated and exhausted.
  79. Get 'em boys!!
  80. Soap --- REALLY?
  81. 3 pics of Seamus' pups
  82. It's a girl, here, have a cigar
  83. Was going through some old photo CDs
  84. Im gonna stop being so lazy....
  85. Felicia! Gutherie has a sign for you!
  86. Hey Sarah
  87. A few good thoughts~Please (Final Update top )
  88. Southern Ontario Members- need help with a rehoming issue
  89. More fun in snow - Duke and Bruno
  90. Question about Toby's Coat + Ears..
  91. snow pics.....
  92. Old Newbie
  93. Alfies refusing to sit with us
  94. How old is too old to start training in agility?
  95. Seamus' Leader Dog puppies are born!!
  96. Happy Birthday Buddy
  97. Our Severe Ice Storm (kinda)
  98. For the Wives who Thought Duck Season Was Over
  99. Who has ...
  100. Happy 1/2 Birthday Virginia!
  101. Hey Cappy , here is my driveway this afternoon...
  102. Tough life. (1 pic)
  103. Molly is 6 today. (3 pics)
  104. Seamus and Flynn Discuss: Ice and Thaw
  105. Yogurt Face?
  106. Puppy questions
  107. What's next for the boys? Your thoughts appreciated!
  108. Rosie's not a baby anymore (2 pics)
  109. Jzgrlduff - MaceFace Mom
  110. Cloned yellow Lab
  111. Ice, ice baby
  112. Guthrie is a goober!
  113. My DOG has his own business cards- People are going to think I'm CRAZY! LOL
  114. Best products for dog “cleanup”?
  115. My dogs are going to see snow. Oh happy day!!!
  116. The kiddos today
  117. 4 1/2 year check up
  118. And Elias has a hot spot
  119. I should have picked a different color for my labrador...
  120. Limits of the Labradork
  121. Gulfcoast ... Wouldn't she just love it?
  122. please help Hudson win for lab rescue!
  123. Sam's been vomiting (UPDATE at top - he's ok)
  124. I'm falling apart
  125. Baloo videos!
  126. Oklahoma Ice storm (pic heavy)
  127. More snow
  128. We finally got snow! Lots of pics...
  129. Another spaying question
  130. I did it again
  131. List of most to least popular dogs for 2008
  132. Miss Lily...
  133. The monster today..
  134. Tucker is 8 today!!
  135. So I bought some toys...
  136. Friend at work thinking of breeding their Lab
  137. Terrier advice NLR
  138. Breakthrough #2
  139. Mocha update
  140. Good girl thoughts for Gin please!
  141. pics from practice you think she's addicted?
  142. Keep Remy in your thoughts...(UPDATE at top)
  143. Teddy and the monster
  144. NLR but do I have a vet emergency
  145. Just wanted to say thanks
  146. Black lab with white frosting (sorry, no picture)
  147. Mitzi
  148. A Sunday Snuggle with Tankie & Orson - bunch of pics
  149. Show n go pics
  150. Snow pics
  151. Snow pics.
  152. Is it me or is the forum running s-l-o-w?????
  153. Quinn in the snow
  154. The best way to warm up on a cold winter's day!
  155. Jake, Teddie and Quinn
  156. Tired of pics yet?? Here's 4 more!! LOL!!
  157. It has begun....
  158. Laika's afternoon ...
  159. I think I need a bigger couch... (2 pics)
  160. Tomorrow Emma starts her treatment... (UPDATED @ TOP)
  161. looking for a certain type toy....
  162. Lab/Terrier Mix..?
  163. ok fess up!
  164. where is a video camera when you need one!
  165. Barney and his big day!
  166. Barney made out pretty good today!
  167. Random pics of the boys (3 pics)
  168. Update at top - Urgent foster home needed
  169. New puppy pictures, and two new rescues...
  170. Which is your preference for crates? Wire or plastic?
  171. Sawyer 11 Months Photo Dump!!!!
  172. Barney is 1 Year Old today!
  173. Wow....he's erm......Special
  174. My I Wants!!! (Should stay away from Petfinder)
  175. Guess who's 5 months old today?? :D (5 pics)
  176. Orson has a Lump - Opinions??? - Added Pictures
  177. Show on Dog Food Tonight
  178. Friday Zena update
  179. Uh-oh...its 43 degrees today...
  180. Well, Angus did not disappoint today...
  181. Wow, did I get a surprise when I came home!
  182. Perfect Sawyer *video*
  183. Canned pumpkin?
  184. Im a HORRIBLE dog owner!!!!!!!!!
  185. My son meeting our new pups for the first time>>>>>>
  186. Thanks for my new bed Mom!
  187. Thank God for power strips!
  188. Yo Jasmine, gimme 5!
  189. Duke waiting for his Mama
  190. He's not a Lab - but he owns 5 of them.
  191. Rescue Fundraiser ideas - updated with pic
  192. Happy 1st Birthday Bauer (lots of pics)!
  193. Split dew claw
  194. Well it looks like I have lost the battle about the couch!
  195. Do we love them too much?
  196. pics from last weekend.
  197. Nylabones: Ponder this...
  198. Results from today (Simon)
  199. Nellie's follow up vet visit
  200. For Pets and Peeps - FDA Site on the Peanut Issue
  201. Potential Product warning
  202. Sully's break-through today...
  203. Tankie & Orson - 4 pics
  204. When nylabones attack!
  205. One more video: Angus' first novice leg
  206. Indestructible Toys
  207. In fairness to Angus, some good Rally (video)
  208. Beep Beep, Keeper of the Trash
  209. Some pics of the others.... (lots o' pics)
  210. Peanut butter dog biscuits. Recall.
  211. Here is what scares me about showing Angus (video)
  212. Good thoughts for Guthrie.
  213. Why I Call Them Crack Heads
  214. Justine
  215. Gus keeps eating my fingers
  216. Is there Bean-O for puppies?
  217. Remy Quick Pic
  218. Sore on paw
  219. Labs are still #1
  220. Training a food obsessed dog
  221. Ring Nerves
  222. Animals Make Us Human
  223. BYB?
  224. A couple new pics...
  225. Melon?
  226. Pictures from our hike in the snow storm
  227. Positive for Lyme exposure and other questions.
  228. digging in carpet
  229. Crating a dog.
  230. Fun in the snow...Gutherie style! Too many pictures.
  231. recall of peanut butter biscuts
  232. How much sleep is normal?
  233. Bright Red Ear
  234. Proudly introducing Zena!
  235. Newt/Holly
  236. Tobey and Dad on a snowy day
  237. my keely bear is a confirmed fatty
  238. Starting to hearn the trust!!
  239. The decision has been made...
  240. Ollie's lunch. (3 pics)
  241. Brendan and Alfie
  242. Dogs and Lemons?
  243. New Sophie and pups pictures....
  244. Getting him to relax!
  245. I has a new fwend!
  246. My pretty, silly girl! 2 Macy pics....
  247. Rapping Labrador disses Cesar Millan!
  249. How much do your Labs lick?
  250. Molly and Abby in the snow (video)