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  1. Pics of our New Boy...Charlie!
  2. Need good thoughts for Asha.......
  3. Snowflake: Requesting a Hoppy Update.
  4. Labranard
  5. what the heck is this? breeder? puppy mill? puppy broker?
  6. Sigh... poor old kaylie-girl, yet one more issue...
  7. Asprin?
  8. Where'd my baby go?
  9. Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?
  10. Jed and the swamp monster!
  11. Asking permission
  12. any Atlanta peeps want a free Thrashers game, with your dog?
  13. New puppy and 4 year old lab YEAH they were actually PLAYING!
  14. Possessiveness of "mommy"
  15. Does anybody else have an intense "staring" dog?
  16. Barking at the door when people come in and in your face behavior??
  17. How is all the garbage getting posted?
  18. Massive seizure last night
  19. Zeke is in the hospital
  20. I have the sweetest young boy !
  21. Escape artist?
  22. Tal Got Injured :(
  23. New to forum, 4 year old lab, and 8 week old addition!
  24. Dr Dodds Seminar this weekend!
  25. NLR but made me shake my head...
  26. 5 years ago I lost Maggy
  27. Ontario peeps!! 2 labs in need of a home...
  28. Seamus and Flynn Discuss: The Big Blue Bag
  29. Happy story for dog with bone cancer
  30. Question about price of a tooth pulling.
  31. Car Sickness & Dogs:
  32. Bauer and his ball
  33. Today's find
  34. World's 10 Smartest Dog Breeds
  35. Hehe...Lab & Beag biteyface
  36. Difficulties with intact males?
  37. Pet Insurance
  38. Zeke needs good thoughts please
  39. CJs Left Rear leg
  40. Names!
  41. Now you know why I have to play my music so loud in the house
  42. Seamus' Leader Dog pups at 6 weeks
  43. Does This Look Like a Happy Place
  44. Showed up in email: Old but still good
  45. For all of those that transport
  46. Those of you with counter surfers.
  47. Sleeping Arrangements
  48. Waking up with labs
  49. I forgot to feed the dogs tonight!
  50. St. Patrick's Day Dogwear
  51. Kind Paniced Herre!
  52. My poor little Twiggy-NLR
  53. Once again, Mick is looking over us...
  54. Can I just say that we love our vet?
  55. Fitz is going back to the vet today--again
  56. NLR - Miracle dog
  57. He sure loves that boy.........
  58. Males vs. Female
  59. New Forum?
  60. FREE to a good home!!! URGENT!!
  61. Job Seekers
  62. New Forum Did I miss something?
  63. Missed opportunity!
  64. Must see video - elephant and lab
  65. What am I going to do???
  66. For PaddysMom (and all); some smiling Irish Eyes
  67. wok in my mowf
  68. Growling problems...again!
  69. Toby gave us quite a scare
  70. The Puppy Party...
  71. Blockhead Lab
  72. How to Turn an Old Subwoofer Box into a Doggie Playpen
  73. I am bruised and battered...
  74. Story about Emma and Oliver the Guinea pig (1 pic)
  75. Portuguese water dog owners fear Obama effect
  76. Happy Birthday Bear
  77. Free dog plus $130 to any kind of home
  78. Nathan, how is Theo?
  79. Labs aren't colour blind!
  80. Pictures of Maddie from agility this weekend
  81. My new WebSite ...
  82. Oh, man...
  83. Daisy pictures!
  84. Crufts best in show 2009
  85. How to Turn an Old Subwoofer Box into a Doggie Playpen
  86. Help! Louie is afraid to eat!
  87. Drippy nose
  88. Henrietta and Teddy
  89. Pics from tower shoot (dead bird warning)...
  90. Judy is seven years old today.
  91. the pup no one wanted...
