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  1. For those who have more than 1 lab
  2. I "won" a chocoalte bar
  3. We are re-naming Wyatt.... MARLEY
  4. 2nd vet shots... charlie took it like a champ!
  5. Good Thoughts Requested
  6. charlie doesn't like peanut butter in his kong??!?!?
  7. Veronica,
  8. Small Breakthrough with Remington
  9. Holy Bat-ears, Batman!
  10. Now it's Jasmine's turn!
  11. Bear chase
  12. Luke through the years (pics)
  13. You know what I love?
  14. Dock diving queations
  15. Dock I mean bellyflop...
  16. Mira is 13 and 1/2 today
  17. Ugh, what have I done....Luxo Update
  18. Play time... burning off that endless energy?
  19. Homemade fun
  20. From medical issues to normal dog issues
  21. I *think* we have success in eliminating Lucy's crate
  22. Back in class - much rejoicing!
  23. Swimming
  24. good news, bad news
  25. Crate inquiry
  26. Labby's link to puppies.
  27. Gracie is coughing
  28. A sad anniversary :(
  29. NLR Lets talk Springer Spaniels
  30. Well, I almost passed out...
  31. My kayaking partner, Daisy
  32. Car Burgalry
  33. I is a big, bad boating girl!
  34. It sure is hard being Ollie. ;)
  35. To Whoever Gets My Dog
  36. Ruger, Remington & Magnum Swim!!
  37. Protectiveness
  38. Two years ago today,
  39. Strangest Thing!
  40. Cinder's post made me think
  41. Judy the teaser
  42. Lab playing basketball?
  43. Alfie fly catching
  44. Kate's on a t-shirt.
  45. Bella is stressed out today (pic)
  46. 2 pics of Miss Milly
  47. Reba is 8 Today
  48. Miss Lil getting clean and cooled off..
  49. Lily andher jolly ball..
  50. Sully tries to drown the teaser ball..
  51. Dilema - How long to leave a dog alone while you work?
  52. Dogs are so smart..
  53. Sully and her teaser ball...
  54. A few more pics..
  55. A Lab will be whelping soon live if you wanna watch
  56. Show vs Field question
  57. Thunders Mom / Veronica
  58. isabella
  59. Guthrie's dock diving debut!
  60. Ok why didn't anyone tell me that Penny is a lab?!
  61. Gryph kid and grandkid..
  62. Gryphon..
  63. How did Guthrie do dock diving today?
  64. The kids at play this evening..Lots of pics
  65. Dog Training: Hanging out the shingle
  66. New Sully Monster pics..
  67. What were they thinking?
  68. How's Emma
  69. Hey Sammi whacha doing?
  70. Kate....already getting in trouble.
  71. Wet labs
  72. The Brudders Goob today!! :D
  73. Pool pics...
  74. Pictures of boys' feet (comparison)
  75. I guess I have a pit bull....
  76. People Giving Up Their Dog
  77. Kate pictures (3)
  78. Molars!
  79. Question about dogs that are in water alot
  80. I'm getting nervous......
  81. I's a good helper, aren't I, Momma? by Ollie!
  82. Tomorrow is Puff's 8th Birthday
  83. Kelli - Canuck
  84. New children's book about the adventures of a black Lab
  85. Keeping him quiet after the big N
  86. Just wanted to show off my new siggy!
  87. Jack and Jed want to brag...
  88. Angus is embarrassing - counter-conditioning?
  89. Anyone in need of Metacam?
  90. Today's chapter in the ongoing foot fungus epic
  91. Hives! (Megan and Felicia especially pls. read)
  92. Too funny!
  93. new pics from newspaper story
  94. MNLab~ Chantel
  95. All in all, a rough day
  96. Why must people do things like...
  97. strange grooming question..
  98. Daisy's got skillz!
  99. the Lab "Best Friend" t-shirt contest winner!