  92. Kaylie's birthday extravaganza (pic heavy)
  93. Nathan
  94. Beware of Dog - is this bad?
  95. Non-USA JL mbrs: do you have or NOT have Daylight Savings Time?
  96. Happy re-birthday Kaylie!
  97. DockDogs coming to Michigan!
  98. Sharesies. (5 pics)
  99. AW Barney!
  100. Happy Birthday Forrest!!
  101. Emilu's got clean, sparkly toofers!
  102. Neighbors with Loose Dogs
  103. Smooshy faces
  104. Seamus' Leader Dog pups at 5 weeks
  105. How do dogs see...?
  106. Check out this new kennel in Houston
  107. Are we going to have an O&E forum?
  108. Grabby lab
  109. Yahoo! Abbey's first day
  110. My labs, my beagles, and the water bowl
  111. Bono in chocolate...
  112. Shane's eye
  113. Lumbosacral syndrome?
  114. Fitz's last bandage came off today
  115. Thumbs Up
  116. This guy runs way too fast for me!!
  117. I did not know if I should laugh or gag..
  118. First trip outside...
  119. Anyone else's Lab hate toe nail cutting like Puff?
  120. Anyone else's Lab hate toe nail cutting like Puff?
  121. Help With Low Energy Lab?
  122. A few with Roo...
  123. Advice PLEASE
  124. The Monster is getting big
  125. Cinder pics today...
  126. Advice on getting brother puppies?
  127. If you can stand more pictures......
  128. A sign that winter is over?
  129. Maggie and Zena do Three Dog Bakery
  130. I think there was a seal in my front yard today!!!
  131. Sloppy Kisses? dog e-cards will donate to canine cancer charity
  132. Foot chewing
  133. Water rations while crate training
  134. Vote for Blu
  135. Cinder
  136. Suspicion confirmed: car riding beats eating supper
  137. Sally, Spud and Hoppy enjoy SNOW! (vid)
  138. New Daisy pics!
  139. Gordon
  140. I'm trying not to worry... Vet said not to worry... Still..... (Q re: Wesley)
  141. Difference in fur types?
  142. Best $2 dog toy ever! ;) (3 vids + 2 pics)
  143. Is the baby comfy? (3 pics total)
  144. How very rude!....
  145. snow day!! (pic heavy)
  146. I have a stinckig code dammit
  147. Fun in the Snow!
  148. Mocha came for a visit
  149. pa breeders
  150. Ear flapping pictures in the snow!
  151. Doggie Blood Donors?
  152. Wes @ school
  153. Question for kong givers??
  154. Last straw
  155. Sawyers 1st Birthday (LOTS and I mean LOTS of Pics)
  156. Leptospirosis Vaccine
  157. Introduction and crate advice request
  158. The Old Man and the Dog
  159. Riverbank walk from this morning
  160. Puebla and her stuffies
  161. What is the "official" protocol for inducing vomiting?
  162. What do you do when it's the last day of Summer?? (Lots of pics)
  163. More New Tankie & Orson Pics Part II
  164. New Tankie & Orson Pics
  165. Puppy Acne Again...Please help
  166. And now, a Paddy and Seamus comparison
  167. Sophie pups at 6 weeks old...
  168. Happy Birthday Gauge! (Pics)
  169. NEVER Would Have thought...
  170. Is this an Emergency?
  171. Jasmine this morning.
  172. I just LOVE HIM!
  173. Came across this website..
  174. Swiffer Wet Jet Solution
  175. Paddy vs Flynn: Grrrrrrrr
  176. Stretching out.
  177. Puff's fun morning
  178. Inky update
  179. Anyone interested in name help?
  180. Just got PhotoBucket working - here's Tobey
  181. Just one more reason people shouldn't post their pets on Craigslist...
  182. How sad is this
  183. Spud's embarrassing moment at school!
  184. Daisy
  185. My new little girl is here!
  186. ALABAMA Rabies Law
  187. digging through photobucket (pic heavy)
  188. buddy's results are in
  189. It sure is handy having a dog who picks up dropped items...
  190. Dr. Jon's top 10
  191. Peeps in Eastern MN and Western WI, Heads Up
  192. My son and Alfie
  193. Ok I may get slammed for it but I need to know !
  194. Ronnie - Emma update pretty please
  195. More pictures of Sophie and pups!
  196. Does your dog have any...addictions?
  197. Alfies nervous in large groups of dogs :(
  198. Show Results Question
  199. Buddy
  200. Waiting game - going to be a long week..
  201. Full house !
  202. A few new photos of Wyatt
  203. Evil ears
  204. Laplabs: Show us your lapdogs
  205. posting photos
  206. My favorite veiw
  207. My nightly view
  208. Abby's brother had a nice honor.
  209. Eye on the Ball (photo)
  210. Penetent Ears
  211. I'm going to be sick
  212. Woody at 4
  213. Recognizing donations
  214. Friday - It's a female dog, not a bitch
  215. Our AWESOME weekend....lots of pics! (Part 3)
  216. Our AWESOME weekend....lots of pics! (Part 2)
  217. Our AWESOME weekend....lots of pics!
  218. Jon & Kate Plus 8 - Last Night (NLR)
  219. 4 pics...........
  220. Teddy
  221. Skunk Spray: Canine Leptospirosis?
  222. A Rare Sweet Moment (couple pics of proof)
  223. Any of the Brits going to Crufts this year?
  224. A star is born
  225. Playing too rough?
  226. Fitz's paw frustration--long rant
  227. Reggie was my Sous Chef today
  228. A reflective Quinn
  229. Ring around the tail (pic)
  230. Think they're trying to tell me something?
  231. Seamus' Leader Dog puppies at 3 weeks
  232. Laura and Felicia. Check in here, please. =)
  233. Sophies Puppies at 5 weeks...
  234. Happy 1/2 birthday, Ollie & Quinn!!
  235. New grandson! NLR
  236. Newbie need breeder help
  237. Yellow Lab have problem with Back
  238. Pooor Henery...
  239. My 3 today...
  240. Sully thinks she's a big girl now...
  241. Barking Like a Mad Dog
  242. Sawyer Showing His Smarts
  243. What is it with Labs being escape artists???
  244. My most handsomest yellow boy! *sigh* :)
  245. Looking for a Goob breeder
  246. changing to Adult food
  247. Zippers!
  248. Don't you just love....
  249. Midnight - NLR
  250. She is either a con artist or a lying sack of ...