  100. Hi friends!
  101. Programs to care for pets after owner's death
  102. Why, BJ, why?
  103. Rhysie and the 'robbers'
  104. Ruger, Remington, Magnum (video)
  105. Ruger Hunts Turtles (video)
  106. Clever boy!
  107. Bark collars and puppies
  108. Anyone watching the meteor shower tonight?
  109. Labrador Body Type
  110. Remy Brag (*knock on wood*):
  111. Calli now has....
  112. Free Pet Safety Kit
  113. Dudley Questions
  114. Blowing coat- in August!!????
  115. What should be the right thing?
  116. Emma today.
  117. Dang, this dog is smart!...
  118. Bug Spray??
  119. So proud of Jo.
  120. Three things please?
  121. Nance-Chin
  122. Ticks
  123. Some portrait photos
  124. Any ball bouncers out there?
  125. Updated pics of Scout
  126. Irish Setters
  127. Henery and Ollie discuss: black-and-yellow stingy things.
  128. Tankie & Orson - Great Pic
  129. Ever get slipped the tongue?
  130. Weekend update: Another vet visit
  131. I finded a way to get Alone Time with Momma! by Henery!
  132. Seamus and Flynn Discuss: Hope's prowess
  133. Leaking?
  134. Leaky Ear
  135. Me? Scared of a dog? You bet.
  136. OMG, Seamus! OMG, Flynn!
  137. Jackson CGC
  138. Harley tricks US... :)
  139. We done got us a dock dog !!! video
  140. Sulky patient!
  141. Anyone in or around Michigan looking for a Lab..
  142. Obedience classes winding down...
  143. waterdogs
  144. A true work of art...
  145. still mouthy
  146. Sally, the work horse
  147. My boy has his very own page!
  148. Those that feed raw
  149. YIKES! Flynnie's 'gotcha day'
  150. New Link to vote if you can
  151. I am Doing The Happy Dance Today!
  152. Ollie
  153. Oh, lovely! Thanks, Flynn. :(
  154. It has finally dawned on me...
  155. What a kook!
  156. Heat exhaustion?
  157. Has anyone tried this?
  158. Lost that new dog smell?
  159. Walking into a room and seeing this...
  160. What ever happened to Jim?
  161. Elias and Wyatt pics
  162. I have a tired out crew..
  163. Every girl should have a valet....
  164. Just how smart are they?
  165. Another TV news story about our dogs!!! Here's the link....
  166. Pimples
  167. Always room for good news!
  168. dog play
  169. tuck's getting cranky in his old age...
  170. Darn dog!
  171. Emma went to hospital this morning.
  172. It's us again!!
  173. The brudders Goob today, and a brag on Ollie!
  174. Jakey says.....
  175. Rylee needs some support from his online labrapals
  176. How long did it take you to hear from the Rescue?
  177. Proposed tax deduction for pets
  178. Meet Bella
  179. What was I thinking?
  180. Photo of Duke schmoozing for $$$$$$
  181. I kept saying yes, and
  182. Names!
  183. Gordon Pics
  184. Today's update on the boys
  185. Hey, where's Jim??? I haven't seen him on here
  186. I just had two heart attacks...
  187. water dogs(pic overload sorry)
  188. Need help picking office picture!
  189. School!
  190. Why I loves the cottage. A photo-essay by Baloo!
  191. Jasmine
  192. How do you verbally correct one dog without scolding the other one
  193. Tree Sap
  194. Chicken Fajitas for tea last night !
  195. Paging Jess(yellojakesmom)!!
  196. A Cappy inspired pic...
  197. Just us
  198. Attn: To all those who want to breed
  199. Bordetella (kennel cough) nasal spray question
  200. Just a few.....
  201. Michigan Peeps, parvo outbreak
  202. Great news about Molly.
  203. Remy: The backseat driver
  204. Preparing to poop, What is your dog's routine
  205. How often does your dog sneeze?
  206. L'oreal's Your Dog is Worth It Too Day
  207. Calvin... The ghost of Labs past.
  208. Please Vote for Buddy
  209. Boing...Boing...Boing
  210. A Jed picture.
  211. I *think* this is a wee brag on Ollie!! LOL!!
  212. Foot sore question...
  213. 3 yr old lab, unexpected and unwanted behavior
  214. Swop a couple of yellows for a couple of blacks ?
  215. Giardia vaccine--need some thoughts
  216. The boyz enjoying their pre-french-toast bread!!
  217. Tomorrow is Molly's OR day.
  218. Luxo's home.....oh boy
  219. Abby's first senior test.
  220. Mocha has the perfect new home
  221. I'm proud of my girl!
  222. some Remy pix:
  223. If you found a dog....
  224. Have you noticed the dog kennels advertised
  225. HELP! What is this (pics)?
  226. The Mud Puddles are back
  227. Extreme Shepherding...
  228. My boyz make good scary thriller movie watching companions. ;)
  229. Hey Laura, Hows Shanny Doing?
  230. Fun at Dog Mountain
  231. Is it normal??
  232. constipation and limping
  233. New never before dog owner
  234. Bruno and Judy's black counterparts?
  235. YEAH!!!! Madam is ALMOST back to normal. She is still hesitant to lift her head
  236. Dozer can swim!
  237. Talk About Stupid
  238. Happy reunion!
  239. A bit of a milestone for my two..
  240. Mitziandjudysmom?
  241. Alfie saved my chickens
  242. Henery says, "Revenge is suh-weet, lil brudder!!"
  243. Update on boys' fungal infection
  244. constipation and limping
  245. Post your "Life doesn't get any better" pics!
  246. What in the heck is this??
  247. All of a sudden my lab.....
  248. My new puppy Finn
  249. Prayers for Miss Madam please......
  250. Talking Lab